Qatar Holidays

A Comprehensive Guide for Families Travelling to Qatar

Qatar remains one of the most popular travel destinations in the Gulf region, where people come from around the world with their families and kids.

There are many reasons you should visit Qatar, one of which is its scenic beauty. Qatar has a desert, Middle Eastern vibe that refreshes a person’s soul; you cannot have that feeling in European countries.

This post will provide a guide for your family holiday trip to Qatar, covering everything you need to know.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Qatar

First, we will discuss the top 10 places you must visit in Qatar.

1.     Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is one of the best places to visit in Qatar for shopping and dining purposes. Your journey to Qatar will not be complete without visiting this unique place full of amazing traditional architecture and beautiful art galleries. It would help if you started your journey in Qatar by visiting the beautiful falcon souqs(marketplaces), rich Spices, and Gold items in Souq Waqif.

There is no entry fee to make purchases, but you should keep in mind the opening and closing times of the place. You can buy different items such as perfumes, multiple spices, beautiful handmade embroideries, and garments. Souq Waqif is the only place in Doha that has kept its traditional view and status alive. Hence, it is a place you should visit in Doha.

2.     Doha Corniche

Doha Corniche is another excellent point to visit in Qatar. Corniche is a front side of a water body spread about seven kilometres along Doha Bay. The place is a beauty admirer for cyclists, bikers, joggers, and especially those who want to see different shades of skylines.

The location of Doha Corniche in the city is that you have to visit it intentionally or without purpose. You can enjoy a memorable morning, a fantastic evening with sunset, and a night with different light colours in Doha Corniche. You can enjoy Doha Corniche more on their national holidays because festivals like National Sports Day and Qatar National Day are celebrated on Doha Corniche.

3.     Aspire Park

If you are visiting Qatar, the best place you can find for a family picnic and outdoor activities is Aspire Park. The place is also known as Doha Sports City. You can spend a lovely day at Aspire Park with your family and friends, especially in winter. The park has beautiful views, a walking track, fountains, playgrounds for kids and adults, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, and many more features.

There is a lake alongside the park where you can sit and enjoy the calmness or go fishing with your kids. At night you can enjoy the beautiful, memorable sight of Aspire Tower. The park has fixed timings of 7:00 am opening time and 11:00 pm closing time without any entry fees.

4.     Museum of Islamic Art

The Museum of Islamic Art is among the best places for art and history lovers. The place will tell you more about Islam, and you will know deeply about some regions, including Iran, North Africa and South Asia, with their cultural heritage. If you are visiting Qatar, you must go and enjoy the beauty of the place.

The Museum of Islamic Art has a collection of more than 6,000 objects from different Muslim regions, states and countries. The place is best for various art forms, architecture and designs. You will also see different fashions of people from the nineteenth century as it has a clothing collection.

5.     Qatar National Museum

Another best place to visit in Qatar is The National Museum of Qatar. This place was opened three years ago but has become a tourist spot. The building of the Museum presents strange thoughts about its structure. You will think that it was designed and built mistakenly. But there is a whole story and admiration behind the design of the Museum.

Also, you will enjoy watching the excellent work of architecture, and then if you are a museum lover, your interest will rise high. You can enjoy the place by walking through the whole place with your family and friends.

6.     Doha Fort

Al Koot Fort is popularly known as Doha Fort. It is a historical place built as a Military Fortress for army troops in 1927. The place was made by a well-known Qatar ruler who ruled there for many years. The location is in the capital city of Qatar and has beautiful works of architecture. It was initially built as a fortress, but later it got the status of a Museum.

If you are interested in the history of Qatar, the National Museum of Qatar is the best place for you. You will enjoy the traditional Qatari products, wooden ornaments, paintings, boats and fishing equipment, and historical photos with illustrations in the Museum. The daily life of workers and artisans is beautifully portrayed in the Museum.

7.     Katara Cultural Village

Katara Cultural Village is a fantastic place for people from different ethnicities and cultures. The place is full of culture and tradition that attracts tourists from other parts of the world. Art, including theatre, music and visual arts, is beautifully portrayed there. It is the kind of location that you should visit with your family and friends.

You will surely enjoy the place with your family, kids, and friends. It is a place that everyone from any age group can enjoy. The location is in an exhibition centre, so with time, you will know the history of Qatar. You can attend different exhibitions, including paper marbling, paintings, calligraphy, and pottery making.

8.     The Pearl

Another ideal place for dining, shopping, and enjoying the scenic views is The Pearl Qatar. It is an artificial island built along the sea coast using technology and great intelligence. You can enjoy dining there with fantastic food. Moreover, you and your family can shop for items like garments, fashion jewellery, and daily life products.

Many visiting families opt for the Qatar tour to have a great time with their kids and enjoy what the country offers. You can enjoy Pearl Qatar with your family and kids by staying there for some days. If not for stay, the place is worth watching and enjoying within the Qatar tour.

9.     Al Shahaniya Camel Racetrack

Camel is a desert animal and has great importance in Qatar for different purposes. If you go to Qatar, you can see that camel racing is an essential part of the people of Qatar. Al Shahaniya Camel Racetrack is a popular place for camel racing. People from all over the world participate in this racing as it is a great spectacle. In the days of camel racing, a separate channel is associated with broadcasting the race in Qatar and other countries.

You can enjoy the place on racing days or even on other days when camels are taken there for practice. It would be best if you visited the location on your Qatar tour with your family and friends. The place is worth watching as it has expensive and groomed camels that offer a unique Qatari experience.

10.  Inland Sea Beach

Another place you can visit in Qatar is Inland Sea Beach. The place is called Khor Al Adaid, or you can call it Inland Beach. You will reach the beach after driving any vehicle through the desert. The beach presents one of the best river views with desert sand. You will enjoy nature’s beauty, relax there and admire the place because it is nature in its purest form.

Inland Sea Beach has a lot of beauty and charm you will regret if you do not visit it. The water, sea and beach are full of fun attractions. You will watch the whole place by walking on the paved pathways. If you are an adventure lover, you can enjoy desert camping with your family and friends.

Top 10 Places to Eat Out

Food is an essential part of the Qatari culture. Qatar is not only rich with its tourist points, but it offers many food tastes from all over the world. You can find international dishes, original flavours, and continental cuisines in the best dining places in Qatar.

Some Qatar restaurants have an excellent reputation due to their best services and culinary skills. Visiting new places, festivals, and gatherings brings the chance to try new tastes.

Here, we will discuss the top 10 places to eat out with your family in Qatar.

1.     L’Wzaar Seafood Market

L’Wzaar Seafood Market is among the top dining places to visit in Qatar. The location is along the long front of a water body and has a wide variety of seafood. If you are a seafood lover, you must taste the food at L’Wzaar Seafood market. Along with travellers, many local people regularly eat from this place.

Qatar has many dining places, but L’Wzaar Seafood Market is the best for seafood. This dining place gives the whole sitting arrangement an elegant look with its seating points and cushion floors. You can enjoy the open kitchen scenes to dine in. They allow you to choose how you want to have your food cooked.

You can enjoy seafood, soups, and food items from France, Japan, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. The place is open for lunch from 12 pm to 4 pm, and dinner from 7 pm to 12 am for Saturday to Thursday. While on Friday, you can have lunch from 1 pm to 4 pm, and dinner from 7 pm to 12 am.

2.     IDAM By Alain Ducasse

Another best place for a dining experience is the IDAM restaurant by Alain Ducasse in Qatar. Ducasse is a French chef who has made this restaurant with a fantastic setting, traditional seating arrangements, beautiful decorations, artworks, and multiple culinary offers. The restaurant is on the fifth floor of the famous and impressive Museum of Islamic Art.

If you are a vegetarian or Vegan, the place offers all types of food and gluten-free diets. You can enjoy popular delights from the Arabian, Mediterranean, French, and European countries. You can add spices and multiple delicacies, including shrimp, labneh, and red snapper, to your cuisines. You can enjoy lunch from 12.30 pm to 3:00 pm and dinner from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Your tour to Qatar will not be complete without enjoying and tasting the delicious food by IDAM restaurant. The restaurant not only offers food and dining options, but you can have access to the internet there. Moreover, the place offers people different facilities like wheelchairs and high chairs. You can also have valet parking in IDAM restaurant.

3.     The Panoor Restaurant, Al Khor

Another best dining place to visit in Qatar is The Panoor Restaurant, located at 390 Al Khor Coastal Rd, Al Khor. It is an Indian restaurant providing the best Indian foods. You can dine out with your family or friends to have the best dining experience at the restaurant. The place is best for people having issues with their vegetarian and vegan diets.

The place has a beautiful interior that increases its beauty along with its delicious Indian and Middle Eastern Cuisine. The restaurant offers more dishes from North and South India, so Indian people are more likely to visit the place. Other than that, you can also enjoy Middle Eastern food items there.

When you visit Qatar, don’t forget to enjoy dining at The Panoor Restaurant. The exceptional dish of the Panoor Restaurant is the Bamboo Biryani. It is full of taste and rich spices. Moreover, you can enjoy Indian delicacies such as beef chilly and Porota. The restaurant has an opening time of 6:00 pm and closing time is till midnight for the whole week.

4.     INDEGO 360 By Vineet

INDEGO 360 is a Qatar-based restaurant by an Indian Chef named Vineet Bhatia. It is one of the best restaurants in Qatar that provides authentic Indian Cuisine. In 2001, Vineet Bhatia won the Micheline star award for his excellent services. You can enjoy much Indian and South-Eastern food in INDEGO 360 By Vineet. It is at The Pearl Tower 1, Pearl Boulevard, Abraj Quartier Qatar.

With its name, the restaurant presents a 360 view from the high building of the Pearl Tower. You will surely enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the city at night. The chefs at the restaurant professionally prepare Indian Cuisine and create new recipes with a fusion of contemporary and traditional Indian foods. The place is best for the dining experience with family and friends.

When visiting Qatar, don’t forget to dine in INDEGO 360 by Vineet. The restaurant is the best place with luxurious seating arrangements, the best service, and airy rooms. Suppose you want to enjoy Indian street food or delicacies. In that case, you should try the Thali lunches and chaat in the restaurant. The place is open seven days a week from 11:30 am to midnight.

5.     Burj Al Hamam

With a long history, many people have tried to make Lebanese Cuisine with fusion. It has been one of the favourites of travellers. There are a less number of restaurants that offer authentic Lebanese Cuisine. Burj Al Hamam is among the best restaurants that provide the original flavours of Lebanese Cuisine. The restaurant focuses more on home cooking, the taste of each food item, and customer service.

Besides Lebanese Cuisine, the restaurant offers healthy, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern food along with Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. The restaurant provides facilities like table service, live music, delivery and takeaway service, free Wi-Fi, and valet parking. You can enjoy your time with your family and friends by availing of the private dining facility.

Burj Al Hamam has been offering delicious food in Qatar for the last fifty years. It is at 1 La Croisette Porto Arabia, The Pearl Qatar. You can enjoy your meals at Burj Al Hamam from 08:00 am to 12:00 am for all seven days of the week. Complete your Qatar tour by enjoying Lebanon and other cuisines at Burj Al Hamam.

6.     Hakkasan Doha

Another ideal place for a dining experience is Hakkasan Doha. The restaurant is at St. Regis Doha, Al Gassar Resort, Doha. Many travellers, visitors, and residents enjoy delicious food here, and that’s why this place is the most visited place among others. The restaurant offers several foods but is well-known as the best Chinese restaurant in Qatar.

The seating arrangements and dining spaces portray the original Chinese cooking style. The professional chefs in the restaurant use rich spices and good quality food items with traditional techniques to make delicious food. The menu offers a variety of food, including many dishes of fish, noodles, rice, soup, tofu, seafood, and poultry. You can enjoy quality time with your family and friends at Hakkasan Doha.

Besides food items, the restaurant offers Qatar desserts, wines, and cocktails, such as premium cocktails. Moreover, the building has a beautiful interior of traditional artworks of Chinese artists. The restaurant’s walls present a unique view of Chinese themes with light effects. The Hakkasan Doha restaurant is open seven days a week from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm. You can enjoy the bar from 6:00 pm till 1:00 am. 

7.     Pearl of Beirut –Al Khor

Pearl of Beirut at Al Khor is a popular dining place for seafood. It is at Street Corniche, Al Khor, Qatar. People from far-off places visit the restaurant to have delicious and fresh seafood. The chefs at the restaurant are professionals and focus on the traditional style of cooking seafood. This restaurant is one of the best dining points for families and friends.

You have two options for enjoying your meal, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can dine at the restaurant and eat with the whole environment. Or you can select the takeaway option and enjoy the food in your room. The seating arrangement and interior of the restaurant are unique and subtle. The restaurant provides the best dishes from Indonesia, the Philippines, and other regions.

You can have the dining experience at Pearl of Beirut on Friday from 07:00 am to 10:30 am and from 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Some famous restaurant dishes include Chicken Sisig, grilled fish, Salad, and Fried Rice. It has opening timings of 7:00 am to 11:00 pm for Saturday to Thursday. You will have the best tastes and customer service at Pearl of Beirut.

8.     Teatro

Teatro is one of the top dining places in Qatar. You can find Teatro in the Doha Shopping Mall. Moreover, the restaurant has won an award for its best service and cooking varieties, especially Indian food. The great chefs of the restaurant make a fusion of Eastern cuisines with Western food to make new delicacies. Your Qatar tour will not be complete without Teatro’s delicious food.

The restaurant is best for Indian dishes, and you will have your food with additional flavours of chutney, basmati rice, and tortilla or Naan bread. It offers various food menus for its customers to enjoy different tastes. You can enjoy the open kitchen scenes and sushi bars in your seating place to know how your food is cooked.

Although the place is famous for Indian food, it also offers food items from China, Italy, Thailand, and Japan. You can enjoy a valuable time with your family and friends at Teatro. It is open from 12:30 pm to 2:00 am for Sunday to Thursday and from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am on Friday and Saturday.

9.     Spice Market

Spice Market is one of the best dining places in Qatar that is full of a delicious menu. The restaurant by Chef Jean-Georges is located in West bay W Doha Hotel. He has brought the original flavours to all the food items served in the Spice Market. The streets along the restaurant present a beautiful view with colourful lights.

Spice Market offers food from many Asian countries, such as street food from Japan and China. The restaurant provides Arabian and street food from South-Eastern countries with original flavours that will increase your hunger, and you will want more. The food includes sushi, Thai noodles, Mongolian lamb, Qatar Dessert, Taiwanese Street Style Fried Chicken, salmon tartare, and different snacks and Salads.

Spice Market is the best dining place you can enjoy if you have a family with you on tour. The restaurant is in a hotel setting, so you can also make reservations there. The restaurant offers facilities like live music, a full bar, Wi-Fi access, and valet parking. The restaurant is open for lunch from 12 pm to 4 pm and dinner from 5 pm to 11:30 pm.

10.  Afghan Brothers Restaurant

Afghan Brothers Restaurant is considered the best dining place for Arabian Cuisine in Qatar. If you want to enjoy the traditional taste of Arabian Cuisine, Afghan Brothers Restaurant is the best restaurant. The chefs and native cooks focus on bringing the original flavour and taste to each food item. You will have all the Qatari dishes at the restaurant.

After the meal, you will have a different appetite to enjoy the Qatari food. The people who demand all Halal food items can enjoy their meals at the Afghan Brother Restaurant. Set your Qatar tour and must visit the restaurant. You will enjoy the traditional taste and modern style of serving with your family and friends.

The famous dish of the place is any grilled item such as chicken or fish. They fill it with rich spices and bring you a fantastic taste. The addition of Gulab Jamun after the course meal increases the taste buds. The restaurant is at 720 Abdul Rahma Bin Jasim Street, Al Wakra, Baladiyat al Wakrah. The restaurant has an opening time from 8 am to 12 am.

Things to Do as a Family

Qatar is one of the most beautiful Islamic countries in the world; that has impressive skyscrapers in Doha and other cities in the country. It offers several exciting locations and activities you can do with your family.

If you are going to Qatar on a family vacation, there are many things you can explore with your kids ranging from awe-inspiring locations to theme parks and other outdoor activities.

Here, we will discuss some fun activities you can do with your family in Qatar.

Visit the Museum of Islamic Art

Many families in Qatar attend this iconic Museum of Islamic Art since it offers a profound collection of art exhibits. The beautiful place contains Islamic art that dates back 1400 years. All the Islamic exhibits here were collected from different residences of individuals belonging to various eras.

Since each art piece narrates a unique story, visitors go beyond the Museum’s walls and into the historical world. Kids roam around the museum halls and enjoy a beautiful time while looking at these gorgeous Islamic art pieces. These carvings attract visitors from around the globe to this Museum.

If your kids love arts and drawing, you should take them to the Museum of Islamic art. The Museum represents Qatar’s heritage and culture and is the best place to educate yourself. The Museum has a park that offers activities that your kids would engage in at any time of the day.

Explore the World of Angry Birds

Qatar has Angry Birds entertainment park that your kids will enjoy visiting as it offers several fun activities that they can participate in. This perfect holiday destination has various spellbinding adventures to make your holiday with your kids more exciting.

The theme park takes after the popular digital game. Qatar became the first country to introduce the Angry Birds theme park, where your kids can participate in over 20 attraction spots. Beautiful attracts are ideal places where you can take pictures with your kids and buy different souvenirs.

The Angry Birds theme park is an exciting place you can find in Doha. The location is full of entertainment that guarantees your kids will have fun. Most kids at the park-like like go-karting and practising their skills which is an excellent way to burn energy. This amusing park is a must-visit place with your family.

Take a Trip to Al Khor Park

Al Khor Park is one of the most pleasant places your kids would love to visit in Qatar. The park is well-kept and offers a variety of fun activities that you can involve your kids in. The park is spacious, where visiting families come to relax while the kids enjoy the water fountains.

The Al Khor Park comes with its private zoo that houses some of the most exotic animals in the world. These animals include birds, oryxes, zebras and other friendly animals that children would love to see. The park also has a skating arena and a basketball court where you can play outdoor games with your kids who like such sports.

Parents can connect with their families by opting for a mechanical train that moves around the park. Visiting families can also visit the restaurants in the park and enjoy a delicious meal with their kids. A mini-golf club is also found in the park that families can take advantage of and play a game or two.

Visit the Baladna Park

The Baladna Park of Qatar is an adventure land where kids can engage in exciting outdoor activities with their families. The park is ideal for families to get close to nature, particularly if they want to get away from the busy city life and enjoy some quiet.

Many visiting families consider Baladna Park for picnic purposes, where they can spend time with each other, eat exciting food and beverage, and play outdoor activities to burn calories. The beautiful place is on the outskirts of Doha in Qatar. It is equipped with swings and frames for children of all ages.

The park has a great ambience and a zoo that houses zebras, ostriches, camels, and other animals. The park has beautiful trees where families can sit and eat a meal. Also, there are wooden benches at the park that elders sit on while monitoring their kids and taking their pictures.

Visit Torba market to Celebrate Local Products

The Qatari Torba market is famous for the local artisanal and healthy foods you can buy from the vendors. You should come by this place if you wish to taste some yummy food and bakery items. Many food-loving kids come to this market to buy locally-grown food items that are healthy to eat.

One of the best things about this Qatari market is that farmers inspire it, so every food you find here will be good for your health. Moreover, this market is located in the Education City in Doha that celebrates selling sustainable, locally produced, cooked delicacies.

The colourful and seasonal market attracts tourists to this place as a travel destination. The market offers an excellent place for visiting families to treat their kids to healthy meals. Apart from the gorgeous stalls, the market has a beautiful park where kids can play outdoor sporting activities.

Enjoy a Wobbly Camel Ride on a Desert Safari

No holiday to Qatar is complete without a desert safari which is a fun location for you and your family. Everyone loves a little adventure and thrill, and kids love getting involved in such activities. So if you are in Qatar, it is your chance to explore the desert by riding a camel with your kids.

If your kids want to feel what the desert is like, then visit the desert safari with them. The desert safari is an ideal location for you to come out of your comfort zone and participate in this thrilling activity called the wobbly camel ride. You can also play with sand waves and take pictures together with the camel to take that as a memory.

The desert has these powerful vehicles driven by expert drivers, giving out an incredible sight. Families with young kids love to watch such exciting activities. Several tourists and their families have a barbeque and a staycation for a night in the desert. The sunset and sunrise of the desert are magical to watch. You can choose to eat many delicious food items of your choice at the desert safari.

Safety and Security

No country in the world, including Qatar, is risk-free for travellers, so everyone flying in the country should be aware of the level of threats in the country. Moreover, since it is an Islamic country, it will have specific laws that all tourists should adhere to. On top of that, it is essential for families visiting Qatar as a travel destination to follow the government warnings, if any. 

Here, we will discuss some steps and precautions to consider before travelling to Qatar with your family.

Crimes in Qatar

Qatar has a diverse cultural background, and the country is stable since wealthy individuals and foreigners populate it. The capital of Qatar has seen some petty crimes against tourists and the country’s locals. Some crimes in Doha include pickpocketing and theft. But if you keep your luggage and belongings in a safe place, there should be no issue.

Reports show that the travellers either lose their credit and ATM cards or feel someone stole them. This is widespread theft in any bustling city worldwide, and Qatar is no different. So if you are travelling with your family, it is better to check your pockets often to ensure your valuables are safe. Moreover, if you withdraw money from ATM, see that there are no scanners on it.

Warnings and Dangers in Qatar

The location of Qatar is volatile in the Middle East, so there are always some warnings and dangers linked to this country. It is essential for travellers coming to Qatar with their families to be aware of the risk level for the following categories:

  • Overall Risk

The overall risk regarding the safety of travellers is low, which shows that Qatar is very safe to travel to. However, there are some natural threats related to climate and weather that you should watch out for. Other than that, you or your family should not concern yourself about your safety. The government does introduce precautions and warnings for visiting families to ensure they are safe and sound.

  • Transport and Taxis Risk

The risk related to transport and taxis is medium, but it is a little heightened when it’s the tourist season in the country. Sometimes drivers drive their vehicles rashly, leading to incidents in different cities. Although these aggressive drivers driving at high speed are penalised, they come at the cost of some accidents. Also, the roads outside the capital vary in conditions and are not appropriately illuminated.

  • Pickpockets Risk

Even one of the safest countries in the world has a pickpocket risk, but it is relatively low. Since Qatar is a famous travel destination where people come from worldwide, pickpocket incidents will happen. So if you are in a public place, be vigilant and check your pockets frequently for wallets and other valuable items. Most incidents occur at tourist landmarks, so remain sharp in crowded places.

  • Natural Disaster Risk

Natural disasters are unexpected so they can happen anytime. Qatar’s natural disaster risk is medium since the country’s temperature conditions can reach extreme levels. Moreover, Qatar is in the Middle East, where dust storms and sand storms are expected. Qatar is also known to have aggressive thunderstorms. This may look like a natural disaster for a tourist, but for Qatari people, it is common.

  • Mugging  Risk

Mugging risk in Qatar is very low as it is quite rare since there are no cases of missing persons. Since kidnapping does not happen in Qatar, you should not concern yourself with it. However, it is better to take precautions, travel in a group, and avoid late-night hang-outs. If you are on vacation with your family, always tell someone about your whereabouts.

  • Terrorism Risk

In the past, the Gulf region has seen some terrorist attacks. Since these attacks are unannounced, they can happen anywhere, including tourist landmarks. So the probability of another attack is always lingering. If you are coming to any Gulf country, particularly Qatar, it is better to prepare for unexpected circumstances.

Local Laws and Customs in Qatar

Since Qatar is an Islamic country, there are various laws that you should know of to avoid getting into trouble. If you do not follow these laws and commit an action against them, that will be illegal, and you may face severe consequences. Some of these laws include the following:

  • Women should dress moderately as Qatar is a Muslim country. You cannot wear shorts, short skirts, sleeveless shirts, etc.
  • During Ramadan, you must pay special attention to what you wear outside. This month, it is not allowed to eat in public. Only certain restaurants are open at this time of the month.
  • Qatar has zero tolerance for obscene language, insulting someone in public or committing an accident. Many travellers have been penalised if they do not obey the law.
  • The legal age to drink in Qatar is 21, and you can only find alcohol at restaurants or hotel bars.
  • You cannot drink in public or use and sell drugs to anyone in Qatar. If you are apprehended, severe actions will be taken against you.
  • Qatari law is very stiff when it comes to drinking alcohol and use of drugs.
  • Any homosexual activity will not be tolerated; under Qatari law, you will be punished severely.
  • Public affection like kissing and sex is illegal, especially in family-friendly places.

Qatar is a safe place to visit with your family. Still, just like in any country, you must stay cautious about luggage and valuables. The country reports the lowest crime incidents so you can travel to it without fear. The government has stiff laws that you should follow to ensure you have a great time at this travel destination.

Health and Medical Emergencies and Insurance

Tourists visiting the Gulf region often travel to Qatar as it is a unique destination. Full travel insurance is critical as it will cover your and your family’s health for the duration of your trip to the country. Qatar has a very harsh climate, so it is better to be vaccinated before you leave your home country. Many families get flu vaccinations before travelling to protect them from the country’s climate.

So, we will discuss Qatar’s healthcare and medical emergencies that will prepare you and your family for the trip to this country.

Healthcare in Qatar

Qatar has a well-renowned healthcare system where patient care and medical services are treated with high standards. Since the Qatari government has invested much in the country’s public health sector, most hospitals and medical centres in Doha and other major cities meet international health standards. Gender inequality displays barriers to receiving medical attention from the Qatari healthcare system.

All travellers must have sufficient funds to pay upfront fees and travel health insurance for their vacation. Many hospitals and medical centres in Doha and other cities around Qatar will ask you to pay cash upfront for the treatment, even if you have travel health insurance. If you or your family face a medical emergency, the ideal step would be to contact your travel health insurance company.

Pharmacies and Medications

Pharmacies in Qatar are widespread across all the major cities and some minor (less travelled) cities. You can easily locate a pharmacy by asking a local or checking Google Maps. You can conveniently buy medicine at the counter and may not require a doctor’s prescription. However, the pharmacies sometimes ask for a prescription before selling the medication.

All travellers should check with Qatar’s embassy regarding the medications they can bring to Qatar without a prescription. If you carry some medication, it is better to have your doctor’s prescription if you are stopped at the airport. Pharmacists in Qatar are well-trained to handle the patients, but their quantity is low. Perhaps this is why the waiting time is longer when you are called at the counter.

Emergency Departments

The government-owned public hospitals have emergency departments free of charge for many services they offer. These services may include heat stroke, diarrhoea, flu, etc. If you are a tourist visiting Qatar and need some medical attention, these emergency departments will help you out. Moreover, if the attending doctor feels you should be admitted, the first 48 hours will be free of charge.

Al Gharrafa Primary Health Care Center has an around-the-clock emergency department that provides a lower level of emergency care. Similarly, suppose you travel with your family outside Doha but need medical attention. In that case, you can visit the Al Wakra, Al Khor, and Dukhan hospitals, whichever is nearest to your hotel. And, if it is difficult for you to call a taxi or uber, dial 999 to call an ambulance.

Vaccinations in Qatar

Like every other country, Qatar also has a list of compulsory vaccinations if you are planning to come to the country. If you plan to go to this country with your family, they must have those recommended vaccinations. Since the vaccinations needed to travel to Qatar may differ from one person to another, the country has segregated the Vaccination category into three branches which include:

  1. All travellers

According to Qatar’s Ministry of Health, all travellers going to Qatar must keep themselves up-to-date with routine vaccinations, including Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.

  • Most travellers

Most travellers’ category consists of those who already got the recommended vaccines but will need a booster vaccine to keep them safe from various illnesses. If you got vaccines for Hepatitis A and Typhoid long ago, it would be better to get a booster of such vaccines before you travel to Qatar.

  • Some travellers

Some travellers consist of those that come from nations where illnesses like Rabies, etc., are common. These travellers are advised to get vaccines for Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, and Hepatitis B.


If you are planning a trip to Qatar with your family as a travel destination, you must consider the weather and climate conditions in the country. Although Qatar is a hot country with a dry climate, weather conditions vary. Prior knowledge about Qatar’s seasons will help you decide when to visit the country with your family and kids.

So, we will discuss Qatar’s climates and weather by season.

The Coolest Months in Qatar

The winter season is from December to February when the temperature reaches 22 degrees Celsius during the day and the nights get cooler, with temperatures reaching 13 degrees Celsius. This is a spring-like season that consists of cool and windy days. January is the coolest month in Qatar, with temperatures sometimes dipping below 10 degrees Celsius.

The Hottest Months in Qatar

The summer season is from May to October when the temperature reaches around 42 degrees Celsius. Due to humidity, the temperature soars up to even 52 degrees Celsius. July is the hottest month of the year, where the regular temperature is between 32 degrees Celsius to 43 degrees Celsius. Some days in July are relatively hotter, so avoid visiting Qatar during the over-temperature period.

Seasons in Qatar

Qatar’s four seasons include Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. If you plan to go to Qatar, you can expect to experience all four seasons, depending upon when you visit the country. Additionally, Qatar also experiences dry and rainy seasons throughout the country.

Dry Season

The dry season in Qatar is from June to October, which can become very distressing for travellers visiting the country during these months. The country experiences zero rainfall during this time, and the temperatures are unfavourable for tourists to go sightseeing.

Usually, tourists don’t come during this time of the year as it is the off-season for tourism in the country, even though accommodation prices are lower. The country experiences up to 14 hours of daylight in these months, meaning sunshine is maximum.

Rainy Season

The rainy season in Qatar is divided into two portions: the first half of the rainy season takes place from January to May. And the second half of the rainy season is from October to December. However, February remains the only month that experiences the most rainfall throughout the year. If you plan a trip to Doha during these months, pack rain jackets and long boots to survive outdoors.

The winter months experience the least amount of rainfall, and perhaps that’s why winter is the time when tourism in the country is at its peak in Qatar. The summer season does not experience any rain, but you can expect a little rainfall now and then in the spring. The rainfall in Qatar comes in brief spells, but their frequency is more.

Summer Season

Since Qatar is a hot and humid country, you can expect the summer season to have less rainfall and high temperatures. The summer starts in June and ends in August, but humidity remains constant throughout these months.

The humidity reaches 40-60%, so keep yourself cool to avoid a heat stroke. So if you plan to visit Qatar with your family, pack light and wear lighter clothes. The hotel where you stay will have a swimming pool; utilise it to cool your body.

Winter Season

Although Qatar is warm and humid, it also experiences winter from December to February. During this time, the days and nights are relatively cooler, with the daytime temperature reaching 23 degrees Celsius while at night temperature is 19 degrees Celsius. However, you can expect to feel slightly more than what the temperature shows due to cool breezes.

If you plan to go camping with your family and spend the night in the desert, pack warm clothes as you can expect wind chill across the sand dunes. Around 60% of the rainfall happens in winter, so the temperature tends to drop even lower, so it is better to wear sweaters and arrange a heater in your accommodation.

Spring Season

Although spring is the start of the country’s warm weather conditions, the temperature starts to get warmer in March, even before spring arrives. Spring ends in May when the temperature is about 38 degrees Celsius during the day and 25 degrees Celsius at night.

During this time, you can expect to witness the last of the rainfalls for the cooler season in Qatar. So if you are in the country with your family from March to May, you will see the rainfall season end for the cooler season. You can also experience a good amount of sunshine in spring.

Autumn Season

The Autumn season in Qatar begins in September when the temperature shifts from warmer to cooler. Most parts of Qatar will see a decrease in temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, but Northern Qatar will still feel warm. As a result, the warmer weather conditions require you to wear summer clothes.

The Autumn season does not experience any rainfall, but due to climate change, there have been hail storms. So please pack your clothes considering the change in climate conditions. Many people pack raincoats to be on the safe side.

Best Time to Visit

It is essential to visit the country at that time when it is appropriate to make the most of your family trip to Qatar. This will ensure you can see all the country’s tourist destination spots. Moreover, there are activities that you can only do in a particular month, so it is better to know about the best time to do them. You will also need to consider the places you must visit with your family to deduce the best time to visit Qatar.

So, we will discuss the best time to visit Mexico by destination, location, and time of year.

Best Time to Visit Qatar for Ideal Weather

Qatar primarily has two main seasons: hot summers and mild winters. The winter months in Qatar are from November to March. The average temperature in winters is 17 degrees Celsius which sometimes gets milder. In contrast, the months from April to October are extreme temperatures where the temperature is typically 30 degrees Celsius.

The best time to visit Qatar is from October to March. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and travellers can easily enjoy getting around Qatar. The temperature on these days will be between 18 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. There are great chances of rainfall in December and February. So these months are cooler than the other ones.

Best Time to Visit Qatar for Dune-Bashing

Dune-Bashing is a popular activity in some Arab countries, including Qatar. The sand dunes in Qatar provide travellers with a unique experience of Dune-Bashing. But it is essential to know about the weather conditions before planning to visit the desert. Qatar is a hot country, and its temperature rises to 50 degrees Celsius in summers. With this extreme temperature, it is hard for tourists to enjoy Dune-bashing.

Winters or months with low temperatures, such as from November to April and December to March, are ideal for Dune-Bashing in the deserts of Qatar. These days, the temperature will be around 24 degrees Celsius during the day and 19 degrees Celsius at night. Travellers can enjoy this adventure with their family and friends.

Best Time to Visit Qatar for a Beach Holiday

Qatar is a country that comprises beautiful beaches. Tourists and visitors get great attraction towards these spots. As Qatar has an extreme summer temperature, it will not be a good time for travellers to visit the beaches. The temperature of 13 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius is ideal for swimming and enjoying Qatar beaches with your kids and family. Travellers can enjoy a beach holiday in the winter and spring months.

There are numerous public and private beaches in Qatar, such as Khor al Adaid, Sealine Beach, and Maroona Beach. You can also enjoy sea turtles hatching on Fuwairit Beach. The hatching season starts in April and ends in July. It’s a great time to visit with your kids and involve them in this memorable activity.

Best Time to Visit Qatar on a Budgeted Trip

Qatar is a visiting place for many people on their holidays and tours. The country is filled with tourists between October and April. As the country provides luxury resorts and dining, it isn’t easy to balance an affordable budget.

If you can bear a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, the best affordable time to visit Qatar is between July and August. There are fewer visitors in these months so you can have cheaper hotels and dining. Visitors can also book their trip with discount offers to save money.

Best Time to Visit Qatar for Events

Qatar is a famous country where organising sports events is quite common. The country has been hosting many events for a long time. The events are scheduled according to the weather conditions of the country. Hence, different types of events are held between October and April. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar and will initiate from October to December.

Qatar’s weather remains constant every year so that events can be scheduled on time. A yearly calendar has all the events to be taken in the year. But there are chances of some security issues, weather conditions, or other related problems that can cancel or postpone the events. It’s good to look at the events and their timings so that you can enjoy them easily.

What to Wear in Qatar

Every state and country has its dress code to wear according to its culture, weather, and religion. If you are travelling to any country, you must understand the basic requirements a state or country requires from you. Although, not all countries have strict rules on clothing and dress code. But Qatar expects all citizens, especially tourists, to follow Sharia Law (religious law of Islam) in the country.

So, we will discuss the various clothing items you will need for your stay in Qatar.

Dressing According to the Culture

Packing your clothes for Qatar can be a challenging task. And you can have difficulty in deciding what to wear in Qatar. Not only is the weather hot in Qatar, but you have to follow their religious law. This does not mean you have to pack yourself from head to toe. But there are some basic enforcements that you have to follow in Qatar. They are:

  • Shoulders should not be visible; any top without sleeves is not allowed in Qatar.
  • The knees of both men and women should be covered. It means that you can’t wear shorts in Qatar.
  • Revealing clothes are restricted in Qatar, so women should avoid cleavage on their tour to Qatar.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes in Qatar. It is not restricted or added to the law, but as the weather in Qatar is hot, you will be uncomfortable in tight clothes. Moreover, the people of Qatar wear loose clothes, so it’s good to follow their culture.

Qatar and some other Muslim states also enforce some rules of dress code on all people. These forbidden clothing include revealing clothes, shorts, tank tops, and miniskirts. Qatar expects Tourists and ex-pats to wear modest dresses and care about the sensitivity of their Islamic culture.

Everyday Wear

Qatari women usually cover their heads with a black head cover called “Shayla” so that their hairs are not visible to others. Some women add a niqab with their Shayla to hide their face, and only their eyes are visible. It is not obligatory to wear an abaya in Qatar, but some Qatari women cover themselves up with a black dress called an abaya. The abaya covers their face, hair, shoulders, neck, ankle, and body.

Female tourists can wear clothes of their own choice in Qatar. Several female tourists visiting the country wear skirts and dresses that cover their knees and wear light jackets and t-shirts covering their shoulders. They are not restricted to wearing an abaya. But they must cover their shoulders and knees and avoid revealing clothes to look decent in Qatar.

Qatari men usually wear undershirts and trousers with their cultural dress code called the “thobe.” The thobe is a long white-coloured dress that Qatari men wear as their everyday dress code. They also wear a head scarf called “Ghutra” that covers their whole head. Men tourists are not restricted to wearing these dresses but have to cover their knees and shoulders.

Dressing for the Weather

Qatar is a hot country having a temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius, especially in the hot summer months. Tourists can wear tops with sleeves and long dresses to cover their knees to avoid the hot weather. They can also wear loose clothing to be comfortable in the hot weather.

Light and airy clothes are ideal in Qatar’s hot weather. Qatar’s autumn and winter months are expected to be full of rainfall. So tourists should keep light jackets with them. It would be best to prefer cotton and linen clothes to stay calm in summer.

Business Wear

If you are going to Qatar for a business meeting, be mindful that there is no particular dress code for business people to wear in Qatar. Usually, Qatari people wear suits only at important business meetings and events. Qatari men wear dresses with long sleeves with covered shoulders in their workplace.

In contrast, Qatari women wear skirts or long trousers that cover their knees. Other than skirts and trousers, they can wear dresses of their own choice, but their knees and shoulders should not be visible. Also, they must wear long sleeves tops or shirts that cover their shoulders in the workplace.

Formal Wear and Nightwear

There are no restrictions on clothing in places like hotel bars and clubs for tourists. They can wear dresses of their own choice. But tourists must check their dressing before going out in public places. Their clothes for public places should cover their knees and shoulders.

Qatar is not a country with free availability of alcohol. It is only available in hotel restaurants and bars that have a license. Tourists must have a decent dressing on the streets of Qatar to dine in or spend the night out.

As Qatar is an Islamic country, they follow its religious dress code. In the Holy month of Ramadan, there is a strict restriction on following appropriate dressing for both men and women. Qatar offers religious freedom to its citizens and tourists and does not force them to follow traditional dressing.

About Qatar and People

Qatar’s diverse population comprises people of various faiths and beliefs. More than 88% of people are non-Qatari, and only 12% population are initially Qatari citizens. People outside Qatar have come there for different purposes. Some work there, and some are migrants. The Qatari nation is growing rapidly with its hard-working people. The population of Qatar is divided into communities based on religion, languages, and other related divisions.

So, we will discuss Qatar and its people, giving you invaluable information about the country.


The following are the statistics about Qatar:

  • Qatar has a 2,638,657 million population with a 1.95% annual growth rate.
  • Of the total population, 11.3% are national Qatari people.
  • Of the total population, 88.4% are non-Qatari people, including Egyptians, Filipinos, Indians, and Bangladeshi.
  • Of the total population, 5.6% are Sri Lankan people.

Religious Groups

Qatar has multiple religious groups following their religious practices freely in the country. They are as follows:

  • 67.7% of Muslims
  • 13.8% of Christian
  • 13.8% of Hindus
  • 3.1% of Buddhists

Official Language

Arabic is the official language of Qatar. As Qatar has a diverse population, people need to use English for business and daily usage to communicate with each other. Other than that, Urdu, Hindi, and Tagalog are also spoken by a wide range of foreign workers.

Personality Traits and Stereotypes

The people of Qatar are so rich that the country is globally recognised as one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Additionally, Qataris are famous for their hospitality to visitors. They take great care of others and provide all possible facilities to them.

On the other hand, there is a stereotype that people of Qatar show off with their expensive cards like Land Cruisers. It is true but also Qatari people help their residents and tourists in their journey on sand dunes. They provide their heavy vehicles to get them out of that difficulty.

Culture, Values, and Social Etiquette

Qatari people give much importance to their families. Qatar is a nation where people are close to their families and others who take care of their loved ones. The Qatari people go out with their wives and children for lunch and dinners. Parents and their kids often roam around the streets and restaurants, enjoying quality time.

As Qatar is a Muslim state, people follow Islamic traditions and laws in social affairs. Qatari people expect tourists and visitors to respect Qatar’s culture, traditions, and rules. Great care is involved when someone needs to meet another person of the opposite sex. You should avoid hand-shaking with women; instead, you should wait for them to offer their hand first.

As the people of Qatar are hospitable, their hospitality is evident in meetings and dining places. The group or family gathering hosts try to pay the members’ bills. You can offer your share of the bill, but once they have decided, you cannot defeat them. Hence, treating them with the same respect, they are showing you would be best. This is mainly for all travellers that stay as house guests.


In the past, Qatar has focused on an economy full of knowledgeable people. People of Qatar in the past did not have a good reputation related to their skills and talents. However, now these people are getting skilled in their professions. Qatari youngsters started attending studies in undergraduate programs. Moreover, they are also more focused on having postgraduate education.

Laws and Penalties

If you want to see a country’s culture, you can look at the criminal penalties it offers. Qatar is a country where alcohol is prohibited from drinking or serving except for a few exemptions. Only licensed bars and hotels can provide alcohol consumption. So penalties for alcohol consumption, illegal drug usage, and obscene language are stern in Qatar.

Qatar is a safe place that has less number of criminal activities. But tourists and visitors should have complete registered documents of their country residence and embassy to avoid any worse and harsh situation. Moreover, they can be identified with their legal papers and nationalities, preventing all inconveniences.

Dress, Style, and Fashion

Qatar is an Islamic state that follows Islamic law and traditions. There are strict dress codes for different places, including government buildings, malls, and hotels. People of Qatar have their special dress codes for every day, business meetings and events, night outs, and according to weather conditions.

There are no enforced restrictions on tourists and ex-pats, but they should wear decent dresses. They can wear clothes of their own choice, like dresses with sleeves and lengths that cover their knees. They can wear long skirts, trousers, maxi and shirts with sleeves.

As Qatar has mixed people, there is diversity in clothing, dresses, and fashion. Qatari people balance their dresses with their tradition and style as well. Women wear a long black loose dress called abaya and a black scarf called Shayla to cover their heads. In contrast, Men wear a long white cloth called thobe and a head scarf called Ghutra.

What Do People Do in Their Free Time?

Qatari people spend time with their families and friends on weekends and holidays with their different professions and busy days. Many families prefer to go out for outings and dine at night. Friday is a holiday in Qatar for a massive number of people. People enjoy playing cricket with their friends on Fridays.

Young people of Qatar are often seen in their cars cruising and roaming around the streets. They also spend their leisure time in malls, coffee cafes, and other eateries. The most favourite place for teenagers in Qatar is the Pearl Qatar and the Corniche. You can expect to find a lot of youngsters there with their friends.

Getting Around in Qatar

Qatar is relatively a small size country, so it is easy to get around the country. You will find paved ways and well-maintained roads while roaming around the country. The main transport people use to get around in Qatar is by car. However, since public transports are much improved, people use that too. People prefer public transportation like buses, taxis, rideshares, and metro services. The roads of Qatar are interlinked and will lead to and from one place to another.

So, we will discuss the best ways to use transport to travel around Qatar.


Metro is the best option for getting around in Qatar. It provides a comfortable ride, and you can easily travel around the country. The metro service is available all around Qatar. Gold, Green, Red, and Blue lines cover 300 km. You can buy a travel card at supermarkets and stations. The card is available at the following prices:

  • The standard travel card of $2.75.
  • Gold Club Travel card is $ 27.46.

Taxi and Rideshare

Central Doha is full of traffic and busy roads, and tourists can get stuck in large crowds. The best way to avoid such things and save time is to use public transport. Also, tourists can use taxis and rideshares. Visitors can also rent a car if they want to get around the country by themselves. But they must provide their driving license of at least one year, and their age should be twenty-five or above.

Qatar allows people with business or visits visas to drive for six months if they have an international license. And they can also drive cars in the country with their driving license for fifteen days. People having GCC licenses have the opportunity to drive for three months. If they want to extend their driving time, they need to apply for a driving license that will be a temporary one.

Travellers can also book taxis to get around in Qatar. Karwa application is used for easy booking of a cab in Qatar. Another option for roaming around in Qatar is the availability of rideshares. If you want to avail of rideshare, you must contact Uber and Careem services.

Public Buses

The public buses are cheap and comfortable to avoid heavy traffic and busy roads while getting around in Qatar. It would be best if you had smartcards to use the public buses. You can buy the bus cards at the airport, bus stations, malls, and some merchants.

  • Classic Card: Rechargeable card at $8.24.
  • Limited Card: Available for twenty-four hours at $2.75 for two journeys.
  • Unlimited Card: Available for twenty-four hours at $5.49 for unlimited journeys.

You can use the Karwa Bus application on Android and iOS devices to check the bus schedule, routes, and your card balance.

Cycles and E-Scooters

Qatar is a flat place with a location at sea level. The roads are not bumpy, and you can easily enjoy cycling on the well-maintained roads of Qatar. If you want to have information about cycle paths and other details about cycling, you can contact with Qatar Cycling Federation. The federation will provide you with all the details about cycling paths, roads, adventurous routes, and weather conditions.

Another way to get around in Qatar is using an electric scooter. E-scooters are available within walking distance at almost all places in Doha. You can take e-scooters for rent with an easy process. You need to install the provider’s application, and it will enable you to get around in Qatar quickly.

The Bottom Line

Since you have read about Qatar as a travel destination, as a tourist, you must acknowledge that there are many places of attraction to visit in this country. Qatar has a fantastic cuisine combining different cultures and people of different ethnicities, bringing a unique flavour to all the food items. Qatar is home to many migrants, working-class people who brought dishes from their homeland to this country.

If you go to Qatar, one thing is sure: you will have the time of your life! There are many water parks that you can visit in Qatar, and each place is unique and will offer you the perfect experience as a tourist in the Gulf region. You can educate yourself about Qatari culture by visiting the National Museum or enjoying a peaceful time for a staycation in the desert.

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