Egypt Holidays

A Comprehensive Guide for Families Travelling to Egypt

Egypt is an incredible country with a captivating history that dates back to the dawn of civilization. It is considered the oldest and most unique touristic destination on Earth where visitors come for its charming nature, ancient historical attractions, parks, adventures, activities, and museums.

It has so much to offer and tons to see and do, making it impossible to let you fit it in one trip.

This wonderful country, with its imaginary and various places, has caught tourists’ passion for thousands of years.

Most travellers come to Egypt to view its ancient monuments and tourist sites that merge with its spectacular weather and natural attractions that beckon travellers too.

Introducing Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Egypt in A New Light

Egypt is considered one of the most beautiful touristic destinations for individuals, Partners, and families.

It is not only for people interested in culture or historical places. But also wit ill embrace you with new attractions, adventures, and nightlife with so much to see and do that will fit you, whoever you are and whatever is your taste.

So, if you are scheduling to have a holiday in such a fantastic place, a piece of heaven on Earth and the home of the ancient Pharaohs, keep your eyes peeled on this guide to see the nuggets of gold that no one else can see.

Whether you are a first-time or a return visitor and have been to Egypt, it will enrich your travel experiences and immerse you in everyday life in Egypt.

Here is your guide that will give you a Recognition at a glance of the ten best places to visit in Egypt.


Dahab is one of the most touristic destinations, attracting many tourists annually.

The charming city of Dahab is characterized by many excellent and quiet tourist hotels and beaches known for the purity and beauty of its waters.

Dahab is located on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula and about 81 kilometres northeast of Sharm El Sheikh.

It is situated along the narrow strip of the Red Sea. Another thing to consider is that you can see Saudi Arabia across the Aqaba Gulf.

It grew from a small village for fishers; then, it became famous in the nineties after the Egyptian government gave it special attention and established hotels and tourist villages. However, it still has some Bedouins now.

Every street in Dahab has a style of its own. The atmosphere there is breathtaking, which gives you a positive vibe, from small colourful local shops to beautiful restaurants and cafes adjacent to the sea.


Blue Hole is the most captivating famous diving site in the Red Sea. It considers the first and foremost destination for divers as it is ranked as one of the top diving sites in the whole world.

Many legends and stories surround it. It is nicknamed divers’ cemetery since it has many death cases happened over there over the years.

This fascinating natural phenomenon worth visiting contains infinite blue below coral reefs that you will soon enjoy seeing tons of new Red Sea creatures.

You can choose Snorkel, Dive (if you have a specific number of dives), or take the sights. So if you have a Diving certificate, an unforgettable adventure is granted.


One of the best things to do while in Dahab explores the nearby Abo-Galoum & The Blue Lagoon.

To get to Abo-Galoum, you must take a speed boat directly from the Blue Hole. At Abo-Galoum, you can Snorkel in the colourful Coral reefs and enjoy sea creatures. Then, you must take a car and head to The Blue Lagoon.

Blue lagoon is characterized by its clear and pure waters, and you can, as a visitor, practice snorkelling very quickly, no matter your ability or comfort level in the water. It contains comfortable All-Inclusive touristic hushes that are suitable for spending one day or more.

You will have time to enjoy the sunset and the stars in this magical place. Therefore, it is not a requirement to stay in certain expensive hotels.

Also, sun umbrellas, unique towels, and soft drinks are on the beach.

It also provides means of safety through 24-hour security, fire extinguishers, alarm bells, and cameras to ensure the visitors are safe.

Beware, you must affirm with the driver to come back, pick you up from the blue lagoon, and drop you at Abo-Galoum whenever you need because there is no Network there. Then you can either Hike back to The Blue Hole Dahab or retake a speed boat.


It is one of the most splendid tourist attractions. From the first moment of your visit, you will feel as if you are in a parade, which is even more adorable than the magnificence of the Maldives or the most attractive landmarks in Malaysia or Thailand.

This excellent location is in a city near Dahab Called Nuweiba in South Sinai. A lost tourist treasure featured by its pure Air, far from the hustle and bustle of major crowded towns. That needs to be excavated and discovered.

Bedouin Dinner

You must attend a Bedouin dinner in Dahab or a nearby village at least once. It Will be a great experience with your family or friends.

You can book your Bedouin dinner with various programs to choose from, whether you want to chill beside the fire and eat your fresh grilled meal and stay longer in a single location to unwind or enjoy some Bedouin traditional shows.

Don’t miss a peek at numerous shooting stars once you look up directly after the sun goes down.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing

You will enjoy those adventures, especially over the clear water in The Blue Lagoon.

Scuba Dive

It is a must-do activity in Dahab—learning to dive with the spectacular coral reefs adjacent to the waterfront. With suitable conditions that are perfect for you as a beginner or even a professional.

Water is virgin, clean, and safe from extreme currents and winds. The best time to scuba dive is in Spring or Autumn.

Another thing to be considered is that Diving instructors are Sympathetic, friendly, and passionate about what they do.


Mount Catherine is located at a height of up to 2,642 meters, near the town of Saint Catherine in the South Sinai Governorate, Egypt.

This historical place includes many heritage and religious sites and monuments and is a beautiful painting. It is worth noting that the mountain is the highest peak in Egypt and consists of black volcanic rocks.

On the mountain is a monastery called Saint Catherine’s Orthodox Monastery at the bottom of the hill. The Prophet Moses – peace be upon him – has obtained his plate of ten commandments. Thus, it is one of the most religious locations in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Also, it is named Jabal Musa.

The Christian monastery was founded in the sixth century. It is the oldest Christian monastery that preserved its primary function. Its walls and buildings reflect great importance in studying Byzantine Architecture.

The Hike usually starts around midnight. So, you will be able to reach the top for sunrise. Ideally, you will be in the middle of the clouds during the daylight. It is worth dragging under the Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Egypt.

Recommend doing this adventure in Spring or the beginning of Summer, when it is a little bit warmer.


Siwa Oasis is God’s paradise on his land. It is considered one of the oldest oases in the world, and the Pharaohs called it The Land of Palms.

Siwa Oasis is settled in the Western Desert, 830 km from Cairo and 300 km from the Mediterranean coast. It is in the southwest of the Marsa Matrouh region, which is isolated from the outside world and the development of the world. However, its inhabitants have become a little bit open to many cultures.

Tourists flock to it yearly, especially in the winter, for comfort, relaxation, isolation, and recharging. Also, to enjoy its unique and heritage atmosphere, and without doubt, healing and solitude matter. It is all about the uniqueness in its heritage married to the picturesque nature, where olive and palm trees and underground water springs are paired with some of the historical civilization.

Siwa is famous for Medical Tourism, one of the most important types of tourism in Egypt because it contains sand with therapeutic properties suitable for alternative medicine treatments, rheumatism, arthritis, and spine recovery.

It helps to make sand baths for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, and others.

Moreover, the sand burial process takes place for hospitalization, depending on the tourist’s disease state.

Last but not least, it has a unique desert which lists it as one of the best places to visit in Egypt. That’s why Siwa is favourable for its Safari trips for oasis visitors.


Alexandria is a leading Mediterranean port city that remains one of the oldest attractions in Egypt, and it is nicknamed The Bride of The Mediterranean. Also, it is the second-largest city after the capital city of Cairo. Thus, whoever does not book a trip to Alexandria will miss the experience of a lifetime to get acquainted with the city of art and literature.

Attractions in Alexandria:


It is one of the largest significant libraries in the ancient and modern world. Also, it is a famous international landmark that visitors to the city must pass through from Arab and foreign academic researchers, which makes it one of the essential attractions in Alexandria.

Also, you can visit the audio-visual materials library, which includes several media of different types, audio and visual, that cover various topics, such as educational, cultural, religious, and cinematic topics. There are also recordings of conferences, concerts, art, and exhibitions in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.


visiting Alexandria in the summer is a must to enjoy a memorable beach holiday with your family and friends away from the hot weather.

North Coast has many of the most beautiful Villages and tourist destinations with an unparalleled view of the buildings, restaurants, and cafes adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea, Especially the new Alamein city. Also, each village differs in the services available and features. You can choose according to services, features, spaces, prices, and waterpark games availability.


Alexandria is famous for its pharaonic monuments, ancient tombs, temples, and theatres, which you can, fortunately, visit in one day due to the short distance between them.

Qaytbay Citadel

It is one of the most beautiful military castles in the Mediterranean. The sultans and governors of Egypt took care of it throughout the historical ages. It is located on the far western side of Alexandria. When you reach the top, you will feel like you are at the end of the city. The sea in front of you and the whole of Alexandria is in the back.

Al-Sawary column

It is considered one of the most famous monuments in the city.

The Roman Theater

 It is located in the city centre, specifically in the Kom El-Dikka area. It was constructed in the 4th century AD. The theatre used to host huge ceremonies and events.

The Royal Jewelry Museum

It is located in the Zizinia area. Its establishment dates back to 1919 AD and contains the jewellery of the royal families that ruled Egypt once before.

The Greco-Roman Museum

It dates back to 1892 by Khedive Abbas II. It contains an extensive collection of antiquities dating back to the Ptolemaic and Roman eras.

The Alexandria National Museum

It is located on Fouad Street in the city’s heart and contains more than 1,800 pieces. These pieces cover the town’s history from the Roman era through the modern era.

Coming to the fun part, Alexandria is known for the Alexandrian liver, which is cooked unusually. The liver is added to the oil with slices of cayenne pepper and served with lemon.

Moreover, they are also famous for fresh Sea-Food, such as mullet fish, shrimps, crabs, and many more, served deliciously and differently. Therefore, you can’t visit Alexandria without having a fresh meal and enjoying the vibes, whether in high-end or low-budget restaurants either by the edge of the sea like Ebn-Hamido and Fish Market restaurant or on port view like Zapherion restaurant.


Aswan Governorate includes several necessary cultural and archaeological monuments, wherever complete museums and temple units are still well preserved.

Aswan came from the ancient Egyptian word Soun, which means market. Aswan earned its popular name because it was a strategic southern entryway. In addition to its notable Medical Tourism that treats several skin diseases.

Tourism in Aswan is not only limited to ancient monuments but also many important Aswan landmarks such as lots of natural scenery, splendid waterfalls, and the High Dam. That’s why Aswan is considered one of Egypt’s ten best places to visit In Egypt.

Attractions in ASWAN:


The temple’s construction dates back to the third century BC for worshipping the god Isis.

Then the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine periods followed it. Every era left its stamp on the temple’s walls, where the visitant sees several immense columns with beautiful drawings.

As for reaching the temple, it’ll be through an incredible boat trip on the Nile River, during which plenty of pictures of the charming landscapes are taken.


King Ramses II built these temples in 1244 BC. The great temple is devoted to him and is flat-topped by four vast sculptures of the king. At the feet of the statue, there are small statues representing the king’s sons, his wife, and his mother.

The temple witnesses two critical events repeated every year. They attracted thousands of tourists to watch the sun pass over the face of the king’s sculpture, concurrently with the day that the king’s born and the day of his coronation on the throne.

The small temple is devoted to Queen Nefertari, King Ramses II’s wife, and the goddess Hathor’s worship. Its construction is comparable to the creation of the large one. These temples symbolize the greatness of the ancient Egyptians and their abilities in design and ingenious engineering implementation.


Kom Ombo was built on the bank of the Nile to worship the gods Horus. For a group of sculptures with a special sanctity for the ancient Egyptians.

What grants a special privilege to this landmark, its historical position, and is one of the factors that attract tourists to Aswan is the way to reach this temple.

 Recommended sailing on Nile cruises to get it with all the wonder the tourist passes through, which deserves registration through Memorial shots.


The Nubian civilization has often differed from the ancient Egyptian civilization in the lifestyle and distinctive character of clothing and food. Besides the design and decoration of homes and the use of the surrounding environment materials in building their own homes to reach complete harmony and provide a healthy, refreshing, and self-conditioned atmosphere away from the heat.

These simple things will attract you powerfully, and you will be happy to have a wonderful time in the company of cheerful people. As for Nubians, people are so friendly and have overwhelming great hospitality.

Trying the Nubian clothes, the famous Nubian food, and handmade accessories is a must. They have specific traditions that are different from the rest of Egypt. so it deserves to be included among the best places to visit in Egypt.


Aswan Market is a colourful bazaar, the cheapest place to buy everything, including spices and souvenirs in Aswan. That includes a lot of local Egyptian goods. The bazaar is located near the Nile River and parallel to it.

Traders Also sell a wide range of goods such as perfumes, peanuts, henna powder, dried hibiscus flowers, spices, various types of Aswan’s notable dates, famous Nubian shirts, and Egyptian-style souvenirs. Also, you will find merchants selling imitation Nubian artefacts such as hats, amulets, baskets, Sudanese swords, and carpets.

Other significant sites you will visit in Aswan are the High Dam, Unfinished Oblisk, Nubian Museum, Elephantine Island, Temple of Khnum, Temple of Kalabsha, and Nile Museum.


Luxor is the most historical place on Earth. They settled along the Nile River in the south of Egypt.

The city of history has a rare collection of historical archaeological sites dating back thousands of years. However, most monuments are still in their original condition and preserved very well.

Once upon a time, Luxor was part of ancient Thebes, which ruled for 1,350 consecutive years from 2100 BC to 750 BC. It was the capital of Egypt and the hub of power and wealth.

You can enjoy the ancient attractions, picturesque nature, and also the purity and beauty of the waters of the Nile flowing in the centre of the country from south to north along the east and west banks. Also, you can choose to stay on the east or west banks as you can easily take a ferry to the east or west bank if you want.

Attractions in LUXOR:


Hundreds of tombs are considered the true hidden jewel in Luxor, dating back to the sixth dynasty in 2300 BC. Tombs there are filled with hieroglyphs that will immerse you in ancient daily life.


it is located on the east bank. It was mainly built by the pharaoh Ramses II and Amenhotep III in the 14th century BC. However, it is preserved very well as a popular tourist attraction.

You can visit it day or night. But it’s most beautiful at night as the lights shine perfectly on the enormous sculptures and ancient hieroglyphs. When you walk through the main entrance, you will be blown away by the beauty of this place.


Hatshepsut is one of the most inspiring temples in Luxor. It’s hugely massive and stands alone under a giant mountain. The temple was built for a powerful woman Pharaoh in Egypt, who ruled for about 21 years.


Biking allows you to stay away from the crowds, explore the lesser-known areas, and enjoy many attractions at your own pace. It is also relaxing next to the palm trees and sugar cane fields with your family or friends.


The best thing to do in Luxor is to explore the impressive world-famous Karnak. This place includes more than a temple and is a mix of sanctuaries, towers, and obelisks. Finally, all of this beauty combines with a breathtaking experience with The Sound and Light Show in this beautiful Karnak temple when you come in the evening.


This temple is the largest temple used to commemorate the memory of king Ramses III in the past. It covers a large area of ​​320 meters from the east to the West and 200 m in width from north to south. The colours give an inside look into what all temples must have looked like. Moreover, it is a little bit quieter than the other temples in Luxor.


This historical site is located in a beautiful setting in the Thebes mountains. The Valley almost has 62 magnificent royal tombs of the kings who ruled Egypt from 1500 BC until 1000 BC. Each of them has its style and identity. It is a heavily visited area, so be sure to go in the early morning to enjoy the rich colours, designs, and creativity without the exposure to any crowds.


We are reaching the peak of the fun part by taking a Hot Air Balloon ride. What makes it so unique is seeing the temples, tombs, and fields from above at sunrise while listening to the history of Luxor during the flight.

Recommend watching the Inauguration of the Rams (Al-Kebash) Road on YouTube. It was a grand inauguration that embraced the whole world. It links Luxor temple with the Karnak Temple. The Rams Road consists of stone pavement in the middle along the road, lined with approximately 1,300 statues of a whole ram. In Ancient Egypt, the ram symbolizes the god Amun, the god of the Karnak temple. Back then, they used it while Opet Festival, the King’s Coronation Day, and various national holidays.

Nile Cruise You must try A Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan at least once.

Like a floating resort from Luxor to Aswan, a Nile Cruise is one of the most satisfactory ways to glimpse Egypt’s ancient history. Most Nile cruises in Egypt go-between Luxor and Aswan and take 3 to 5 days Maximum.

You will have time to de-stress on the pool, feast in the eatery, and make significant temple stops. You will enjoy watching the Nile Valley while relishing tours to some of Egypt’s most remarkable age-old temples and tombs.


Tourism in the city of Cairo is a beautiful place full of dazzling recreational, cultural and historical tourist places paired together. It is one of the fantastic tourist cities in Egypt, famous for its overall atmosphere and crowded day and nightlife, where cafes and the Corniche are teeming with visitors coming to enjoy watching the Nile in the evening.

Attractions in CAIRO:


NMEC is the first and foremost Museum dedicated to the entirety of Egyptian civilization, where its artifacts will tell the stages of the development of Egyptian society and displays the most significant achievements of Egyptian culture.

Its area reached more than 140,000 square meters, which allows it to accommodate nearly 50,000 artifacts that tell the stages of the development of Egyptian civilization from the dawn of history until this modern era. Besides, six other exhibitions dealing with topics: like civilization, the Nile, writing, state, society, culture, beliefs, and ideas, in addition to the exhibition of royal mummies, will summarize Egyptian civilization from prehistory to the modern era. It presents Egyptian culture through artifacts, models, multimedia screens, and graphic panels.

Also, they are dedicated to presenting an archaeological presentation of the Egyptian capital through different eras, as it offers images and models of ancient Egyptians through multimedia devices and several documentaries; the floor of the hall displays a maquette explaining the idea of the capital and its relationship to Egypt’s geography.

In 2020, Egypt hosted the most captivating, memorable parade in history. It was the most significant event in the middle east in 2021 of the relocation of 18 kings and four queens of Royal Ancient Egyptian Mummies from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.


The Coptic Museum is considered one of the world’s largest museums that include Coptic antiquities.

It opened in 1910. The Coptic Museum dates back thousands of years and is an architectural masterpiece.

The Coptic Museum has established in 1910 AD. It is found within the borders of the Roman fortress of Babylon, considered one of the most famous and significant surviving monuments of the Roman Empire in Egypt.

The reason for establishing the Museum is to collect old antiquities and documents that will help to enrich the study of Coptic art in Egypt.


The Mall of Egypt overlooks the western half of Greater Cairo. It is considered one of Cairo’s most essential and famous shopping and entertainment destinations because it hosts the best and most prominent local and international brands. This vast edifice contains various services, entertainment centres, shopping centres, and an exceptional food court beside the VOX Cinemas, which includes 21 cinema halls with multiple specifications and shows.

While walking through the entrance, you will find a vast parking space, followed by the dancing fountain. Light and water show harmoniously with different musical pieces that make you feel happy wherever you enter the mall.

Now you can skip to the good part…


Let us find some penguins in Egypt. Sky Egypt is an artificial ski slope that closely simulates the atmosphere of the North Pole, where you can go inside and live the experience on the real snow.

Also, try the Tube Run adventure, and you can join your kids in making the best memories inside the tube run lanes.

Grab the Polar Express, stroll around the vast city, and see the various adventures and activities.

It has a real penguin show that seems the most fun part of your adventure. You can see those penguins and take tons of memorable photos as a part of your Skii Experience.

They give you the clothes, ski boards, helmets, and necessary equipment. Also, you can ask for help, and the instructors will gladly help you if you’re trying to skate for the first time in case you have never tried skiing.


Monkey Maze creates a new experience that combines entertainment and education simultaneously. Your child will not feel bored inside the Monkey Maze halls because it includes the latest kinetic games and productive activities. Those games develop children’s awareness, helps them explore the world around them, and train them on many essential skills to control their behaviour in some everyday matters.

The nature of the place, in general, is divided into several halls suitable for different ages of children, starting from 6 months. A specialized team supervises and assists the children with the most significant degree of awareness in understanding the nature of the activities and the child’s reaction to each of them. The goal is not only to waste time but to keep the child safe and develop his skills.


 “Let’s have fun.” I think that this slogan is the most appropriate for the nature of the theme park Magic Planet.

The leading arcade includes hundreds of activities and exceptional adventures, whether you are a fan of excitement, movement, or even calm. Whatever you are, you will find many activities that satisfy your aspirations and ensure that you enjoy your time.

Try a video game and enjoy the virtual world in video game halls equipped with the latest devices and technologies, or go for car games and competitions and compete with your friends.

Lastly, don’t forget to explore the soft play halls and discover the true joy of running amidst the world of colourful pillows.


Call of Duty Warzone is known as the PUBG Mall of Egypt. It is a simulation video game similar to the PUBG game.

You can find a unique hall for the game that has been equipped in the Mall of Egypt to help visitors reach maximum fun levels. Every few months brings more exciting adventures and more fun features.


 This experience is a new activity that has gained wide popularity among mall visitors. The game is summarized in the fact that it is a spacious room in which there is zero gravity to experience through it another meaning of freedom and unrestricted movement. There are many ideas and memories that you can capture during your visit to the zero-gravity halls.


Khan Al-Khalili is one of the old districts of Cairo. Thus, It is a great tourist attraction for visitors to Cairo and Egypt. It is characterized by the presence of famous bazaars, shops, and restaurants. It is also indicated by many tourists and its residents’ habits.

Khan Al-Khalili is one of the ancient markets in the Middle East. It was established 600 years ago, and its original architecture has remained unaffected from the Mamluk era until now. It is one of the best tourist markets in the city of Cairo.

When you pass the entrance of Khan Al-Khalili, you must look at the rest of the (MASHRABYA) overlooking the street or the lane and beautiful fountains with copper facades.

Khan Al-Khalili is featured by many of its shops that are adjacent to each other perfectly. The undeniable fact is that everything the tourist wants to buy from Cairo is sold, starting with imitation Pharaonic artefacts with outstanding craftsmanship and accuracy.

The traditional and heritage crafts and handicrafts include carpets, crystals, gold and silver jewellery, and Pharaonic amulets.

You can see metallic artefacts like Gold, Copper, and silver. Plus, finely imitation Pharaonic artefacts, handicrafts, various stones and accessories, and leather goods. In addition to natural herbs and coloured lamps made of stained glass, municipal glass. Also, hookah (Arabic hookah) has become one of the most famous off-shoots of Khan Al-Khalili.

In Khan Al-Khalili, Egypt, there is a place dedicated to leather and copper products and historical accessories such as swords, helmets, and belts. The prices of these products range according to their sizes and luxury.

Ideally, you can buy souvenirs imported from Sudan and OUD perfumes from Saudi Arabia. Besides the papyrus that bears drawings, hieroglyphic words, amulets, icons, lyric poems, and inscriptions that tell the story of Isis and Osiris. There are various swimming pools, including those made with olive seeds and plastic.

You can visit Khan Al-Khalili All days of the week from early morning until the evening after midnight. Except for Friday, it is closed for two hours, For the (Friday prayers), from 11 am until 1 pm.

Pharaoh’s Baths

It is one of the infrequent tourist places in Egypt that many people can resort to for therapeutic purposes, as it is located in the land of the Sinai turquoise, which is located approximately 250 kilometers from Cairo and is found in the form of a mountain cave that is visited by an enormous number of tourists to recover from skin diseases, as it abounds sulfur water.

The capital city of Egypt, which never sleeps, contains many landmarks and facilities. Here you will have unforgettable that you will tell a story when you return to your home.


When you reach the top of the tower, you see all the landmarks of Cairo, most notably the Nile River and Salah El-Din Citadel.

Do not deprive yourself of eating in the restaurants at the top of the tower or enjoying your meal while staring at the whole city of Cairo from a different position.


Located in the primary centre of Cairo, it regularly hosts several cultural events and shows, including performances by the Al-Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troupe. So don’t miss Catch a Show There.


Also, try to enjoy dinner while watching a show. A dinner cruise down the Nile is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic day of sightseeing. You can take a Nile boat with your friends or family and spend a beautiful night skimming over the water in the middle of the Nile.

Chefs prepare a luxury dinner from fresh ingredients, offering a delicious warm-up to Egyptian cuisine.

The Nile’s floating eateries also feature entertainment like belly dancing, traditional music, and folklore shows. Dinner cruises are simultaneously relaxing and engaging, making them a vacation classic.


 The Egyptian Opera House regularly presents several artistic and musical concerts and a series of films, music, singing, and plays.

The opera is located in the downtown area, and you can go to it by subway; there is more than one cultural centre, many bands, and more than one theatre.

No need to mention that Egypt is one of the ideal destinations to party hard until the sun rises.

There are numerous nightclubs, local bars, restaurants, cafes, and more things to do in Egypt that will keep you entertained All night.


Giza is one of the Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Egypt. That allows you to uncover better about Egypt’s culture and history.

You can find different chronological and contemporary museums besides the great pyramids, one of the world’s oldest seven wonders.

Attractions in GIZA:


The Grand Egyptian Museum is viewed as one of the most extensive museums in the whole world. It is designed to be a cultural, touristic, entertainment complex and a center for scientific research to be a worldwide destination for archaeological researchers.

This Museum was constructed in a privileged location between the pyramids and modern Cairo; it holds nearly 100,000 antiques, which were shown to the world for the first time.

Moreover, the stores, a modern cinema, several shops, restaurants, cafeterias, and open squares are appropriate for holding cultural and entertainment events with an incredible view of the panorama of the pyramids.​


Giza pyramids are the only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The Great Pyramid is the pyramid of Khufu, followed by a few hundred meters in the southwest, the pyramid of Khafre, is slightly smaller than the main pyramid of Khufu, which back to Egypt’s Old Kingdom era and was constructed 4,500 years ago.

As for the relatively modest pyramid, the pyramid of Menkaure is also on the same path a few hundred meters away. However, one of the Great Sphinx is located in the eastern region.

The astronomical mysteries related to the pyramids are one of the most fundamental reasons that caused the great notoriety of the pyramids. Hence, the pyramids were built so that their angles accurately indicated the four directions. Then scientists found astronomical messages that determine the distance between the Earth and the sun and the path of the moon’s orbit around the Earth.

Also, they are located in the same order as the three most giant stars in the belt of Gemini. Likewise, the “Sphinx” is directed to be facing the sign of Leo during a certain period of the year.

That’s why Ellon Musk said, “The Aliens built the Great pyramids.”

The pyramid’s sound and light show is a Worthy history class. It will get you to know more about the greatness of the pharaohs and their engineering ingenuity and take you back to life at the very spot where history was assembled.


The village is a natural island in the Nile, 5 kilometres from the centre of Cairo. The staff dressed as the ancient Egyptians and carried out work such as agriculture, industry, the practice of the religious rites of the Pharaohs, and their daily affairs, using replica models of the tools of the ancients. The village also includes several museums and a replica model from the tomb of Tutankhamun.

You can move with the floating boat in artificial water channels surrounding the Pharaonic Village.

Also, you will get enlightened with ancient history and information about the papyrus plant and the methods of manufacturing it and turning it into paper.

The village includes many museums, such as the Museum of Pharaonic Boats, the Museum of Mummification and Ancient Egyptian Medicine, and the Museum of Arts and Beliefs. Egypt was under Greek and Roman rule.

Moreover, An overview of the methods of mummification, pottery, glass, and weapons, and information on agriculture, irrigation, and hunting methods for the Pharaohs. In addition to the ways of drawing and writing hieroglyphs.

Ideally, you will hear and watch this formation in representative scenes that simulate ancient life. To bring the picture closer and imitate the ancient Egyptians and their lives details.


Saqqara is one of the most significant archaeological areas in Egypt. It includes tombs whose walls are covered with reminders of incredible beauty and magnificence.

Saqqara cemetery is also the only cemetery in Egypt that includes tombs from the beginning of Egyptian history to its end and many monuments from the Greek and Roman periods.

The most important monuments of Saqqara can be referred to by splitting the area into sectors;

The northern sector includes the crucial tomb of “Kabar,” the cemetery of “Hassi Ra,” and the vaults excavated in the ground designated to bury the ibis after Its embalming.

The middle sector where King “Zosser” ‘s funeral group is inside the great wall. In the middle is the stepped pyramid, the first pyramid built of stone by the architect “Imhotep” And the pyramid of King “Userkaf,” the first king of the Fifth Dynasty.

The pyramid sector of Teti includes the pyramid of “Titi,” the first king of the Sixth Dynasty, and the pyramids of his two wives, besides a group of state tombs, such as the cemetery of “Mari Roca.” Ptolemaic.

The pyramid and social sector include the Wanis pyramid and its hierarchical group. The tomb of Shepseskaf is known as the Mastaba of Pharaoh.


This small village is the residence of some a little bit known pyramid. You won’t find a massive number of people like the Giza complex or Saqqara there.

Highlights include the unusually-shaped Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid, both constructed during the control of Pharaoh “Sneferu” (2613-2589 BC).

The North Pyramid is the oldest true pyramid in Egypt because it has no steps or bends.

The Black Pyramid of “Amenemhat III” is another sight enjoyed from the Bent Pyramid’s base. It is an unfamiliar-looking mound of dark rock.


The Egyptian Museum is one of the globe’s most significant museums of the ancient past and one of its great wonders. Here, the treasures of Tutankhamun lie alongside the grave goods, mummies, jewelry, eating bowls, and playthings of ancient Egyptians whose names are lost to history, which is correspondingly among the Museum’s priceless artefacts.


Prince Mohamed Ali built it between 1901 and 1929. This palace complex accommodates six structures, including a hunting museum belonging to the late King Farouk, the prince’s residence, furnishings, and a beautiful garden.

Don’t forget to add these extraordinary places to visit in Egypt, specifically Giza, to your program.


The pilgrimage continues when you head to Sharm El Sheikh, a desert hideaway town on the Sinai Peninsula along the Red Sea.

This beautiful part of Egypt is the type of place you want to escape reality, relax, and hang out by the beach doing a bunch of fun activities.

It is one of the warm cities in Egypt somewhat. Consequently, it is preferable to travel to Sharm el-Sheikh as it is winter and not a summer resort. Visitors rated the best times in the months from November to April.

The eclectic marine life and hundreds of coral reef zones in the Red Sea make Sharm El Sheikh a tempting city for divers and tourists as it contains a capacity for first-class resorts and luxurious nightlife.

Attractions in SHARM EL SHEIKH:


You can purchase many souvenirs for family and friends in the old market, where the shops vary between bags and leather shoes, colourful accessories, summer clothes, and others. Hence, it is an excellent spot to find any gifts you want.

Also, the old market area provides a space for theatrical performances, which various groups can attend throughout the year. You can enjoy circus shows, magic, dance, folk arts, and more with friends.

You can visit it Every week from 9.00 am to 11.00 pm.


Ras Muhammad is the most beautiful place on Earth, highlighting its environmental treasures and natural resources. It stresses that this picturesque Egyptian spot deserves to be described as “God’s Paradise on Earth.”

A picturesque desert spot confined between the waters of two gulfs in South Sinai

Ras Mohammed has located about 12 km from Sharm El Sheikh, at the Gulf of Suez intersection, which connects it to the east. And the Gulf of Aqaba, which connects it to the West, and its eastern edge represents a rocky wall with the waters of the Gulf where coral reefs are located.

The reserve was named by this name, As it appears on the map as a triangular head whose base consists of mountain ranges in southern Sinai. In contrast, others say it looks like a man’s head with a large beard, with its water and land parts, so it was called the “Ras Muhammad Protectorate.

It is denoted by coral beaches located in the depths of the watery ocean and its richness with rare aquatic life, colourful fish, and endangered sea turtles.

Ras Mohammed is also the world’s third most crucial diving site. It includes more than 12 beaches that combine three environments in an impressive variety of marine algae and coral reefs. Fish – significantly – the brightly coloured Picasso fish, making it a destination for world divers.


Soho Square is one of the most important and famous tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh. It is a great tourist attraction because it includes many entertainments suitable for all ages. In addition to the dancing fountain, it is one of the most beautiful dancing fountains in Egypt.

You can visit it and enjoy a large number of activities. Specifically, the theater is characterized by the presentation of concerts by the most famous Arab and foreign singers, various entertainment programs from Arab and foreign teams, and a skating rink on the ice.


It Is One of the multiple famous sightseer interests in Sharm El Sheikh.

It is one of the best spots to spend a fun evening with your family and take many beautiful pictures.

Hollywood Sharm is located on El Salam Road, 5 minutes from Naama Bay.

In Hollywood, there are life-size models of extinct animals such as dinosaurs in all their forms and many different animals.

The Dancing Fountain distinguishes Hollywood Sharm, considered the largest and most beautiful dancing fountain in Sharm El Sheikh.

It holds many shops selling clothes, gifts, and carpets. In addition, multiple restaurants and cafes directly overlook the open theatre. Offer many fun entertainment programs such as belly dancing, Tanoura, folk dance, singing, and dancing from foreign teams, besides the 7D cinema.


Swimming with Dolphins in Sharm El Sheikh. Enjoy swimming with these gorgeous, intellectual creatures up close in a massive pool. Hence you can live this experience for up to 30 minutes; you can swim, kiss, hug, contact, sing and play with them.


Neama Bay is the active tourist centre of Sharm El Sheikh. This natural bay is located at the confluence of the continents of Asia and Africa.

It holds plenty of hotels of different levels, starting from three to five stars.

It is the main centre for attracting tourists to Sharm El-Sheikh. It includes All the tourist complexes, markets, and restaurants of various kinds, in addition to many nightclubs to attract tourists.

Other worthy activities must try in Sharm El Sheikh

Scuba Diving

Sharm El Sheikh is home to great local diving and great wrecks, walls, and reefs; it’s all here. Some sites experience strong currents, making them unsuitable for beginners, but a rich, swirling dive of color and life for those a little more advanced.

Sand Buggy Safari

Experience across the desert and peaks of Sharm el-sheik at sunrise or sunset.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing in Sharm El-Sheikh is the best activity in Sharm El Sheikh.

Parachute Wind Surfing

This parachute windsurfing adventure across the surface of the red sea is one of the newest activities in Sharm El Sheikh.

Quad Bike Safari

Quad Biking Safari by Sunrise or Sunset While Enjoying the Bedouin Tea. It is a fabulous adventure that all the family can merge to cross the Sinai desert for 3 hours on a quad bike from Sharm El Sheikh at sunrise or sunset trip.


 You will see some beautiful blue, crystal clear water with coral reefs. And you can also see Dolphins in the distance and take some memorable photos under the water.

Private Boat Renting

 You can go to cool snorkelling spots. You will have exceptional prices when you do things that usually cost ten times as much back in your country.

Sharm El Sheikh’s nightlife is dazzling due to the expansive capacity of bars, local and international nightclubs, and discos that manage parties and themed nights daily. And more, cocktails at sunset, beach parties with DJ, lounge bars and clubs with live music: impossible not to have fun! Consequently, these noteworthy sites you must visit in Egypt.


Tourism in Hurghada is one of the attractive tourist areas in Egypt. It is marked by the diversity of its tourist attractions, including monuments, resorts, parks, markets, and different tourist activities. Thus, it is an ideal destination for family, friends, and even honeymooners.

Hurghada includes many luxury resorts and apartments that vary according to their luxury and level of service.

And its waters and offshore have some of the world’s most pleasant diving and snorkeling zones.

Likewise, in all the red sea Egyptian cities, Hurghada has sub-tropical desert weather with scorching. However, Hurghada is a little bit cooler than Sharm El Sheikh.

Dry summers and warm winters offer year-round sunshine. For the most comfortable temperatures, travel starting from October to April for an ideal combination of warmth and guaranteed sun.

Attractions in HURGHADA

Sea World Hurghada

The sea world Hurghada is considered one of the most important tourist places in Hurghada, which topped the list of tourist best places to visit in Egypt—created to meet all modern requirements to preserve the life of marine animals.

Hurghada Aquarium

The Hurghada grand aquarium is the foremost Hurghada Aquarium that has been dedicated in the area for a more oversized picture, as it includes a small zoo established on the fossils of the Western Desert. It consists of 24 shows, including the Shark Tunnel, the Rainforest, and Whale Valley.

Hurghada Sand Museum

The Sand City Hurghada Museum is one of Hurghada’s most well-known tourist attractions.

This Museum is the foremost of its style in North Africa and the Middle East, which contains 42 statues made by 42 international sculptors.

Giftun Island

Giftun Island is located near the city of Hurghada. It is characterized by its beaches with fine sand, surrounded by diving areas.

This island is regarded as one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Hurghada. The island includes about 14 diving sites, outstanding natural attractions, and captivating beaches.


Sakala is one of the most important tourist places in Hurghada. as it is the heart of the city.


Sahl-Hashish is one of the numerous influential tourist spots in Hurghada. You can spend the most beautiful moments watching the clear sea and enjoying the blue sky and soft sand.

In addition to Swimming under the sea, you can dive underwater and see the Pharaonic Valley, the first of its kind for diving tourism lovers, and many water games for children.

It is located in the south, 25 km from Hurghada. It contains many luxury resorts and hotels, recreational facilities, including golf courses, and a pharaonic underwater city, the first of its kind for diving tourism enthusiasts.


Makadi Water World is an enormous entertainment park that occupies fourth place among the top 10 amusement parks in the Middle East. Where allows you to shift between more than 50 games, some at high altitudes, some suitable for young children. Some are better for adults., one of the best places to visit in Egypt.

Also, you can enjoy the open swimming pool and distinctive sandy beach of the best and most unique amusement park of its kind in Egypt.


El Gouna has located 20 km from Hurghada and is characterized by its depressions, islands, and winding water channels.

The town has its airport, 18 hotels and resorts from international chains, over one hundred restaurants and bars, two championship golf courses, three marinas, one of the best hospitals in the country, and even its award-winning winery. The architectural character of El Gouna is characterized by its green neighbourhoods.

El Gouna’s most famous neighbourhoods are the Arab, Islamic, Indian, Mediterranean, and African. There are also many luxury hotels and resorts in El Gouna.

Fun specialities to do in Gouna

It will help you explore all the famous and hidden spots of El Gouna. Sliders Cable Park is the only playground in Egypt and one of the world’s largest cable parks. It is an excellent place for family and friends where everyone can perform many water activities like wakeboarding, waterskiing, knee boarding, and Fly in the Air with a Jet-lev Flyer. It also includes a slide tower, jungle bar, cliff, trampoline, pillars, balance beams, overly powerful obstructions, and much more.

Stand up Paddling or Kayaking where everyone can easily paddle or kayak along the Red Sea’s surface of its magical waters.

Play Golf in Gouna in the most pleasing golf game experience accompanied by a magical view across the red sea.

Playing with dolphins and magical Swimming with the angelic humans of the sea in the beautiful waters of El Gouna is one of the most entertaining things to do.

Quad biking in the desert, camel ridings, horse riding, and enjoying bedouin dinners riding a quad bike or quad car or a camel or horse around the desert to the heart of the ethical bedouin culture ARE THE MOST exciting adventures that will cheer you up.

On fishing Tours, you will get to a bunch of the beautiful and delicious sea creatures and cook them straight away on your boat under the incredible skies of El Gouna with the most pleasant weather.

Enjoy Marina’s festival where many international bands perform a live concert on the open ground under a delightful atmosphere.

Try Scuba diving and snorkelling to cross the borders between reality and fiction in the lovely Zeytuna beach, Mangroovy beach, Mood’s coast, and many more containing rare marine life of beautiful sea creatures.

The nightlife of El Gouna is a magical chance to reach the highest state of joy and excitement. At the same time, YOU experienced all the places filled with the most fantastic hotspots and the almost fantastic atmosphere along the red sea’s seaside. There are various great clubs, discos, and bars in El Gouna filled with creative music, incredible drinks, restaurants, and bars for creating a fun, memorable time.

Best food to try in Egypt as a tourist

Egypt is wealthy in multiple favourite restaurants with an infinite portion of choices; thus, you will always be shocked at the selection and quality you can find.

When Egyptian food is mentioned, the dishes of beans, Falafel, and koshary come to mind. However, many don’t know that there are tons of food items with a long history that extends back thousands of years in each Egyptian city.


Koshary is one of the most famous Egyptian popular dishes, and you must eat it if you visit Cairo. This dish, including Koshary, is one of the most famous Egyptian dishes. It consists of pasta, rice, fried onions, tomatoes, and chickpeas.

Koshary is a low-cost, high-calorie meal with oxidized vegetable oils due to the growth that provokes a healthy amount of health around the meal.

It’s always served with garlic sauce.

Tamiya or Falafel

Falafel is traditionally done with whole eggs, cheese, eggplant, and bread. Standard Falafel is made with chickpeas.

It is also one of the best foods to try in Egyptian Egypt. Fried Falafel is sold with delicious bean sandwiches, crispy potatoes, Baba Ghanoush salad, and fried eggplant. So, allow yourself to try it when you visit Egypt so that you do not regret them.


Mahshi is one of the famous and favoured food in Egypt. There are many types of it, such as vine leaves, cabbage, eggplant, zucchini, and tomatoes filled with a unique mixture of sauce, rice, and spices.


Egyptian molokhia is one of the most beautiful foods you will eat in your life, as no one can resist the taste, flavour, and lovely smell of molokhia, in addition to the cravings made from the molokhia dish the most exquisite taste.

Liver Sandwiches

Don’t forget to eat the unique liver sandwiches from Al Prince Restaurant in Egypt. You will find a fantastic seasoning for the liver and a taste that you will not taste in any other country.

Om Ali

A dessert recipe rich in nuts of all kinds, characterized by a layer of puff pastry soaked in syrup, can be replaced with toast or croissants, covered with a layer of cream, and baked in the oven.

Egyptian Fattah

Fattah is a famous dish in the Middle East; however, each country has its unique taste.

Egyptian Fattah is essentially a dish of multiple layers of crunchy bread, followed by Egyptian white rice, followed by mutton meat most of the time. Then a garlicky, spiced tomato sauce draws it all together.

Egyptian food in Egypt is often mouthwatering, but taking care of your stomach is unacclimatized.

Is Egypt a safe holiday destination?

Yes, you don’t need to ask whether Egypt is a safe holiday destination or not. Ideally, Egypt is a relatively safe country to travel to alone, with friends, or with your family. And it is nearly crime-free, especially nowadays.

Honestly, there is no specific advice warning against most holiday destinations, and accidents are negligible compared with the many tourist countries. one thing to consider is you are generally safe hanging out day or night.

But beware of pickpocketing, bag and purse snatching, or scammers while visiting old, religious, and historical attractions.

Transportation in Egypt 2022

The best effective and efficient way to move around from one city to another is by Air flight. This service is provided mainly by Egypt Air.

Also, you can travel between some cities by the Nile Cruise; you can travel between Cairo, Port Said, Luxor, Aswan, Safaga, and so on! due to the presence of the Suez Canal, which is a significant waterway that links the Mediterranean and the red seas.

In 2022, Egypt got an impressive rail network known for its high speed. It connects the Nile valleys, Delta, and Canal Zone. It ties all cities together, and you can go from and to anywhere comfortably, fast, and efficiently.

The best thing to try is the overnight train; you will use it if you travel from Cairo to Luxor. I swear it’s one of the most pleasant experiences you will try. It contains rooms, and when you book one room, it includes two chairs that will later change into beds. It is tiny but has a private bathroom, and the space is well organized. Also, you will enjoy an Egyptian dinner meal with your partner and find everything you need for about 14 hours of travelling.

Coming to Buses like (Go Bus) and (Blue Bus), they are comfortable too. You can use their websites to book your trip online and pay for it online without any trouble. It offers some onboard entertainment, free Wi-Fi, and a snack pack. Furthermore, you will enjoy the natural landscapes.

Also, Taxis are safe too; however, you may be expected to negotiate with the driver on the fare, and you might be charged double as a tourist tariff.

Fortunately, here is the solution. As you can book an economy or a luxury car that fits your needs through an App like (Uber) and (Careem), they are the best alternatives for taxis to reach your desired destination.

In Addition to Ridesharing Apps like (SWVL). As you can book your seat on the bus with fixed arrival, leaving, and stations.

Also, you can order online a bus if you are coming with a group of family or friends.

Now, let us talk about the climate in Egypt.

Ideally and without bragging rights, Egypt is and will always be blessed with its weather as it has lots of sunshine and little rain all over its sites and regions due to its unbelievable and enviable position.

Many travellers wonder about the best time to visit Egypt and enjoy a wonderful vacation with their families. Today, we offer essential information about the touristic seasons in Egypt, from soup to nuts. And the best time to visit Egypt (the land of kings).

The most suitable period to visit Egypt is from October to April. The temperature is pretty cool, but the sun is still there. Ultimately, this is the best time to see all of the ten best places to visit in Egypt.

But let’s talk about each season of the year. And We’ll give you some of the best, most effective bits of advice that you already need today.

Winter is the most crowded tourist season, as many travellers visit Egypt to enjoy activities and attractions.

The weather in the winter season is nicely cold from December to February. It can be considered the best time to visit Upper Egypt if you want to avoid the scorching sun. The temperature degree starts from 9C up to 25C, But the sun is still granted. So, you should always wear the appropriate jacket, especially in the evening. But at the same time, the Southern Egyptian regions on the Red Sea remain warm. However, the temperatures drop in the evening.

Beware that winter is the most significant tourist season, especially for visiting the warm Red Sea region. That causes raising the price of reservations and flights, which forces prices to increase from December to January.

Summer begins in June. And the hottest months start from June to August. July and August are characterized by high temperatures in Egypt that may be up to 50C. Especially in Upper Egypt, it is challenging to visit Egyptian attractions such as temples, historical places, or museums. It is the best time to visit northern cities like Alexandria and enjoy a beach holiday there.

Egypt has many beaches on the Mediterranean (North Coast) or the Red Sea (Hurghada, or Sharm El-sheik), where swimming and water sports can practice in the most beautiful resorts and hotels.

But always, keep in mind that you should know that the summer season is one of the seasons in which prices rise in beach resorts, unlike the rest of the year.

Spring It can be felt between March and May and is characterized by pleasant weather. It is the best time to travel to Egypt to enjoy a quiet holiday without many crowds and on a Budget where prices are affordable. But the weather tends to be cold in the evening.

Autumn begins in September to November, which is the best time to visit Egypt to enjoy the end of the summer holidays, as the weather is still hot during the day and suitable for the beaches. And enjoy the decrease in prices.

So, suppose you are walking through your closet preparing for your Ideal Egypt trip and wondering what you can pack and leave at home. In that case, I will ultimately tell you your must-have Items.

As I told you before, the temperature in summer may reach 50 OC, especially in the southern cities on the red sea. So, light fabrics like linen and cotton when you wear them as loose t-shirts will keep you more relaxed.

Of course, nobody likes to get a sunburn. So, you have to pack hats, caps, and sunglasses and don’t forget your favourite sunblock. Finally, get baggy pants or shorts, swimsuits and coverups, a shawl, comfortable shoes, and a sneaker to be comfy.

Finally, don’t undervalue the temperature drop in winter. So, don’t forget your jacket to keep you warm while chilling, whether in the desert or on a Nile cruise.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to pack your carry-on and book your once-in-a-lifetime trip to the land of the kings.

Is travel insurance important when travelling to Egypt! And why?

The Response is No. you can book and board your flight to Egypt without needing travel health insurance to enter the country. However, I still madly recommend having International Travel Insurance just in case something terrible happens while you are abroad. But it is not a restriction or a requirement.

In 2022, the good news is that Egypt does not require a covid test (PCR). Finally, from the first minute of dawn on Friday 17th, all health restrictions related to Covid-19 on the entry of Egyptians and foreigners arrive on their flights to Egypt. However, getting your Negative PCR test or even a Rapid antigen test is highly recommended, just in case, somebody asks for it at the airport.

Ideally, I gave you the best and most valuable data available today in 2022. So, what are you waiting for? Your trip to Egypt will be a memorable travel adventure.

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