Mexico Holidays

A Comprehensive Guide for Families Travelling to Mexico

Mexico is a very popular holiday and travel destination, especially for families. One reason is that the tourists want to soak in the endless sunshine and beautiful sceneries they don’t often see in the UK and other European countries.

This post will provide a guide for your family holiday trip to Mexico, covering everything you need to know.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Mexico

First, we have made a list of the top 10 places you must visit in Mexico.

1.     Mexico City

Start your holiday with Mexico City, the capital of Mexico and one of the largest cities in the world. It is the most multicultural of all places in Mexico as it consists of groups of many different ethnicities. You are bound to find someone there that speaks your language.

Though Mexico City has no beaches, there are many other exciting sites there that you should visit. For example, you can visit the Historic Center, which consists of places like the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Plaza de la Constitucion, the ruins of an ancient Aztec temple, and the National Palace.

You should also definitely check out Chapultepec Park and the Xochimilco Floating Gardens when in the city. We recommend you book a sightseeing tour of the city to ensure you cover all the attraction sites.

2.     Cancun

Cancun is another must-visit place in Mexico. It is especially popular amongst people that enjoy beaches, Mexico timeshares, and all-inclusive resorts. But Cancun doesn’t just offer parties and luxuries; there is something for everyone.

Going a little further from the hotel area and into the city, you will come across the opposite –regular Mexicans enjoying their everyday lives, eating traditional local food, salsa dancing, and much more. It is known as Mexico’s resort capital for a reason! Things are comparatively cheaper here compared to the resort life.

So, if you get tired of the luxurious life at the resort, you can head into the city for a bit, meet locals and try street food and other things.

3.     Mérida

Mérida, Yucatán’s capital and largest city in the Peninsula, is nicknamed Ciudad Blanca, the “White City.” The name comes from its very unique buildings made of white stone.

Mérida’s isolated location is the best starting point for exploring Mayan sites like the Chichén Itzá and Tulum. The city possesses its unique set of things such as cuisine, dialect, and culture that is formed by influences of the Mayans, Caribbeans, and colonialists. There is “el Zocalo,” which is the main Plaza of the city, then El Pasea Montejo, the tree-lined street of Mérida, and so much more!

So, along with being able to roam around exploring the White City, you will also have many museums, theatres, and art galleries to explore. And, once you’re done for the day, you will have plenty of restaurants to choose from.

4.     Tulum

Tulum is not only one of the best beaches in Mexico but is also known for being home to one of the most scenic ruins in all of Mexico, the Tulum ruins. The ruins are a Mayan city located on a cliff that overlooks the Caribbean sea coast. It is the perfect location to go on adventures, have fun and relax.

Tulum lays out several opportunities to explore water-based activities with your family. These include diving, snorkelling, and water parks.

The three Tulum areas, Tulum Pueblo, Tulum Playa, and Tulum Ruinas, are not within walking distance. So, you could dedicate a day to exploring the town centre, from there you go to the sandy beaches and so on.

5.     Los Cabos

Los Cabos, often referred to as only “Cabo,” is the world’s marlin sport fishing capital. It is a large stretch of coastline where the desert and the sea meet, making it the perfect beachy destination for families.

Other than that, this is another location in Mexico where you can enjoy water-based activities with your families – including snorkelling, whale watching, shark diving, and much more!

You can visit towns like San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas along the 30-kilometre stretch of Los Cabos. These traditional Mexican towns offer not only touristic sites but also luxurious resorts, fancy restaurants, and places to party at.

6.     Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon, located in Chihuahua, consists of six separate Canyons that are bigger and deeper than the Grand Canyon.

The Canyons are full of flowers, trees, and wildlife, making it the perfect location for exploring with your family. It is also known for its waterfalls and rock shapes resembling animals and humans.

The best way to explore Copper Canyon would be to take the train. If you take the train, you will explore places like the main canyon from Chihuahua to Los Mochis within about 15 hours. However, some people prefer biking, hiking, and horseback riding around the area.

7.     Palenque

Palenque is one of Mexico’s most beautiful Mayan ruins; that is one place you must visit. It is home to some of the best Mayan sculptures, carvings, and architecture.

The Temple of Inscriptions, a pyramid temple, is an example of what you can find in Palenque.

The Aztecs’ ruined city, Teotihuacan, or the “birthplace of the gods,” is another place you can travel to from Palenque that consists of many breathtaking pyramids, some of the largest in the world!

8.     Acapulco

Acapulco has long been a favourite family destination in Mexico. It is the largest beach resort city in Guerrero.

You should check out some of the most popular beaches in and around Las Costera: our Icacos, Tamarindos, Hornos, and Papagayo. If you were looking for something cleaner and located directly on the ocean, Langosta and Caleta are some really nice beaches worth checking out.

When in Acapulco, another must-do would be to watch La Quebrada Cliff divers dive 147 feet deep into a shallow inlet. It is nice that you can even view it while having lunch or dinner at restaurants nearby.

9.     Guadalajara

Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-largest city, is one of the most popular getaway spots in Mexico, perfect for couples and families looking to catch a break from the fast city life!

Guadalajara has several museums and other cultural sites that show off the rich Mexican history. Plaza de Armas, Palacio de Gobierno, and Catedral de Guadalajara are a few notable buildings you should check out when sightseeing.

The city is also unique because tequila and Mariachi emerge here, so you are guaranteed to enjoy the nightlife.

10.  Oaxaca

Lastly, Oaxaca, the capital of Oaxaca, is another one of the most popular places in Mexico amongst tourists. It has even made it to UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

This city is famous for keeping its traditional and cultural values alive by remaining untouched by modern development. So, you are bound to come across scenic places, vibrant art, colourful festivals and festivities, and other forms of natural beauty.

We also recommend that you visit Oaxaca during November 1-2 as Mexico’s Dia de Muertos celebrations take place then, and Oaxaca is known for it.

Top 10 Places to Eat Out

Visiting new places means that you can try out new food. Apart from being a tourist destination, Mexico has also attracted travellers from other countries due to its exquisite culinary skills. Mexico offers various flavours that differ from one country region to another. Each region presents ingredients and food preparation which is so unique that you are bound to enjoy an ultimate food experience throughout your trip.

So, we will discuss the top 10 places to eat out with your family in Mexico. 

1.   Monterrey

Located in Northern Mexico, Monterrey is a food destination that travellers cannot miss out on. The locals in this part of Mexico consider themselves the steak experts, which is an ideal way of telling others that they won’t find a steak better cooked than here.

The culinary essence of Monterrey goes well with the dry climate. Perhaps that is why the restaurants in the region serve salty dishes and charcoal grilling. The desert-like ambience makes the food worth the stay for tourists in the area. One of Monterrey’s famous dishes is flour tortilla wraps, and the ideal way to try them is when the chef makes them fresh on the spot.

You can also visit the Regio Land in Monterrey and try out their iconic Cabrito, which you won’t find elsewhere. People come to this place especially for this goat meat because it is so tender and soft and melts in your mouth. You can choose Cabrito in any way you would like; some prefer to have it grilled, while others like it to be slowly grilled on charcoal.

If you are in Northern Mexico, you should definitely visit El Rey del Cabrito restaurant as they only serve Cabrito and nothing else. The place is as legendary as the Cabrito they make.

2.     San Miguel de Allende

On the day of your arrival in Mexico, you must go straight to San Miguel de Allende for its impressive architecture and growing culinary culture. This place combines Ancient Mexican and European culture on one plate.

You will experience simple and traditional foods and high-end and international dishes that will make your time at San Miguel de Allende memorable. Some traditional dishes the city offers include the Pacholas and Fiambres. Some people find this city’s water quite refreshing, so if you are thirsty, ask a local to provide you with a glass of water.

Many rooftop restaurants surround this beautiful city from where you can see the breathtaking landscape and topography of San Miguel de Allende. The locals claim that the rooftop restaurants offer the most stunning views, improving the ambience.

If you would like to enjoy your meal with a breathtaking view, then you should definitely visit places like Atrio and Casa Nostra. The views from every window of these particular places will give you the ultimate tourist experience in Mexico.

3.     Puebla

Puebla is one of the leading food destinations that every tourist in Mexico must experience. The meals served in Puebla are simple and complicated simultaneously, making it so exciting. Perhaps tourists are attracted to this familiar but unique meal called Mole Poblano.

The mole sauce in the Mole Poblano is prepared with no less than 100 ingredients that consist of various chillies, spices, and vegetables. Being one of the most representative dishes in Mexico, travellers feel the urge to try it out at least once. The dish is known to bring a culinary festival to the mouth of the person.

At Puebla, you can try out dishes that go decades back to ancient Mexico, like chiles en nogada. The dish represents the Mexican flag since chillies and parsley are green, and the nogada sauce is white, with a red pomegranate.

Travellers visiting Mexico for the first time can try chiles en nogada in Puebla at various restaurants. Some famous restaurants in Puebla include La Casita Poblana, Fonda de Santa Clara, or Casa Del Mendrugo.

4.     Valle de Guadalupe

Most travellers love to taste a good beverage from time to time. Valle de Guadalupe is a popular food destination in Mexico since it is the wine capital. This place is in Baja California, where you can try different world-class vineyards.

Visitors of Valle de Guadalupe can also tour with a tour guide for these first-class wineries like Monte Xanic, Las Nubes, etc. You can also get a chance to be part of the wine tastings held by wine experts.

Some recommended restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe serve the region’s local food, including fresh seafood, fresh fish, and quail. You should definitely try some fish tacos from this area. You can also grab a bite after finishing the tour of wineries.

The locals in the region recommend a place called Deckman’s en el Mogor. All the ingredients like olive oil, spices, vegetables, and meat are home-grown and come directly from the property. So you can enjoy a freshly cooked meal with a glass of wine directly from the wineries. With an impeccable view of the vineyards, you will surely enjoy your meal with a fantastic ambience.

5.     Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s surreal beauty has attracted several tourists from around the globe, giving rise to it becoming the best foodie destination in Mexico. The residents of Puerto Vallarta come with an international diversity that brings international cuisines to the travellers. Several resorts in the region have world-class chefs that offer food variety worldwide.

Since the city has convenient access to seafood, there are plenty of famous Japanese restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. An example of this is the Hiroshi restaurant at Hotel Mousai. Many travellers book their accommodation at this hotel to easily access the restaurant.

You can also try several local dishes of Puerto Vallarta, such as zarandeado fish, Tortas Ahogadas, etc. Puerto Vallarta ensures that all travellers enjoy their time at this place regardless of age or ethnicity. You can try tostadas and guacamole at Blanca Blue restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.

The city will host a gourmet festival every year where the best restaurants in the region will participate and provide food offerings to the people. These restaurants include Loma 42, La Peska, and Bocados Steak House.

6.     Merida

Merida is a vibrant city in Yucatan, where it offers the iconic culinary experience in Mexico. The different dishes offered by Merida are a combination of traditional flavours and specific ingredients and spices brought by the Spanish.

Merida’s cuisines are unique, so that every Mexican food admirer would know about its origin. The different dishes come with strong spices that match the sweet and salty flavours in the dish.

The locals of Merida recommend travellers to try Cochinita Pibil. This iconic dish is prepared with a pork base, various spices, and little orange sweetness. You can eat this meal with red onion, habanero pepper, and banana leaves. The final look of this dish sounds more tempting than hearing about it. You can order a lime soup to go with Cochinita Pibil.

If you want to try some Cochinita Pibil, visiting the La Lupita stand at the Santiago Market or El Naranjo is best. Even the locals in Merida go to these two places to try the Cochinita Pibil especially. You can also eat other high-end gourmet dishes at classy and traditional restaurants.

7.     Oaxaca City

Oaxaca City has recently surfaced due to the region’s growing interest in food scenes. The state of Oaxaca has many young chefs who are mastering their techniques by training with the area locals. Perhaps that is why many travellers from different parts of the world are attracted to this city of Mexico.

Many travellers feel they need to try the food themselves to acknowledge whether it is as good as advertised. Some popular food items that have gained international attention include Mole Oaxaqueno or their fresh Quesillo.

One specific dish that you must try in Oaxaca is the Tlayuda. This delicious dish prepares a large toasted corn tortilla topped with beans with special Oaxacan cheese and a salsa of your choosing. The dish is served with a tasty steak called Tasajo that you can only find in Oaxaca.

Oaxaca city has some of the best restaurants Mexico can offer travellers, including Alfonsina, Casa Oaxaca, and Criollo. Pairing the food of your choice with the local mezcal will surely provide you with a beautiful food experience in this part of Mexico. 

8.     Pujol

If you are visiting Mexico, you will surely visit Mexico City with a food emporium to offer for tourists in the region. One of the high-end fine dining restaurants in the region is the Pujol restaurant, which is so hard to get in that you would need to book in advance to experience the place.

Dining at Pujol will provide you with an experience of Mexican cuisine, which is different in its ways. The meal includes food items like amuse-bouche, a sorbet, and churro. Pujol’s menus come with a six-course meal; you cannot purchase an a la carte as that’s not an option.

Travellers dining at Pujol will get to taste most menu items in small quantities. The restaurant’s signature dish is the Mole Mandra. Travellers worldwide come to try it out because of its hype as people who had the chance to eat it left remarkable reviews about it.

Although this dish has many variants that are available in other restaurants, if you wish to taste the original one, then Pujol is the only option. The dish consists of cocoa, chillies, peanuts, sesame, tomatoes, and different spices.

9.     Biko

Biko is called the ‘Legendary Restaurant’ of Mexico City. Perhaps the main reason is that the chefs come from different cultures, so they try to blend that diversity into the dishes. At Biko, you will experience Mexican food with a blend of different flavours worldwide.

The restaurant comprises big slated windows showing you beautiful views of Mexico City. The place offers some of the best and most tempting Spanish dishes like the traditional Spanish bacalao and Jamon, which is an ideal meal for dinner.

At Biko, you can also taste some of the best desserts in the world. Their dessert menu will offer you anything sweet of your choosing, prepared from the agave plant that brings out the unique taste.

Due to the restaurant’s popularity, finding a nice place with a beautiful view would be difficult during lunchtime, so it is best to make a reservation for dinner to enjoy a wonderful time with your loved ones.

10.  Quintonil

To have the ideal Mexican City food experience, you should visit Quintonil. The menu of this place consists of a full range of vegetables, including mushrooms, herbs, etc. You can order a turkey served in black sauce and cacao. For the side dish, you can have vegetables and sliced onions to complete your dish. The restaurant is best to taste menus specifically limited to Mexican cuisines.

Quintonil will change its menu as the seasons change and consider the availability of the local ingredients. However, some dishes remain constant in all the seasons because they are customer favourites.

The restaurant offers a ten-course tasting meal where chefs prepare each food item using traditional Mexican ingredients such as beans, corn, chillies, mushrooms, and squash. You should order burnt corn ice cream in dessert as it is a huge customer favourite. Travellers who want individual meal items can look at some restaurants’ a la carte options.

Since the restaurant is in the heart of Mexico City, so you would need to make an advance reservation. The perfect way to enjoy your time at Quintonil is by having your meal served in an open-air area with a mesmerizing garden-like ambience under the starlight.

Things to Do as a Family

Due to the vibrant Mexican culture, natural wonders, and welcoming people, it is easy to have a great Mexican family vacation. Going on a family vacation would mean you would like to carry out some activities with your kids and family members. You would have to see that these activities are safe while ensuring that you all enjoy a good time at them.

So, we will discuss some fun things you could do with your family in Mexico.

Visit Chichen Itza and Other Mayan Ruins

One of the favourite things tourists do in Mexico is going to Chichen Itza and the Mayan ruins. Since Chichen Itza is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, so it is a must place to visit if you are in Mexico. You can find it in the Yucatan Peninsula. Most people hire a guide to make the trip and experience more lively and exciting with the family.

The place provides a good educational experience for children by embodying with history of this 5000-year-old culture. Kids will find new knowledge about the Mayans very interesting like they used pressed boards to flatten the head of newborn babies.

You must hire a tour guide who will provide you with factual information about Mayans and the civilization of that time. Some people prefer not to have a guide and go there for sightseeing and to take pictures.

Do Zip Lining Through the Jungles

Zip lining is an adventurous activity you and your teenage children could do through the jungles in Mexico. This thrilling attraction is an amazing experience if done with your kids and family members. This activity is quite common in Mexico as many companies offer such an attraction to the people visiting their area.

If you are interested in this adventurous sport, search for some local companies in the area you are residing in. Although the companies take extensive measures to ensure safety, it is better to know the rules and regulations before you apply for it. This sport is exciting yet dangerous, so it is better to consider the minimum age and height requirements.

There are several other fun activities that you can do along the track. Some people take pictures and make boomerangs to capture the moment as a memory. Depending on your location and the company you have chosen to zip-lining, you can opt for treetop pathways that start from the ground and escalate at every checkpoint.

Whale Watching

Whale watching is one of those unique activities that you could experience with your kids and family. Apart from the aquariums, you can see these whales live from a safe distance which is a wonderful experience for the whole family.

Tourists coming in the months from December to March should travel to Cabo or Puerto Vallarta, where they will get a chance to witness these whales up close. The whales travel from colder northern Mexico to this part of the country to enjoy the warm ocean climate.

Their enjoyment of a warm climate welcomes people, including travellers, to witness whales spout water into the air and jump out of the water. Such a thrilling sight is a wonderful experience for travellers who are enjoying their vacation time with their respective families.

Visit an Eco-Park

If you plan on visiting a North American country, specifically Mexico, then going to an eco-park with your kids should be on your bucket list. Almost everyone who visits Mexico goes to the eco-park due to the variety of fun activities they can do with their family.

There are several eco-parks in Mexico that you can visit, depending upon your location. In these parks, you can do fun activities like tubing down a river on this long slide which is very comforting for kids who love water parks. Moreover, you can do snorkelling, for which you would need an instructor, and see the sea life up close and underwater.

If you are in Cancun, visit the X-caret and Xel-ha eco-parks with your family. Some people also jump the cliff and swim in underground caves like natural sinkholes. This is a perfect spot for a family swim on a hot day.

Swimming With Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins has become one of the best and most enjoyable fun activities on vacation. Many kids would like to be surrounded by these innocent and loving creatures, and they can also play with them in the presence of an instructor. These activities are being offered by many resorts in Mexico and also offer dedicated private places where the kids can opt to play and swim with the dolphins.

If you would like to swim with the dolphins, then it is better to check the area where you live and note down the minimum age requirements. These places have a dolphin trainer that would teach you the dos and don’ts when swimming with the dolphins.  

Safety and Security

Every country around the world has risks that travellers should know about and thus avoid at all costs. Mexico is no different when it comes to dangerous areas that travellers should stay away from. Each country has fake news that the tabloids have hyped up. Some of these are not true and scare away potential tourists. In the case of Mexico, it is as dangerous as most European countries.

So, we will discuss some steps and precautions you should consider before travelling to Mexico with your family.

Is Mexico Safe?

Many media reports say that Mexico is not a safe country to visit as a tourist destination. Still, the fact is this country is safer than several states in the United States. However, certain areas in Mexico are not safe for an outsider, especially a tourist. Despite those areas, the country has many perfectly safe regions to visit with your family.

Some dangerous areas you should avoid are in the Northern part of the country near the border of the USA. Different cartels and drug-related crimes are going on in that area, and so should be avoided. Several surrounding regions of Mexico City should also be avoided for safety reasons, particularly for a family.

Areas to Avoid in Mexico

There are some areas in Mexico where the crime rates are very high, and so the government advises tourists to stay as far as possible from the following places that include:

  • Colima
  • Michoacan
  • Tamaulipas
  • Guerrero
  • Sinaloa

People with a Mexican tourist visa are exempt from going to the regions mentioned above. Moreover, the government has advised tourists not to stay at certain resorts due to crime concerns. These resorts include the likes of Cabo San Lucas, Tijuana, and Acapulco.

Is Mexico Safe for Tourists?

Travellers coming to Mexico on a tourist visa will remain perfectly safe if they choose their destination places with caution and adhere to the government safety warnings in certain regions of the country. Nevertheless, each tourist should take steps to ensure their safety.

Due to the media reports, Mexico City suffers a bad reputation of being unsafe for tourists, but if you take precautions, it is perfectly safe to visit with your family. The country has certain areas like Merida that are as safe as some European cities.

Every country has con artists that scam people, particularly tourists. Mexico is no different in this regard, and so you should avoid the following mainstream scams:

  • Currency exchange scams
  • Car rental damage scams
  • Corrupt police asking for bribes
  • Fake taxis
  • Watered down alcoholic beverages

Health Concerns for Tourists

There are certain health concerns that tourists should look into before they plan on visiting Mexico with their families. The concerns include the following:

  • Appropriate vaccine for mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever, malaria, etc.
  • Travellers should refrain from drinking tap water in Mexico to be safe from travellers’ diarrhoea.
  • Refrain from any iced beverage made using tap water instead of purified water.
  • Get your Covid-19 vaccine and booster jabs to avoid getting a positive result.

Most media reports are untrue because they are not based on factual information. Mexico is a beautiful travel destination that is safe and dangerous at the same time. Every country has beautiful and worse parts. Apart from the dangerous areas, the country has much to offer in all the other places. Taking precautions is the job of tourists as the government can only provide guidelines. And if these warnings are adhered to, you will enjoy a relaxing time with your family like in other European countries.

Health and Medical Emergencies and Insurance

Mexico is one of the ideal travel destinations in the world. Any family vacation is incomplete without having proper health and medical coverage for the tenure of the trip. Still, getting recommended vaccines and health insurance for yourself and the whole family is better due to the country’s climate and ongoing illnesses.

So, we will discuss some health and medical emergencies and how you can make the most out of your medical coverage.

Medical Emergencies in Mexico

Tourists visiting Mexico with their kids should know the dangers of food poisoning and contaminated water. As mentioned before, Mexico’s tap water is polluted and not safe for drinking. It will cause great illnesses like nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, and stomach cramps.

Moreover, Mexico’s climate is very hot and dry and will mostly lead to dehydration. This can cause severe headaches and migraines. Dehydration can be deadly, so the best treatment would be to visit a medical hospital and get yourself checked, which will be covered by your medical insurance.

Many experienced travellers have experienced hard times in Mexico due to these illnesses. That’s why we recommend that you and your family get health coverage so that the insurance team can facilitate you in the case of medical emergencies. Having an emergency team around the clock is valuable.

Having medical coverage will allow your health insurance emergency team to give you valuable medical advice and help you find the best place for your medical treatment. Also, they can arrange for your hospitalization if your illness is not going away. Travellers going to remote regions should definitely have medical coverage because it is difficult to access medical care in such regions. 

Health Insurance Coverage for Scuba Diving

Travellers interested in scuba diving with their families should get medical insurance coverage for scuba diving injuries. Knowing the exclusions of the coverage plan for your safety is important. Since there are different types of diving like cliff diving, cavern diving, etc., choose the health insurance plan accordingly.

Travellers doing scuba diving will have to pay an additional premium to improve their health insurance coverage. Moreover, they should check the minimum age requirement criteria for scuba diving as young children are not allowed to do this adventurous activity.

Some health insurance coverage for scuba diving requires a person to have some certificate that qualifies them to dive alone. They need to hire a qualified dive guide and cover their expenses separately if they are not certified.

Immunizations for Mexico

Immunizations for Mexico are required depending on where you plan to go with the family. Certain areas in the country where people travel without immunization because it is perfectly safe.

So if you plan on taking a jungle tour and living in remote places with minimal medical treatment facilities, you would need to get vaccinated for certain illnesses. Travellers get vaccinated for the following illnesses:

  • Diphtheria, Tetanus & Measles

These are some common illnesses for which every human is vaccinated as a toddler. However, doctors advise getting vaccinated for these illnesses every ten years to remain immune. Check with your doctor before you travel to Mexico with your family.

  • Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is much worse diarrhoea caused by polluted water and food. A vaccination is available for such a disease, for which you must take a booster jab every six months.

  • Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is similar to Hepatitis A but is much more severe and is caused by another virus. It is caused by exposing oneself to blood and sexual contact with another person. The symptoms are more aggressive. A vaccine for such an illness is available, which you should have as per your doctor’s advice.

  • Typhoid

If you are planning to go to remote planning where hygiene issues are common and pure drinking water is in scarcity, then it is vital for you and your family members to get vaccinated for this illness. Typhoid spreads by eating unhealthy food and drinking contaminated water.

  • Malaria

A female mosquito bite causes malaria, mostly found in jungle areas and remote regions. Malaria drugs are available for a cure, but you need to get in touch with your doctor and ask them for professional advice. These drugs have a direct link to medical history and other illnesses, so not every drug is as effective.

Common Health Ailments

If you plan to go to Mexico, you will expose yourself to a new environment, so it is important to know about some common health ailments in Mexico. Some of these ailments are difficult to avoid due to climate change, but others caused by bacteria or viruses can be cured. Some ailments that travellers may experience in Mexico include the following:

  1. Altitude Sickness

Several good places in Mexico are high altitudes where the temperature reaches 25-30 degrees Celsius. This may be too much for some travellers that have not lived in similar weather conditions. 

Some common symptoms include severe headaches, loss of appetite, and the inability to get good sleep. If you are visiting such places with your family, prepare some medication to get you through the first few days till your body gets used to it. Staying hydrated is the key to staying away from headaches.

  • Heat Exhaustion

Mexico is one of the world’s hottest and dry countries, with a rough yearly climate. So it is advised to carry a bottle of water if you walk in the sunshine. Some people prefer to wear a sun hat to beat the sun’s heat.

You will sweat a lot as you walk in the sunshine, and salt deficiency may occur. So to cover that up, you should add salt to your food to avoid symptoms like tiredness, headaches, and muscle cramps. For severe dehydration, go to a pharmacy and buy Pedialyte.

  • Sunburn

Due to Mexico’s hot, rigid climate, sunburn can cause severe immediate and long-term health problems. The remedy for this includes the usage of medicated sun creams on your body like your face, arms, legs, and any other region exposed directly to the sun.

Some people have very sensitive skin, so they also buy medicated hair conditioners with all the sun-block requirements to protect their scalp. You can use sun-blocking lip cream for your lips, whereas for the eyes, you can buy good-quality sunglasses for protection.


If you are planning a trip to Mexico, you must look into the weather and seasons to make an informed decision about where to go with your family. Many people consider the weather the same throughout the country, but that’s not the case. Mexico is a large country where the weather differs from one place to another. Mexico can have days that are chilly in one place and dry in another place.

So, we will discuss Mexico’s climates and weather by season and region.


Mexico has two main seasons, which consist of the dry season and the rainy season. The rainy season in Mexico is between May to October. There is very little rain throughout the rest of the year. Tourists also tend to visit in the rainy season since rainfall mostly happens in the afternoon to evening. For the rest of the day, you can see the lush greenery of Mexico with your family.

Most regions affected by the rain are in the south of the Tropic of Cancer near Mazatlan city. However, the area is dry and cools off in the evening, which is the perfect time for you to travel around with your kids.

Hurricane Season

Since Mexico is a tropical country, so it is bound to have hurricanes and similar natural disasters. The hurricane season in Mexico falls roughly from June to November. To ensure you don’t ruin your vacation, check the weather forecast for when you plan to come to Mexico. Moreover, look at the Government of Mexico’s website for warnings and precautions.

Dry Season

The climate and temperature witness a massive change on the ground as the air becomes hot and dry. The other extreme season in Mexico is the dry season which appears after the rainy season passes away. In the dry season, the landscapes are parched, and tourists can travel with their families and enjoy a good time at resorts and beaches. This is also an ideal time to do trekking and hiking in Mexico.

The Hottest Months in Mexico

The hottest months in Mexico vary according to the region. So if you plan to visit Southern Mexico, then April and May will be the hottest months. But if you would like to visit the pacific coast with your family, including Baja, you will find July to September the hottest months. People travelling to Yucatan will find an extremely hot climate from May to September.

The Coolest Months in Mexico

Like hottest months vary, the coolest months also follow the same trend in Mexico. But generally, most regions of Mexico are the coolest months, from December to February. However, the Yucatan state can still experience a hot climate even in the coolest months. So this place is ideal for those fond of beaches and trekking.

Climates by Region in Mexico

The climates in Mexico differ from one region to another. Let’s look at them one by one.

Northern Mexico

Northern Mexico is the desert part of the country where the weather is hot and dry. But this region also experiences some cold months where the temperature falls to freezing point at night. However, the climate is mostly temperate, but you can witness some cold nights during the winter. Apart from the coastal areas, the weather in this part of the country, especially Monterrey, is rigid and aggressive.

Central Mexico

Central Mexico has various areas where the climate varies. So if you want to travel to inland Central Mexico, you can expect warm and dry weather during the day, but the nights can be cool or chilly. So it would be best to pack clothes according to different weather conditions. The early morning time is magical as you can acutely feel the difference in the weather at different times.

Southern Mexico

The Sothern Mexico comprises Mexico City, where the weather conditions are similar to the ones in Central Mexico. However, there are elevated areas in this part of the country where the climate will be cooler. The highland cities towards the coasts are also warm. But you will get to feel the climate warmer as you move towards the Southeast regions, particularly the Yucatan Peninsula.

Yucatan Peninsula

The hottest months in the Yucatan Peninsula are from June to August, when the climate is hot and humid. During these months, the temperature is extremely hot, and monsoon rainfalls happen during the evening. The hurricane season is from June to October but can stretch to November even. The appropriate time to visit this place is from December to May, when the weather is temperate and dry.

Baja California Peninsula

The weather in Baja California Peninsula can be classified into two broad categories: hot deserts inland and cooler near the oceans. Apart from the rainy season from August to October, this place will witness very little rainfall. The summer kicks off the hurricane season, where you can witness torrential rains and tropical storms in the region.

Best Time to Visit

Mexico is a land of microclimates where the weather changes from one place to another since the country’s topography is diverse. You could enjoy a beautiful time with your family on the beach in the morning, and by nightfall, you could be bundled in a blanket, sipping hot chocolate. Hence, the best time to visit Mexico depends on where you wish to stay with your family.

So, we will discuss the best time to visit Mexico by destination, location, and time of year.

Best Time to Visit Mexico for Good Weather

The dry season, from December to April, generally brings out the best weather conditions In Mexico. Although the weather varies from region to region, most of Mexico will experience sunny skies and a pleasant, temperate environment for visiting beaches and different tourist attractions.

If you are into outdoor activities like swimming in canoes, zip-lining, and surfing, it is ideal for visiting Mexico in the early spring months. Many travellers who prefer to take their kids for surfing or adventurous sports like zip lining come in the winter or early spring months.

It is essential to understand that Mexico is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world, so from December to April, you will find the country occupied with solo, female, and family-oriented travellers. They are all in Mexico to appreciate the great weather, enjoy quality time, and relax.

Best Time to Visit Mexico for Cheap Prices

If you are on a budget but want to visit Mexico, the best time to visit it cheaply is during the shoulder season. The shoulder season consists of those few months before the rainy season begins. So if you wish to visit cheaply, travel to Mexico from April to May or October to November.

You can enjoy a budgeted vacation with low prices on accommodation, travel, and activities. The shoulder season means that you will get to enjoy good weather with your family at a time when the prices are low. Since not many people travel at this time, so you will find less crowded places and tourists.

Many coastal destinations witness hurricanes in the summer, leading to potential health and safety risks. Some people do not like to visit in the summer because the temperature is hot and dry, and they have not lived in such weather conditions. So a budget vacation in Mexico is ideal during spring and fall.

Best Time to Visit Mexico for Sunny Beach Days

No vacation in Mexico is complete without having a great time at the beaches. So if you want to spend your ideal time on beautiful beaches in Mexico, you should visit Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast.

Some people like to go to the white sand beaches of Playa Del Carmen. The same white sand beaches are found in Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula. 

The beach life in Mexico is thrilling and relaxing, so you can expect several sunny days from December to March when people visit different beaches with their families. Many locals also come with their families to enjoy the beach’s warm, gorgeous weather and blue skies.

Best Time to Visit Mexico for Families and Kids

If you are going to Mexico to enjoy your vacation with your kids and families, it is better to avoid the Hurricane season. This specific season comprises many rainy days, starting in August and ending in mid-October. It is better to avoid these months to keep your family and kids safe.

Since you are going with your family, avoiding spring break hot spots like Cancun from March to April is in your best interest. This is a time of the year when college students enjoy their time at such places, and most of them are drunk, so it is not a good sight for your kids to be around them.

Best Time to Visit Mexico for Avoiding Crowds

If you are going to Mexico, the ideal vacation for you and your kids will be when there is little or no crowd. If you want that ambience, it is better to come to Mexico in May and leave before mid-December since that is the only time in the year when Mexico experiences less crowd.

To avoid crowds in Mexico, do not plan your trip from late February to mid-April because they are the most crowded months in Mexico due to spring break in the USA. Moreover, Mexico’s Semana Santa drive crowds to the beaches, so you should avoid this time and come a bit later with the family.

Although May to mid-December is the rainy season, it does not mean there will be rain every day through these months. There are many days in these months when there will be a quick afternoon sprinkle, after which you will experience a warm sunny day. This will make it look like it didn’t rain at all.

What to Wear

To visit Mexico with your family, you must check the climate and weather conditions of the areas you plan to visit. Mexico’s diverse climate has made it more than a beach town with a humid tropical climate since weather conditions vary from region to region. Mexico’s weather is so different that if the rest of the world is dealing with winter, it will be summer in some areas of Mexico. So you will need your special swimwear on the beach.

So, we will discuss the frequent climate-related items you will need for your stay in Mexico.


Mexico’s topography endorses it to have various climate conditions from one place to another. Mexico City has a warmer climate since it is densely populated, it’s capital. Similarly, Puebla is suitable for visiting beaches because it is hot. So please pack more than one swimsuit.

If you plan to visit Northern Mexico between December and January, you must deal with a chill environment. In this region of the country, it is better to pack some warm clothes that will protect you from the cool breeze.

In Mexico, you can purchase swimsuits at a lower price, so there is no need to bring all your swimsuits since you can buy them from the place you are visiting. Women can easily buy their bikinis, and children can buy their one-pieces from online stores.

Shoes – Flip flops, Sandals, Sneakers & Water Shoes

If you plan to go hiking with your kids and family, you will need a good pair of sneakers. But if you plan on visiting the beach often, sandals or flip-flops will suit your needs better. These kinds of shoes are ideal for sandy beaches and resort life. Also, they are very relaxing, and you can wear them all day.

However, some people choose not to wear sandals and flip-flops as the chance of hurting their feet from sturdy rocks is higher. So such people go with lightweight water shoes that protect their feet from sharp objects and hot sand. Those who prefer to walk in some water on the beach will find that these shoes give them traction.

Hiking Boots

If you’re planning on visiting some of the smaller villages during your vacation in Mexico, it is better to bring some hiking boots to protect your feet from hot pavements. Moreover, they are safe to wear to hiking and conservative places like the jungle.

Some of the best hiking trails are in rural areas, so it is better to have solid and sturdy boots that will provide friction and grip to the ground. Also, if you are hiking in high elevations, these boots will give you the traction to go up while ensuring your ankles are safe if you slip or fall.

T-shirts – Blouses and Tank Tops

As a tourist, you will do several outdoor activities for which you will need to have cute outfits that you can wear. These outfits may include t-shirts, blouses, or a crop top. You may wear them when hiking, swimming, surfing, or getting a good tan on the beach.

If you and your family like hiking, it is better to bring quick-dry t-shirts and shorts that absorb the sweat since Mexico has dry and humid conditions. The unique material of such clothes will not stick to your body when wet and can efficiently dry up.

Sun Hats – Ball Cap, Panama Hats, and Western Style

Sun hats, commonly known as ball caps, are a must in your luggage as they protect your face and head from Mexico’s heat. Mexico’s weather is unpredictable; hence, there is always sunshine after a rainfall, and you can use such a hat to protect from heat stroke, etc.

It will be in your best interest to invest in a good quality sun hat with a wider brim that will protect you from UV light and sun rays when it is hot and sunny. Some people are not used to wearing a ball cap, so they can buy one with a drawstring which will remind them to wear it when it is hot.

Sunglasses and Sunscreen

Every person going to a hot country like Mexico will need a pair of sunglasses even if they don’t intend to spend much time on the beach. The country’s climate is extreme, so you will need good-quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from the heat. Moreover, pack your cosmetics because you will need them.

People who are sensitive to bright sunlight or those who wear contacts will find that a pair of sunglasses will protect their eyes and make them look cool. You will also need to pack medicated sun cream, particularly if you have whiter skin and wish to protect it from sunburn.

Jeans or Pants

Some places in Mexico are conservative, so you must choose your outfit carefully. Modern places like metropolitan cities, which include Mexico City, have open-minded people that do not pay attention to the type of clothing you wear. Ensure that whatever you wear will cover up your body till the knee and elbow, which looks nice and decent. You can go in long pants, jeans, long sleeve shirts.

You may reach a dilemma where you are not sure what to wear. In such a situation, it is better to go with an intelligent casual look but ensure that you do not show your cleavage or body too much. If you do, it may lead to a wrong expression and can get you in trouble as village areas have people with the conservative mind.

About Mexico and People

If you have chosen Mexico to be your travel destination, then it is essential you research the country and its people. The research is vital for you to understand the country you are visiting, and it will give you some idea of what to expect once you are there.

Since you are planning to go with your family, knowing which areas should be avoided will add to safety and precaution. Similarly, if you are on a budgeted trip, then knowing where to rent a car or the type of transportation to use will turn out handy.

So, we will discuss Mexico and its people to better prepare you and your family for your trip.

Cultural Centers

Many Mexican cities house one or more cultural centres, which are ideal places for you and your family to learn about the events, and festivals that include educating yourself about local history.

If you and your family have a thing for the history of Mexico, then you can learn about many cultural activities that go on in specific regions within Mexico. This is a great way to prepare you and your kids for the local indigenous heritage of the areas you are visiting.

Language Study

If you want to have an ideal time in Mexico, then it is important you learn a little Spanish that will have you converse with the locals in the country. The people living in villages do not speak English, so if you have taken a Spanish course prior to your vacation, then you can easily communicate with them.

You can also opt for the language schools in the colonial cities in Mexico that will help you learn something during your duration in Mexico.

Arts and Crafts

Mexican artisans are so talented in their work, and they sell whatever they make, which can be pottery, painting, etc., to the people visiting their area. People normally make a purchase from these craftsmen and take their art home as souvenirs.

You can buy such items both from the street stalls in the areas you visit and the crafts market where there is more variety and sellers. Your family can also enjoy this art live when it is being created by the artisans and then purchase it.


Many colonial cities are the birthplace of some of the most famous festivals in Mexico. Some examples of these festivals would include the Guelaguetza in Oaxaca and the Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato. These events are so popular that people come to these parts of Mexico particularly to attend them and enrich themselves in the Mexican culture.  

Day of Dead is another festival in Patzcuaro and Oaxaca that you can attend with your family. Mexico offers a variety of festivals around the year, so you will have ample choice to choose from depending upon where you stay.

Local Markets

Visiting the local markets in the areas you plan to visit will be the highlight of your vacation with your family. You can find all sorts of things in these markets, such as arts, jewellery, crafts, silver, local foods, precious stones, and so on.

Many visitors have a good time on their vacation in these local markets as it offers them unique travelling and life-changing experiences. You cannot miss going to your local market as this place shows you more about the Mexican culture than the tourist places you see.


You will find different variety of music genres in Mexico which will vary from region to region. One type of music genre that you will hear is the Banda or Ranchera music, but you will not hear it in Northern Mexico. The reason is that the states in the North have a different type of music that the locals there sing and play, which is called norteno music.

Ranchera is a music that can the locals sing with a guitar or with a Mariachi. If you see Ranchera being sung in a bad rather than a solo performance, then that performance is called Mariachi.

You will see the band members playing several musical instruments such as guitars, violins, trumpets, trombones, etc.

Travellers love to be part of Mexican music, so they especially go to Mariachi festivals that happen in different areas. Such a music festival brings the tourists and locals together to celebrate their love of music, food, and culture.

Getting Around

Going to Mexico on a family vacation is one thing, but getting around it is another. In Mexico, you travel via bus, rail, boat, air, or other forms of public transport like uber. But it all depends on where you need to go and the cost it will incur to get there. Before going to Mexico, research the public transport areas you wish to visit.

So, we will discuss the best ways to travel around Mexico during the duration of your stay in the country.

By Bus

Buses are the most cost-effective way to roam around Mexico, mainly if you are on a budgeted trip with your kids. There are bus terminals located around the country that are within walking distance of hotels and resorts. Many travellers coming to Mexico use this form of public transport as it is convenient for them.

Many media reports state Mexican drivers’ craziness as they drive unsafely. However, that is not true as many bus companies have installed security cameras inside the bus and can monitor its speed. These companies carry out random drug and alcohol checks on all the drivers.

In recent years, the government has been trying to ensure that the buses go on a fixed schedule so that the travellers can easily manage things at their end and avoid delays. Many people use these buses to travel long distances mainly to visit their desired travel destinations.

By Air

Mexico has more than 50 airports regularly used for local flights. Several people who would enjoy luxury while travelling from one place to another choose this method of transportation. Some domestic airlines that travellers can use include Interjet, Volaris, Mayair, Viva Aerobus, Aeromar, and AeroServicio Guerrero.

All the airlines mentioned above cover the major travel destinations you would have planned to visit with your family. There is real competition between all these airlines, and the prices of tickets remain constant and relatively low for tourists to afford easily. For instance, a one-way trip between Mexico City and Cancun will cost you $40.

However, the hot spot routes for tourist destinations are usually priced high and would cost more than the areas where the travellers travel less. Hence, a flight from Tijuana to Mexico City will cost you more than a flight from Tijuana to Chihuahua. If you are lucky, you can get a discount on the ticket you buy using your credit card.

By Rail

Although rail is not a popular option to travel in Mexico, it is a way to commute within Mexico and has its perks when travellers use the train to go from one destination to another. There are specific tourist lines reserved only for tourists and not for regular domestic use.

Travellers go on the Copper Canyon Railway in Chihuahua as it is a beautiful way to enjoy the pleasant scenery that comes along the way. This scenic journey is something that you cannot miss and cannot see through any other means of travel.

The Copper Canyon Railway is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Mexico that travellers opt for, especially if they are with their families. On top of that, travellers also chose the Tequila Express from Guadalajara, which covers Mexico’s beautiful landscape and topography.

By Boat

Travelling by boat is one of the most preferred ways to commute since it is inexpensive and you get to spend some time on the water. People prefer to take ferries; the most common route is from Baja California to three different ports around Mexico. These ports connect Santa Rosalia to Guaymas, La Paz to Mazatlan and Topolobampo.

Travelling to each of the destinations mentioned above via ferries will cost you differently. The fare depends on the season, so the price will be relatively high if it’s tourist months. However, if you go to any of these places in the off-tourist season, then it will cost you less.

Travellers also have an option to choose smaller boats to visit various islands off the Caribbean, and Gulf coasts as these places are also tourist destinations. Some options that you can choose from include going from Chiquila to Holbox, from Cancun to Isla Mujeres, or from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel.

By Car

Driving in Mexico is possible for tourists but requires excellent concentration on the road. The laws on the island are not that strict, so tourists will not face any problems there, but in cities, they will probably be stopped for any violation they commit. The probability of you being stopped by the law enforcer officer is high as they check tourists for driving licenses, insurance, etc.

You can easily rent a car in Mexico, which is one of the most effective and efficient ways to see a particular region with your family. It saves you time, and you don’t need to follow a specific schedule, as with most public transport in the country.

When renting a car, you must check the rates to ensure that it includes insurance, tax, and the mileage you need for the duration you need the vehicle. You can easily get a rental for $50 a day on unlimited mileage. Even if you rent the car for a week, there is very little difference in the cost.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have read about Mexico as a travel destination, as a touring family, you must understand that there is much that Mexico has to offer you. Mexican cuisine is one of the best things in this country, with delicious dishes cooked at fine restaurants and on the streets. Mexico is home to some of the world’s most traditional dishes, and your family would love to taste them while you are there.

Mexico has great culture and sites, so it deserves to be explored by you. Some of the most beautiful beaches are found in this amazing country, giving you and your family a fine lifetime experience as tourists. Moreover, there are many archaeological sites that you can visit and take pictures of as memory. You will enjoy a great time in this country!

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