The Joys of Traveling Young

Some people say that traveling is a brutality bestowed upon us by humanity. When we travel, we come across many things and truly see them for what they are. The reality is far from our imagination!

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

— Henry Miller

Traveling is the one area where your imagination runs wild and you see things in a new light without the prejudice of our world. This may be seen as an adequate reason for traveling but some of us are still naïve when it comes to going on a trip.

Many are still in the dark, wandering and wondering and some are out enjoying and exploring the offerings of the world… for in our youth, we can experience life in all its glory.

The question you should be asking yourself now is, “What’s the joy in traveling young?”

The answer may surprise you.

Personally, I can lay down hundreds… nay, thousands of reasons why traveling young is so much fun. If you keep saying to yourself that “I wish to explore the world,” then you are probably going to sit in your home for the rest of your life no matter how much I convince you. Money is no longer the problem because you can find plenty of cheap flights and packages online easily.

It’s time to act!

True, traveling is the greatest form of recreation but it also requires a certain level of commitment. For some, it’s a vacation and for others, a vocation. However, the responsibility is the same… one that you should be ready to take. Many people believe that youngsters have the wealth and health to travel the world. However, what they don’t know is that youngsters are often deceived, distracted, and sometimes, deluded easily. Despite all this, I still think that that best time to travel is when you are young.

So, if you are planning to explore all the great places the world has to offer but are a little terrified to set foot forward, perhaps I can persuade you to travel young and learn a few valuable life lessons.

1.     Traveling Gives You the Greatest Sense of Adventure

While I wouldn’t recommend quoting me on this but traveling does allow you to have fun without worrying about other people’s opinions. There are no parents or annoying peers on board to judge you or warn you. You can be wild, young, and free. Life itself is an adventure and when you travel young, you experience everything in a unique way.

2.     Traveling Teaches You How to Be Compassionate

Apart from souvenirs, life-long memories, and photos that you get from traveling young, this experience also teaches you about situations where you learn to look after other people.

3.     Traveling Makes You Respect other Cultures

Traveling is not just about admiring the wonders of the world and sightseeing. It also teaches us how to be more respectful of other cultures. It’s important to follow the local laws and practices of the country you are visiting. There’s a popular saying, “Respect begets respect,” which fits perfectly here. When we learn and respect the culture and ethical values of other nationalities, we find ourselves giving the same level of respect to our country’s values. This is one of the biggest benefits of traveling young.

4.     Traveling Gives You a Unique Scent of Attraction

Those who have explored the world are regarded as more worldly. Do you agree? The knowledge they gain from traveling so many countries is what lends them an air of attraction. The immeasurable and invaluable experiences you gather on your travels make you a better person. You see yourself as a person who knows and feels better and with that pep in your step, you get more attractive.

5.     Traveling Young Allows You to Tick All the Boxes on Your Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? Traveling young makes you yearn to reach for more in less time. We will lose our health and grow old at one point but when you are young, you have everything in the palm of your hands. It’s the best to take advantage of your age and travel to whatever place you like. Ride a bike on a mountain trail or go skydiving because there’s nothing stopping you from doing so when you’re young.

6.     Traveling Allows You to Make New Friends

Back at home, you probably have a circle of friends that you call your best buddies. While having people you can depend on is all well and good, sometimes you simply want someone to hear you for the first time and give you advice without any judgment. This is what traveling offers you — the chance to make new friends. It is the best way to gain friends and build a bond with a stranger, who shares a common interest of seeing the world. Imagine this: wouldn’t it be amazing to have friends everywhere in the world? This would be way cooler than just having friends back at home.

7.     Traveling Turns You into a Storyteller

Traveling young gives you a gift, one that you will be grateful for when you have children. When you travel at a young age, you get plenty of opportunities to learn new things. The countries you have been to and will visit in the future — each of them present you with tales to tell your kids. You will share these stories over breakfast, Happy Hour, or dinner. You will never run out of topics in a conversation and you will keep everyone entertained with your stories.

Now that you know why traveling young is such a great idea, tell me, was I successful in convincing you to book a holiday? If, for some reason, you are still stopping yourself from taking a step forwards, then I believe it’s due to fear.

Fear that by traveling, you will reveal something about yourself, which will make everyone think that you are a coward.

Do you fear heights?

Perhaps, you are afraid of being independent?

Or is it about not knowing what’s out there?

Whatever it is, one thing you should know is that by traveling young and by yourself, you will address that fear head-on. Take the leap and turn your dream into reality. After all, we only live once. This time will pass and think about it — will traveling be fun when you are old and dependent?



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