Saudi Arabia Holidays

A Comprehensive Guide for Families Travelling to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has invested greatly in tourism to rebrand its international image as a premier holiday destination in the Middle East.

From providing all the facilities in tourist places to opening up international and unique food chains and food stalls, Saudi Arabia is an ideal place to visit with your family. The country has several attractions that your kids can enjoy that are unique to the country’s climate.

This guide will help you plan your family trip to Saudi Arabia, covering everything there is to know about the country.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

History and art lovers can visit some interesting places in Saudi Arabia. This country has some of the most attractive tourist places, such as galleries, malls, and museums in Saudi Arabia.

So first, we will discuss the top 10 places you must visit in Saudi Arabia.

1.     King Abdul-Aziz Historical Centre (National Museum)- Riyadh

One of the top historical attractions in Saudi Arabia is King Abdul-Aziz Historical Centre. The place is also called National Museum in Riyadh. It has an area of almost 1.5 km, which looks like a Palace. The place is rich with its architectural beauty. On your visit, you must explore the eight exhibition halls of the National Museum in Riyadh.

All the exhibition halls are beautiful, well-lighted, and airy. These halls are well-known for presenting the rich history and heritage of Saudi Arabia. Other than halls, this historical centre has a library, green fields, conference hall, park, mosque, and fountain. All these spots enhance the beauty of this historical place.

The place is free for children, but adults must pay SAR 10 as an entry fee. The timings of the place are different for the whole week. The location is open Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 8 pm, Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm, and Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm. Add this place to your visit to Saudi Arabia and get great information and interaction about the country.

2.     Umm Al-Qamari Island

Another attractive spot in Saudi Arabia is its islands. Umm Al Qamari Island brings you spectacular beauty, luxury, and a relaxing time to enjoy your holidays in Saudi Arabia. If you are a nature lover, it is a peaceful and beautiful place where you can spend some relaxing time during your visit.

Many migratory birds visit the Islands and add more wilderness to their heavenly beauty. You can find birds such as white egret heron, eagle, and African collared lunar in the migratory birds. Moreover, they ensure the safety of the wildlife species and provide them with a good Inhabitat. The national centre for the development of wildlife has kept this area under supervision.

Umm Al Qamari Island has diverse beauty, from stony surfaces to eye-catching floral sceneries that attract many tourists. The place is in Al-Qunfudhah, southwest of the Red Sea. The location is open around the clock for tourists. The best time to visit this place is between November and February. If you want to visit Saudi Arabia, don’t forget to enjoy this natural reserve.

3.     Qasr al-Farid-Hegra

Qasr al-Farid-Hegra is the most visited historical place in Saudi Arabia. It is also known as The Lonely Castle, standing alone in the desert. The Castle was originally a tomb included in the Nabatean site of the Hegra region. It was built in the first century CE and had an impressive ancient structure.

Qasr al-Farid was built with the inspiration of Nabatean techniques. Due to its complex architecture, it was never completed. You can find the incomplete piece of tomb an attractive thing to view. Although it is not a whole, it still has an ancient architectural glimpse. The tall facade of this tomb now looks like a ruined castle and is a popular tourist attraction.

In 2008, UNESCO declared Qasr al-Farid-Hegra a World Heritage site. This tomb is the best visiting place for an art and history lover. This tourist place is open seven days a week from 9 am to 5 pm. You can visit the place without fees but must issue a permit before the entrance.

4.     Al Nakheel Mall by Arabian- Riyadh

It is not possible to visit a place and miss shopping there. So when you visit Saudi Arabia, don’t forget to visit Al Nakheel Mall by Arabian. It is one of the top shopping spots in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The mall has a wide variety of fashion brands, an exclusive collection of multiple items, and many other shopping accessories.

The mall has an architectural structure and royal luxuries that increase the beauty and attraction of this place. International brands such as Kipling, ZARA, Lefties, Karaca, and Bershka have exclusive collections at the Al Nakheel Mall. Estimation shows that more than 200,000 people weekly visit this mall.

Other than shopping, if you visit Saudi Arabia on New Year’s day, you can enjoy a good time on New Year’s Eve at Al Nakheel Mall. The mall provides impressive dining offers at its cafes and restaurants. Al Nakheel Mall is one of the best spots for families with diverse options. The mall is open on Saturday to Thursday from 9:30 am to 11 pm, and Friday from 2 am to 11 pm.

5.     Al Rahma Mosque- Jeddah

Saudi Arabia is a land of rich culture, heritage, and spiritual places. On your visit to Saudi Arabia, you cannot miss exploring the beautiful attractions and spiritual feelings. One of the top spiritual places in Saudi Arabia is the Al Rahma Mosque. Many tourists visit the mosque on their tour to Saudi Arabia.

You will find the Al Rahma mosque as a representation of ancient aura and beauty. The mosque has a turquoise-shaped dome that looks beautiful from a distance. It has a unique architectural design and engraved art that attracts tourists worldwide. People from far and near visit the mosque to experience its spiritual vibes.

The mosque is located in Jeddah; the water of the Red Sea surrounds it. The surrounding white silts of the mosque are covered with the river water, and it seems they are floating on the water. For this reason, the Al Rahma mosque is a floating mosque. The mosque remains open all day, and you can visit the mosque anytime.

6.     Deerah Souq- Riyadh

Riyadh is called the shopping hub of Saudi Arabia and an attractive tourist place. Another best shopping spot in Saudi Arabia is Deerah Souq- Riyadh. This market is primarily known for its antique gold items. You can find traditional Arabian jewellery with unique designs, traditional clothes, furniture, carpets, and handicrafts at Deerah Souq-Riyadh.

Deerah Souq is on Thumairi Street and is also named after the street as Al-Thumairi Souq. This shopping market is one of the oldest traditional markets in Saudi Arabia. Tourists must visit this place to get an understanding of the history and culture of Saudi Arabia.

The market is open all day, and you don’t need to pay entry fees to visit the place. Add Deerah Souq to the list of places you will see in Saudi Arabia. Visit and explore this shopping market with your family. Shop around the market for different impressive items and admire the art crafted by local craftsmen.

7.     Dammam Corniche- Dammam

Another ideal place to visit in Saudi Arabia is the Dammam Corniche. It is a perfect place to spend an evening at the seaside and enjoy the beauty of the sea. Along the shore of the Corniche, you will find a long line of cafes, restaurants, and other small spots for dining. All these create a beautiful view all along the long shore.

Other than tourists, many local families spend their leisure time at the Dammam Corniche. For adventure lovers, Dammam Corniche has cruises and boat rides. You can add more adventure to your visit by visiting Marjan Island from Dammam Corniche. Or you can enjoy the beauty of the Persian Gulf from the Dammam Corniche.

Dammam Corniche bears a length from Aziziah Beach to Tarot Island. You can spend your evening at the Corniche and capture the picturesque scenes of the sunset. The place does not charge fees, and you can visit the place anytime.

8.     Asir National Park

Another attractive place to visit in Saudi Arabia is the Asir National Park. This is the first national park in Saudi Arabia that numerous tourists visit for its incredible wildlife. More than 300 rare wilds and indigenous species live in the park.

Asir National Park is 10,522 feet above sea level. It was opened to the public in 1980, and since then, it has been one of the best places to visit, particularly for nature lovers. Nature ensures its beauty at the Asir National Park at its best. The lush green grounds, magnificent scenes, and a wide spread of floral beauty make Asir National park unique.

On your visit to Saudi Arabia, you must visit the beautiful landscape, exceptional aura, and dense wilderness of the park. You can see the park at any part of the year. The weather of this place remains pleasant all the year so that you can enjoy this unique place anytime.

9.     Al-Masjid An-Nabawi-Medina

Saudi Arabia is a place full of mesmerizing moments and spiritual vibes. Medina is considered the city of God as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) left Mecca and chose Medina for a lifetime. In Medina, the top place to visit is the Al-Masjid An-Nabawi. This mosque is a place full of divinity and blessings.

Medina is the most religious and culturally essential place in Saudi Arabia. On your tour to Saudi Arabia, you must visit the mosque and mesmerize yourself with this place’s spiritual connectivity. Visit this sacred mosque with your family and friends at any time of the year. The mosque is open to everyone without any fees or charges.

Medina has different charm and beauty compared to other cities in Saudi Arabia. On your trip, you can explore various historical instances and religious marvels. Millions of devotees seek blessings from God and visit this place annually. This place is full of restaurants and shopping markets. You can spend quality time with your family in Medina.

10.  Al Nakheel Beach- Al Jubail

Al Nakheel Beach is another mesmerizing place to visit on your tour to Saudi Arabia. This place holds an exceptional beauty and attraction that tourists worldwide must visit. Tourists enjoy their relaxing time by watching the clear blue water with the beautiful combination of lush green palm trees.

Al Nakheel Beach is one of the top beaches in Saudi Arabia. The beach is also called Palm Beach after the presence of many beautiful palm trees on the beach. The beauty of seawater, white sands, and trees makes up fantastic scenery where you will find yourself lost.

The beach is divided into three parts; an area full of palm trees, a place for volleyball, and a beach area for basking in the sun. You can relax under the shades of palm trees and enjoy playing volleyball with your kids and friends. Moreover, there is a nearby mosque for Muslim tourists to offer their prayers. Visit the beach with your loved ones and capture the exceptional beauty with your camera and eyes.

Top 10 Places to Eat Out

No holiday is complete without trying out the country’s exceptional food. Saudi Arabia is no different as it offers unique tourist points, including restaurants and food stalls. You can enjoy international cuisines and domestic and local dishes that will attack your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Here, we will discuss the top 10 places to eat with your family in Saudi Arabia.

1.     Elements

The best dining spot for international cuisines in Saudi Arabia is Elements. The restaurant offers luxuries and facilities such as comfortable sitting arrangements, a good environment, a fancy menu card, unique interior design, and diversity in food options. Many tourists visit this place with their friends and families on their tours to Saudi Arabia.

At Elements, you can receive multiple options for the four-time meals. Also, you can enjoy the live cooking of meals by the professional chefs of the restaurant. The restaurant is also famous for its seafood and delights. It is at King Fahd Branch Rd, Kingdom Centre, Riyadh. Make your tour of Saudi Arabia a wonderful one by spending quality time dining in Elements.

2.     The Globe

The Globe is the ideal dining spot for the food experience of French, Arabic, and European cuisines. The restaurant is in the capital city of Saudi Arabia at King Fahd Branch Rd, Al Faisaliah Tower. From the three-story height of about 240 meters, the restaurant offers beautiful scenic views of the city. You can enjoy Cuban Cigars in the cigar lounge of the restaurant.

The restaurant comprises various food items, a classy interior look, friendly and hospitable staff, and luxurious sitting arrangements. The restaurant offers a fantastic traditional tea experience on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays only. Add the Global restaurant to the dining places you will visit in Saudi Arabia.

3.     Taste of India

Another dining spot to visit and eat in Saudi Arabia is the Taste of India. The restaurant offers delicious food dishes with original Indian flavours. You will find a luxurious sitting arrangement, beautiful interior, tasty food, and hospitable staff at the restaurant. On your tour to Saudi Arabia, you can only experience the rich tastes of Indian cuisines at the Taste of India restaurant.

Must spend quality time with your family and friends at the Taste of India restaurant and enjoy rich Indian spices and flavours. The restaurant is at 52 Al Olaya, Riyadh. Tourists must try Indian foods, including tandoori, chaat, north Indian cuisines, and especially Biryanis, on their visit to Riyadh.

4.     Lusin Restaurant

Another fantastic dining place to visit in Saudi Arabia is the Lusin restaurant. The restaurant is well-known for providing rich and original flavours of Armenian foods in the capital city of Saudi Arabia. You can experience a beautiful interior, nice and comfy sitting placement, soothing Armenian music, and delicious food at Lusin restaurant. Tourists must visit this place with their families and friends to get a real taste of Armenian foods

 You can enjoy a memorable evening at Lusin restaurant as it provides a charming and mesmerizing environment with dim lighting and beautiful views. The unique dishes of this place include kebabs, manti, saborak, tabbouleh, and many others. The restaurant is at Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Rd, Centria Mall Olaya Street intersection with Riyadh.

5.     Mirage Restaurant

To experience Chinese flavours on your trip to Saudi Arabia, you must visit the Mirage Restaurant. The place offers beautiful interiors with lavish decorations such as a huge aquarium and a pond. Tourists can enjoy many tasty Chinese foods, including special soups and noodles, while sitting around the pond.

Add Mirage Restaurant to your visit to Riyadh and enjoy rich Chinese flavours with your friends and loved ones. The restaurant has recently added Taiwanese food dishes to its menu card, so you don’t have to go elsewhere for Taiwanese food. You can also enjoy making your favourite food in the restaurant’s open kitchen. The place is at Takhassusi St, Ar Rahmaniyyah, Riyadh 11564, Saudi Arabia.

6.     Al Nakheel

Another best dining place for enjoying delicious Arabic and North African cuisines is the Al Nakheel restaurant. Along with tasty food, the restaurant offers a lavish interior, comfortable sitting placement, hospitable staff members, and a cosy environment. Due to the Arabian-style crockery, decorations, dining items, and presentation, you can find this place as an exclusive representation of Arabian culture and style.

The restaurant is on the top story of Al Khozama Center, Al Kurnaysh Rd, Jeddah. You can watch the scenic views of the beautiful city while enjoying tasty Arabian and North African foods. This dining place offers multiple food options to enjoy different meals all day. Must visit Al Nakheel restaurant for the best dining experiences from the heights of Al Khozama Center.

7.     Spazio

Another restaurant offering different flavours in the land of Saudi Arabia is Spazio restaurant. This dining place is famous for its rich flavoured Italian, French, and Japanese dishes. The restaurant’s menu card holds numerous cuisines and offers delicious flavours to enrich your taste buds. Other than tasty food, you will find a Sushi bar decorated with the art style, a lovely interior, and an adventurous walking on the sky bridge of the tower.

Spazio is at the second tallest building in Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom Tower، Al Urubah Rd, 77Th Floor، Riyadh. Enjoy the rich flavours of Japanese food, making this restaurant the best dining place for Japanese food. You can enjoy a new experience of beautiful scenic views and mesmerizing glimpses of the sunset from the tower’s heights. Must visit Spazio for dining and capturing stunning views on your trip to Saudi Arabia.

8.     Fairuz Garden

The best dining place for Lebanese cuisines is the Fairuz Garden in the capital of Saudi Arabia. The restaurant provides luxurious sitting placement, a cosy environment with dim lights, charming interiors, and large fountains to its guests. Many tourists visit this place to satisfy their food cravings with delicious Lebanese food such as Fatoush, Hummus, Kibbeh, Tabouleh, and Baba Ghanoush.

For its fancy ambiance and other lavish luxuries, the Fairuz Garden is considered one of the top fancy restaurants in Saudi Arabia. The place has indoor and outdoor sitting placements, so you can enjoy your food while experiencing the mesmerizing scenes from the height of Kingdom Tower. Fairuz Garden is at King Fahd Rd, Riyadh. Must visit this amazing dining place with your friends and family on your tour to Saudi Arabia.

9.     Eataly

The Eataly restaurant in Riyadh is one of the best dining places for unique food experiences of Italian cuisines. This place offers fantastic Italian flavours to the food dishes. Guests and locals enjoy the food items and hospitable environment of the restaurant. The combination of Eat and Italy coins the name of this dining place.

You can enjoy food items like pasta, fried items, pizzas, fish, meat, and vegetable dishes at Eataly. The restaurant offers multiple food options to enjoy at different meal times. Eataly is at Al-Malik a Nasir, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh. Don’t forget to try the kid’s menu that is low in oil and spices. Must visit this place with your kids and family.

10.  Assaraya Turkish Restaurant

For the best Turkish cuisines, Assaraya is the top restaurant in Riyadh to visit on your tour of Saudi Arabia. You can spend a memorable time at the restaurant while enjoying the cosy environment, pleasant interior, and comfortable seating placement with your favourite Turkish cuisines.

The restaurant’s Deluxe ambiance offers guests family deals so that you can enjoy quality time with your family and friends by availing of the deals. The restaurant is Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Rd, Al Olaya, Riyadh. For enjoying all meals of the day, you can satisfy your cravings at the restaurant with rich flavours.

Things to Do as a Family

Saudi Arabia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with majestic skyscrapers. You can find these landmarks in Riyadh and other cities in the country, giving out a beautiful view. If you are visiting Saudi Arabia as a travel destination, you can do many things there with your family and kids

So, we will discuss the activities you can do as a family in Saudi Arabia.

Have an Adventure by Completing a Mission at Novus

Adventure is the soul of the journey. So if you want to have an adventure with your kids, Novus is the best place that offers such entertainment. Novus is present in Jeddah, another famous tourist city in Saudi Arabia. The goal of this game is to unlock the room by finding the clues. You can think of this as a real-life puzzle involving entertaining tricks.

The first thing you will do is select the theme of the room. Novus offers various themes that you can choose. Usually, kids prefer the theme that attracts them the most. Then you will use your superpower to complete the mission. Each player will have a superpower they can use throughout the game. You have to play this game in groups of two to eight people. So you can involve your whole family in this adventure.

Visit the National Museum

You can teach your kids about the value of culture by taking them to a museum. If you want to know about the culture of any place museum is the best place. Saudi Arabia has the National Museum that educates people about the country’s history and culture. It represents the Islamic faith that the country is built on and its citizens’ practice.

The national museum of Saudi Arabia focuses on Islam. It has eight art galleries and two mosques. The museum also has the Arabian kingdom and the pre-Islamic era. If your kids are fascinated with history, they will have a stellar time at this place. The museum offers all representations in English and Arabic, so understanding the history would be convenient. You can learn so many things about Saudi culture through this museum.

Enjoy Ice Skating at Royal Mall

No holiday is complete without some adventure. So you can have an Ice Skating adventure in Saudi Arabia, mainly if you visit with your family. If you are a tourist from a foreign country, you will find the temperature of Saudi Arabia hot and humid. Thus, such a fun activity will be good for a change from other mainstream activities.

They will freak out if you have kids with you due to the country’s excessive heat and hot climate. So to cool their heads, take them for ice skating, which is fun, adventurous, and exciting. There are many beautiful places for ice skating in Saudi Arabia. For instance, you can visit the Royal Mall to find the best ice-skating rink in Saudi Arabia.

Visit the Al-Shallal Theme Park

Most kids love amusement parks. They can play games and make new friends in a park. Jeddah Al-Shallal theme park is the best enjoyment spot for a family with kids. As parents, you can sit under a tree and have the ideal time with each other while monitoring your kids.

This theme park has so many thrilling rides; it also has a small ice-skating rink. Amazon ride and roller coaster rides are also part of this park. Many locals visit the park for picnics or evening strolls to enjoy quality time with their families. As a tourist, your kids will enjoy it.

Enjoy Dolphin Show at Fakieh Aquarium

Fishes are a source of happiness for many people. Dolphin is the most adorable and loving aquatic animal people love seeing. Kids enjoy swimming with dolphins where they have the time of their life. You can even hold a dolphin in your hand in the instructor’s presence. 

The Fakieh Aquarium is the only place for marine life. They have the creatures which live in the Red Sea. Your kids will love to see the Dolphin show in this aquarium. Many visitors with their families come to this place to have an ideal time where the kids get to see dolphins dance.

See Sand Dunes on Safari

Sharm Yanbu is a place where you can experience dunes. It is one of the most famous places for a tour in Saudi Arabia. The coastal strips of the desert make the experience of travelling more exciting and beautiful. And if you are going with your family, the excitement is doubled.

You can opt for a staycation in the desert where you will sleep in tents and enjoy an adventurous time. This place also offers desert camps, outdoor sports, and hiking. Through this activity, your kids will enjoy the experience of the desert, which is unique from all the other activities.

Stare the Beauty at King Fahd Fountain

Many people in the world enjoy the sight of water. King Fahd Fountain is the ideal place for such people since it is the tallest fountain in the world. The water rises to 800 feet and makes unique patterns with different lights.

This fountain is a treat to watch. It is so tall that you can see this fountain from many places in Jeddah. At night it shows many colours, making the view beautiful for visitors. Children are usually left in awe as they see a beautiful water and light show. Many locals take a stroll at night to enjoy such scenery.

Go for Island Hopping Around Umluj

Island is a beautiful place to visit. You can take a boat tour and explore the Red Sea. You can have a family day out at island hopping. Jabal Hassan has a beautiful island that is worth visiting with your kids.

Your kids can enjoy water adventures through boat rides. Umluj is a place that represents beauty. So you can take beautiful pictures or purchase different souvenirs to take back as memories. Your kids will have lots of fun at this place.

Have a Sense of Serenity at Kaaba

No vacation in Saudi Arabia is complete without visiting the Holy Kaaba. It represents the faith and religion of Muslims. If you visit Saudi Arabia, you must show your kids the sense of serenity of this place. If you want to have a pilgrimage tour with your family, then Kaaba is the ideal place.

Kaaba holds great importance for Muslims. It shows spirituality and a sense of serenity. If your kids love knowing about Islam, the religion of peace, this place is a must-visit for them. You will feel internal peace and spirituality at this place.

Safety and Security

Saudi Arabia is one of the safest countries to live in due to its strict laws and regulations. There are harsh punishments for rape, murder, and adultery. As a result, the crime rate is lower in Saudi Arabia. However, minor crimes like stealing money or precious things can occur. It would be best to stay alert while walking on the streets with your family.

So, we will discuss some safety measures you should know about before visiting Saudi Arabia with your family.

Terrorist Attacks in Saudi Arabia

Every country has strict laws against terrorism. Saudi Arabia is no different and also has strict rules against terrorism. There have been attacks in Saudi Arabia in the past; hence the country does not neglect threats related to terrorism.

When you visit Saudi Arabia, ensure you live in a secure place. The police arrest the people if they find them suspicious. Choose a community centre that protects tourists and their families during their stay in the country.

Stay Safe from Protests in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government has made irrelevant protests illegal in the country. The reason for promoting such things is to decrease the rally of protests by bettering the living conditions of the people residing in the country. The Saudi government invests a lot of resources in education and employment.

Protests are uncommon in Saudi Arabia, but in the Eastern province, there is a possibility of protest. This Eastern province has a Shia minority, and protests occur. Keep yourself and your family safe from such demonstrations whenever you visit Saudi Arabia.

To be safe from such protests, avoid the days of national unrest. Monitor the days of demonstrations through media platforms like Twitter and news channels. Avoid getting outside around Friday prayers. Be ready to change the travel plan according to the situation.

Safety of Roads in Saudi Arabia

Road conditions are primarily different in cities and rural areas. Large cities are often safe and sound for travellers since they are well constructed and do not have any obstacles. But the roads in rural areas are of significant concern due to their condition and are less travelled. Traffic accidents are also common in rural areas of Saudi Arabia, so you must be vigilant on the road.

Aggressive traffic is also a concern in Saudi Arabia, and Riyadh is famous for it. When you are travelling, make sure you are taking precautionary measures. Consider a driver who is aware of the local conditions of roads. It will make your tour exciting and safe. The Saudi government has a list of safety measures you should consider on the road.

Political Unrest and Security Issue

There is an ongoing military fight and conflict with neighbouring countries like Yemen. As a result, missiles and explosive-laden drones can occur. These drones target the civilian infrastructure and buildings. Mainly these attacks occur near the border of Yemen. So plan your trip carefully for your sake.

The Saudi government takes every step possible to ensure the safety of tourists. The capital city Riyadh, Jeddah, and the cities on the Red Sea have also become the target of foreign attacks. So, whenever you visit these places with kids, stay safe and follow the instructions relevant institutions give.

When you hear a loud siren, immediately run towards a safe place to be safe from these attacks. In addition, constantly monitor media to be aware of sudden attacks in the region you visit.

Crimes in Saudi Arabia

Generally, the crime rate is almost zero in Saudi Arabia. But in crowded places, some crimes do occur. For example, piracy is a crime that can occur in Saudi Arabia. It often occurs in regions like the Southern Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The things that pirates attack are luxury craft and naval vessels. So if you are travelling through such places, better to keep your valuables in a safe place.

If you are travelling to Saudi Arabia and travelling by boat, make sure you are following the recommended policies. It would be best if you were up-to-date with the piracy reports of the specific region so that you can take appropriate steps for your family. It will be helpful if you avoid confrontation with any pirates or thieves.

If you precisely follow the instructions of the authorities, then there is a high possibility that you can save yourself and your family from the crimes. Furthermore, taking such precautions will make your visit more pleasant because of the safety of your life and asset.

Kidnapping in Saudi Arabia

There are minor crimes in Saudi Arabia; kidnapping is not a mainstream issue in the country. However, there are some places where there are slight chances of kidnapping. Therefore, you should avoid such areas that carry kidnapping risks. It would be best if you always traveled in a group and not went outside late at night.

If you accidentally visit a place with the risk of kidnapping, ensure you are safe and sound. Try to be in touch with the authorities regarding security concerns. Always follow their instructions to keep your family safe from unexpected situations. If you have extra money, always arrange personal security to be safe from other risks.

Always Have Travel Insurance

Before planning a trip and going to any place, make sure you have travel insurance if you travel with kids. Get comprehensive travel insurance as it will cover most medical issues. It is a significant need if you plan to stay in a foreign country. Your insurance policy should cover all medical expenses.

If you are a tourist travelling with kids and have this travel insurance, you can get the necessary help and medication at the time of need. Most hospitals, particularly the public ones, will accept your travel insurance; if you need to be admitted, they will also do that.

Other Risks

When you travel to a country different from your environment, there are some health risks. For example, sand storms and dust storms in Saudi Arabia can cause many types of allergies. So during these storms, stay inside the house and wear a mask. To avoid health risks, follow the instructions of medical experts.

Malaria and Dengue are also diseases that can make you sick. To stay safe from these diseases, take medicine for Malaria. If you do not have the required medication, visit the nearest medical store. Also, wear clothes which can cover your arms. In this way, you can make yourself save from these diseases.

Typhoid, Rabies, Hepatitis, and brucellosis are diseases that can make you sick. Follow the health instructions to save yourself and your family from these diseases.

Health and Medical Emergencies and Insurance

Health is an essential part of your life. It would help if you took care of your health while travelling so that your tour with family can become more pleasant. Your kids will enjoy the visit if they look after their well-being. Furthermore, you should take the necessary steps to ensure their health is not compromised.

Here we will discuss some tips you should adhere to regarding health and medical emergencies that may happen during your visit to Saudi Arabia with your family.

Insurance Before Travelling

It would be best if you had an insurance plan before travelling. That insurance should cover all the medical costs. If you do not have health insurance, you will need to pay a lot of money if you require some medical attention at the hospital in Saudi Arabia. Hence, your tour will be challenging if you travel without health insurance.

Insurance is mandatory, and you must ensure that your insurance plan is valid for the duration of your tour. In addition, you need to ensure that your insurance policy covers all emergencies. Saudi Arabia provides such insurance policies for tourists. Such a facility will make your visit convenient. Hence, you can get insurance for yourself and your family.

Major Health Risks

Saudi Arabia has some health risks, just like all countries worldwide. However, according to the present situation, the most common health risk is COVID-19. Therefore, make sure your COVID-19 vaccination process is complete before travelling.

Another health risk in Saudi Arabia is Sand Storm. Sand Storms can cause allergies and breathing problems for many people. Therefore, you should avoid going outside during sand storms. If you go, then make sure you are wearing masks.

Insect-borne diseases are also a health risk in Saudi Arabia. Malaria and Dengue are the most common diseases. Take medicines that can prevent you from Malaria. Make sure you are wearing long sleeves and use insect repellent frequently.

Medical Services in Saudi Arabia

Most health facilities are different in every region. In central and capital cities, high-quality health services are available. So if you stay in metropolitan cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, etc., you can enjoy high-quality medical services. In minor towns, health facilities are not up-to-date with the latest procedures.

If you opt for private facilities for medical treatment, you will have to pay a lot. If you get a severe injury or sickness, then they will move you to better hospitals for medications. However, you will have to spend a lot of money since the treatments are expensive.

Medications in Saudi Arabia

Not every medicine is available in every country. There may be some medicines that are illegal according to the law of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has the same rule in this regard. Before taking any medication with you, make sure you check if it is legal in Saudi Arabia or not.

Take the prescription of your medicines along with medicines. The medicine’s brand and scientific name should also be present. The authorities at the airport may question you about the medications you are taking into their country.

Specialists and Doctors in Saudi Arabia

Many specialists in Saudi Arabia will look after your health. The doctors have specialisation in many fields. Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Urology, and Ophthalmology are the fields in which doctors in Saudi Arabia specialise.

The doctors of Saudi Arabia are also specialists in ear, nose, and throat-related diseases. Therefore, if you face these problems during your tour, you can contact the doctors by visiting the nearby hospital.

Health Care for Women in Saudi Arabia

Although the health facilities are more advanced in Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia also provides health facilities to women. Saudi Arabia also has exceptional doctors who treat diseases, specifically of women. Therefore, the health quality of women in Saudi Arabia holds great importance.

Female hygiene products are available in markets and pharmacies. Females can get these products from any grocery store or pharmacy.

Health Care for Children in Saudi Arabia

The government of Saudi Arabia also promotes the health of children. So when you visit this country with your kids, you can take care of their health along with the tour. You can enjoy the tour with your family with better health facilities because there are many facilities for children’s health. Dental hygiene and disease prevention are available in Saudi Arabia.

There are many vaccination programmes in Saudi Arabia, like the vaccination for rubella, polio, hepatitis, and measles. If there is any seasonal spread of these diseases in Saudi Arabia, then you should prevent your kids by taking them for vaccination these diseases.

Mental Health Prevention in Saudi Arabia

Along with physical health, mental health is also essential in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Saudi Arabia also has a mental health policy. The services provided by mental health hospitals and therapy sessions in Saudi Arabia include rehabilitation, psychotherapy, addiction services, and speech therapy.

Saudi Arabia’s health department handles the primary level of mental health issues as the primary care level. In contrast, mental health hospitals efficiently provide services for severe problems.

Therapy sessions for anxiety and depression are also available in Saudi Arabia. So when you visit the country with your family and unexpectedly face some mental health issues, you can access mental health services.


There are weather variations in Saudi Arabia from one region to another. Saudi Arabia has mountains, beaches, and deserts where the weather and climate vary. As a result, the weather in Saudi Arabia is diverse. If you are visiting Saudi Arabia with your family, consider the weather in Saudi Arabia in all the places you plan on visiting.

Here we will provide some information about Saudi Arabia’s weather and climate to make your trip to such a beautiful travel destination exciting and fun.

The Climate of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest countries in the world. The climate of Saudi Arabia varies from region to region. In every area, the average temperature is different.

Saudi Arabia has so many deserts, mountains, and the Red Sea. The temperature in a desert is different from that of a mountainous area. So if you plan to visit the mountains or the desert region, it is better to pack accordingly.

Average Temperatures

Saudi Arabia is a country that has so many deserts. Because of these deserts, the weather of Saudi Arabia is called a desert climate. It means it is scorching in the summer. The temperature of Saudi Arabia is usually above 40 degrees.

Hottest City of Saudi Arabia

Although the average temperature of Saudi Arabia is hot, all cities are hot, but Makkah is the hottest city in Saudi Arabia. The temperature of Makkah is mostly above 48 degrees. Because of this, Makkah is the most burning city in Saudi Arabia.

Rainfall in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a hot and dry climate. Countries with such climatic conditions experience less rainfall. The same thing happens with Saudi Arabia. Rainfall is scarce in Saudi Arabia, usually from November to April. Heavy showers are barely seen in this country due to the weather.

Snowfall in Saudi Arabia

Snowfall occurs in Saudi Arabia in winters. It mainly occurs in the mountain range of the northern region. Moreover, a big snow storm in Europe also caused snowfall in the desert of Tabuk. So if you are going to this region with your family, pack according to the snowy winter climate.

Winters in Saudi Arabia

During winters, Saudi Arabia has primarily cool evenings and mild days. Temperature further decreases to the freezing point in the highest peaks. Rainfall also occurs in some parts of the country. In some parts of the country, heavy thunderstorms occur.

Summer in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia experiences high temperatures because it has a desert environment. In most parts of the country, the temperature rises to 50 degrees during summer.

Because of the subtropical high-pressure system, there is variation in the temperature of Saudi Arabia. There is humidity on the coast of Saudi Arabia. Taif and other mountainous areas are even cool during the summer. So they are an ideal place to visit if you want to have a change in weather conditions during summer.

Riyadh and Central Saudi Arabia

Riyadh has a high temperature because it has a desert climate. The average high temperature of Riyadh is 43 degrees. Riyadh experiences long, dry and hot summers.

In contrast, the average low temperature in Riyadh is 27 degrees, which is still hot for tourists from cooler countries. Dust storms are also common in Riyadh. They occur many times a year.

Jeddah-Red Sea Coast

Jeddah, in comparison to Riyadh, experiences a cooler summer. It has high humidity. Although rainfall is sparse in Saudi Arabia, thunderstorms can occur. In summer, the average temperature in Jeddah is around 39 degrees.

Asir Region – Western Coast

Asir region influences the Indian Ocean monsoon. This monsoon usually occurs between October and April. Because of these reasons, the temperature of the Asir region is different from the whole country.

The maximum temperature of Saudi Arabia in summer is around 34 degrees. On the other hand, in winter, the lowest temperature in this region is about 7 degrees.

This region has a wet spring, usually from March to May. Moreover, it has a summer wet season from July to August. Along with these things, the occurrence of fog is also common in winter.

The Southern Deserted Region of Saudi Arabia

The Empty Quarter or the vast Rub al Khali are large sand deserts of the world. The occurrence of rainfall is very uncommon in this region. Therefore, this region is called hyper-arid. It is also one of the hottest regions in the world, where you will experience scorching heat. In summers, the temperature hits 55 degrees.

The minimum temperature of this region is 12 degrees. Because of this, it is right to say that this region of Saudi Arabia mostly experiences high temperatures. The low temperature in this region does not occur frequently.

Al-Ula and the North West

Al-Ula has a high temperature, but it is not as high as the temperature of Riyadh. The maximum average high temperature of Al-Ula in summers is 30 degrees. However, it has primarily chill evenings in winters, and its temperature decreases to 7 degrees.

Thus, the temperature of Saudi Arabia is different in every region, and you should follow the safety measures issues by climate authorities of every region.

If you are travelling with your kids, you should make sure you are following the weather-related threats of every region. This way, you can simultaneously have a pleasant tour and good health.

Best Time to Visit Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a diverse temperature. Due to climate diversity and various cultural events, there is no wrong time to visit Saudi Arabia. Hence, you can plan a trip to this country any time during the year with your kids and family.

Here we will discuss the best time to visit Saudi Arabia according to weather and specific events.

Best Time to Visit Saudi Arabia for the Beaches

November is the best month for swimming and sunbathing if you want to visit the Arabian Gulf along the east coast. Although if you see the Red Sea from Jeddah, you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing all over the year because the air and sea are warm even in winters.

Best Time to Visit Saudi Arabia for Festivals

Jeddah has plenty of festivals in a year. In September, there are three main festivals: Kingdom of Stars, Al-Hemma Celebrations, and Fireworks shows. If you visit Saudi Arabia with your family, then see these festivals. Your kids will love such festivals as they will be something new for them to watch.

In your tour, you can add the essence of festivals by visiting Jeddah at the time of festivals. In March, there is a festival Red Sea International Film Festival. These all festivals are unique. Your kids will love them.

Best Time to Visit Saudi Arabia for Events

If you love events, you will surely enjoy your tour of Saudi Arabia. You can have a great family time during these events. In addition, your kids will enjoy this vacation and learn about these events at the same time. Here are some experiences you can have while travelling to Saudi Arabia in the events season.

Best Time to Visit Jeddah

Jeddah has a desert climate, and the chance of rainfall in Jeddah is almost zero throughout the year. Therefore, the most incredible month to visit Jeddah will be in January. Furthermore, the hottest month in Jeddah is August.

The pleasant time to visit Jeddah is winter or early spring. The weather is so welcoming. September is also a great month to visit Jeddah because there is a national day in Saudi Arabia, and you will see many beautiful sceneries.

City Walk

City walk is a fantastic event in Jeddah. It occurs at the largest location, and it offers you unique experiences. You can enjoy and can experience many new things. In every zone, you can experience a different pleasure. This city walk has nine main sub-zones.

As a visitor, you can have an experience of your own choice. You seek calmness or meditation. Furthermore, you can enjoy the excitement and run. It also offers delicious cuisines. All these zones have different and unique shows and adventures.

Jeddah Art Promenade

If you are an art lover, then Jeddah has an event specifically for the art. You can visit this Jeddah Art Promenade. It is a global art destination. This art destination has various live shows, fireworks, and a tower view which you can watch from 80 meters in height.

Besides that, there are restaurants, cafes and shopping areas. In addition, an event in Jeddah Art Promenade called the Soul Al-Sabt takes place every Saturday. At this event, every artist shows their artwork.

Besides artworks, there are also handmade goods and local homemade food, which visitors can enjoy. If you want to enjoy an event with fun activities and cultural learning, then you can visit this event in Jeddah with your kids during your visit to Saudi Arabia.

Best Time to Travel Saudi Arabia on a Budgeted Trip

Typically, when you visit Saudi Arabia, the trip is expensive. However, there are times in the year when you can stay at cheap rates. Mostly from January 8th to March 18th and from August 6th to December 9th, you can visit Saudi Arabia at the most affordable rates. Moreover, there is a September national day in Saudi Arabia. So from early September to mid-September, you can visit Saudi Arabia on a low budget.

There is day distinction as well. If you fly on Monday, you can fly at the cheapest rate. Flying back on Thursday is the most affordable to fly back. Hotels in Saudi Arabia are not much expensive. However, vacation rentals are a bit expensive due to high property costs.

Your daily expenses depend on how you live and where you spend your money. If you want to have a private tour, then it will be expensive. In contrast, self-guided tours are free. If you want to see an outdoor sight, it will be free. Thus, the average daily budget for your tour of Saudi Arabia depends on how you live.

What to Wear in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country of hot weather, amid climate, and a dominant male society where strict rules on what to wear are followed. Understanding the weather conditions and clothing restrictions is good before visiting Saudi Arabia.

So let’s discuss the various clothing items you will need to stay in Saudi Arabia with your family.

Clothes According to Climate and Weather

Saudi Arabia is a country of hot and humid weather. You can experience an average temperature of 20°c even in the winter months. In other countries, you can wear short clothes like skirts, t-shirts, and sleeveless to avoid the extreme temperature. But Saudi Arabia will not allow you to wear short dresses, especially for women.

To avoid the heat, you must wear loose and oversized clothes. Avoid any tight dress or clothing that can affect your skin. Loose clothes will help you stay according to the clothes customs of Saudi Arabia, and you will stay cool in the heat and humidity of the country. You can wear t-shirts with long sleeves, long pyjamas, pants, loose skirts, and long enough clothes to reach your ankle.

The oversized dressing is ideal for tackling the heat and maintaining a modest dressing. You can wear short dresses or clothes of your own choice only in your hotel rooms and beaches, with no clothing restrictions.

The police of Saudi Arabia strictly follow religious rules and regulations. They ensure the full clothing of both men and women. However, local Saudi men and women have a specific dress code. They strictly apply a particular dress code to visitors as well.

Clothes for Women

Saudi women cover their whole body with long clothing. Also, they hide their face, hair, neck, and ankles. As a Muslim nation, Saudi women wear hijab and abaya. In the past, Saudi Arabia has restricted all local and visiting women to cover themselves from head to toe.

In recent years, this rule is no more implemented for foreign visitors. So you can wear clothes of your choice that are long enough to cover your body from neck to ankle. However, many foreign women shared their experiences wearing hijab and abaya in Saudi Arabia.

They feel safe and protected and enjoy their travel in Saudi Arabia more in Abaya than other clothes. Other than clothes, there is a restriction of not wearing shoes that could be sexually attractive. For a long walk in the markets or hilly areas, you must wear sandals, sneakers, or any other shoes of this sort that are comfortable for your long journey.

If you are a makeup lover, you have to maintain light theme colours. Also, you have to reduce your jewellery if you wear heavy jewellery items. Additionally, you can only wear symbols of Islam in your jewellery. Signs from other religions are not allowed in the country and are against the country’s law and customs.

Clothes for Men

Clothing for men in Saudi Arabia is simple to choose. You must cover your legs, arms, and shoulders and wear loose dresses. It would be best if you avoided tight jeans showing your figure. Tight jeans and clothing will affect your skin, and also, it will be culturally unacceptable.

Saudi men remain simple and do not like to wear jewellery except a wristwatch. They follow modest clothing and expect visitors to follow them. The rule of not wearing accessories containing anti-Islamic symbols is also not allowed to men.

Clothes to Wear at the Asir Mountains

Although Saudi Arabia is a hot country, the Asir Mountains have a very low temperature. You will experience the temperature of a cooler country in the Asir mountains in Saudi Arabia. If you visit Asir Mountains, pack yourself just like you do for a cool place. You will need woollen sweaters, jackets, gloves, and hats because Asir Mountains experience annual snowfall days.

About Saudi Arabia and People

Saudi Arabia was an underdeveloped country for a long time but has made tremendous development in recent years. The country is a rich land of culture, tradition, and Islamic heritage. It has carried out its culture and tradition in modern countries.

So, we will provide information about Saudi Arabia and its people, giving you invaluable information about the country.

International Reputation

The past century covers the vast influence of Saudi Arabia not only in the Middle East but also in European countries. Saudi Arabia has a strong economy and holds an excellent reputation. Prophet Muhammad was born in this country, so Saudi Arabia significantly influences all Muslim communities. Saudi Arabia is the central hub of the Sunni branch of Islam.

Saudi people and the western world have opposite views on many matters. The western world sees Saudi Arabia as a land of restrictions. The way Saudi Arabia implies rules and regulations on its people, especially women. You will find Saudi people often describing their ethics and goodness to others.

Islamic Traditions

Saudi Arabia follows Islamic teachings strictly since they are part of the country’s customs. The country has many religious activities, events, and national holidays. The Saudi people spend their lives according to Arab traditions and the spiritual teachings of their forefathers.

Saudi Muslims fast for the whole month of Ramadhan and spend this month with great joy and happiness. After that, they celebrate the holidays of Eid-Al-Fitr and share gifts and food with others. Another religious event in the country is Hajj which ends with the holidays of Eid-Al-Adha.

Other traditions of Saudi people include their hospitality. They greet strangers with generosity and make preparations to be hospitable. Coffee is the simplest gesture of Saudi people to show their hospitality. Also, to provide a welcoming expression, they burn oud for its beautiful fragrance.


Saudi Arabia is the land of exceptional heritage of architecture. All the historic buildings in the country are built with the available resources. The climate and geographical elements of the country heavily affect its construction work. King Saud University and the King Khalid International Airport are the wealthiest examples of Islamic structure and design.

You will see buildings made of coral in Jeddah, which is carried out from the Red Sea. Most buildings in the western part of the country are constructed with stone and bricks. The Architects of today’s world are inspired by the ancient designs and structures of old buildings. They tried to build impressive architectures that portrayed old traditions and modern innovations.


Calligraphy is one of the oldest art in Saudi Arabia. The history of calligraphy art is rooted in the writings of the Holy Quran. Calligraphy is an essential art form of Islam. You will see rare manuscripts with unique calligraphy in the Saudi museums.

In the modern world, Calligraphy is one of the dominant art forms in many arts, including paintings, glasswork, textiles, metalwork, and sculptures. Saudi people give more attention to the art of calligraphy. They train the young generation and hold competitions so that they remain part of this art.


For Saudi people, poetry is an integral part of their culture. In all the literary arts, Poetry is the most significant expression through which poets present feelings, emotions, and ideas. The history of Saudi Arabia is full of tales of war, love, bravery, historical incidents, and chivalry.

The Holy Quran is the supreme source of language and diversity. After the revelation of the Holy Quran, Arab people enhance their interest in poetry. They learned Arabic and wrote poetry with examples from the Holy Quran. Moreover, the Saudi people consider the Quran the literary model for all their poetic expressions.

Poetry significantly influences the lives of Saudi people, old and young. Not only in the past, but poetry is still prevalent among Saudi people. They held events, gatherings, and cultural festivals to present the poetry of renowned poets.

Getting Around in Saudi Arabia

Travelling throughout Saudi Arabia is not a difficult task. You will find multiple transportation resources to get around the country. The country has a proper bus system in various cities that you can utilise. Besides that, taxis, trains, and aeroplanes travel around the country.

Here, we will discuss the best transportation methods around Saudi Arabia with your family.

Getting Around by Air

Saudi Arabia is a rich land with several domestic airports in almost all its major cities. Elite-class people with high budgets prefer airlines to roam around Saudi Arabia. They move around from one town to another via domestic airlines.

Getting around the country by airline is a good option if you can afford it. Also, it will not consume much time, and you can easily visit more places on your tour. Flynas, Saudia, Mid East Jet, and Saudi Gulf are the most preferred domestic airlines currently providing their services in Saudi Arabia.

Getting Around by Rail

Saudi Arabia has a rail network that connects some major cities. You can travel to Riyadh, Dammam, and Al Hofuf using the railway service. The trains in Saudi Arabia run on a weekly schedule. Saudi Railway Organization operates the whole railway system in the country.

The railway organization ensures to provide reliability and convenience to passengers. Still, the whole railway system is not progressed yet. Many railway tracks are under construction. With time, the railway system is getting better.

You can experience comfortable and clean sitting arrangements on the trains. The tickets for the train are also cheap and are available at railway stations. Other than railway stations, you can also book your tickets online.

Getting Around by Road

The most convenient and pleasure-giving source for getting around in Saudi Arabia is by road. Saudi people are less likely to follow the traffic rules. They cross the roads without following the traffic lights and laws. Before crossing any road in Saudi Arabia, pay more attention to avoid mishaps or accidents. The following are the means of road transportation that you can opt for with your family


Taxi driving is a major occupation of many Saudi and non-Saudi men. Travellers mostly prefer taxis for getting around the country. But you can also experience Taxi haggling in Saudi Arabia as it is common there. Professional drivers are hired for the taxi service all around the country.

You can easily communicate with them as they are skilled English speakers. If you face any issue regarding your location, you can show them your destination or any nearby place using your mobile.

Rental Car

Car hiring companies provide a vast network of cars all around the country, especially in major cities. You can book cars for rent for self-driving from airports, online, and other vehicle hire places. Self-driving is also a good option for roaming around Saudi Arabia. Men aged 25 or above can hire a car for themselves but remember, Saudi Arabia does not allow women to drive cars or bicycles.


The public transport company of Saudi Arabia provides locals and visitors with a vast network of bus services. Locals mostly use the bus service in the country. But many tourists also prefer the bus for getting around the country as it is easy and comfortable.

Al Khobar, Riyadh, and Jeddah are well known for their well-developed and well-organized bus system. The local people buy bus tickets daily, but you can also book your bus ticket in advance. You can also enjoy multiple views of the Saudi market and places while sitting on the bus.


Besides buses, the same company runs a system of coaches in many cities. Travellers and local people also use these coaches for travelling to neighbouring countries. These couches can take you to countries such as Bahrain, Egypt, UAE, and Yemen. You will find these coaches clean, comfortable and affordable. To book coach tickets, online booking is the best method.

The Bottom Line

Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country to visit due to the renowned Holy Mosques in Mecca and Madina. It has a diverse natural environment with a rich cultural heritage that attracts tourists from various countries. This elusive country offers novice visitors the perfect mix of religion and culture. If you are interested in learning about Islam’s history and increasing your knowledge about Prophet Muhammad, then Saudi Arabia is the right country to visit with your family.

The cosmopolitan cities of Saudi Arabia, including Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, etc., have seen a tremendous cultural transformation. The country’s customs and traditions blend in with the modern lifestyle that draws millions of visitors annually. Saudis take pride in protecting their homeland and its cultural values. Hence, the country has welcomed travellers from different countries to witness world-class museums, fine dining places, and fantastic shopping venues.

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