When it comes to planning the perfect holiday, a great number of us envision near enough the same image which usually involves a beach, scorching sunshine and a cocktail or two at hand. Holidays are meant to be an adventure, designed to help you relax and get away from the pressures of everyday life, but who says the UK can’t give you that?

Ok, I’ll admit that the British weather doesn’t quite match a Barbados paradise but it’s not all bad, at least not in the summer. We may get unexpected rainfall here and there but it is not as bad as you might think, so why is it that many of us don’t consider holidaying at home?

The United Kingdom is a beautiful country, steeped in history and culture; from the docks at Liverpool to Buckingham Palace and Leicester Square in London, to the Scottish Highlands and the beaches of Cornwall, the UK has something for everyone so this year why not explore it all?

Whether you’re a frequent flyer and regularly holiday abroad multiple times a year or perhaps you only take one holiday abroad each year, this year why not do something different and give the UK a visit.

For the bustling city lover

Named the European capital for culture in 2008, Liverpool is a wonderful city. With 2 beautiful cathedrals, homage’s to The Beatles, the breathtaking docks and much more make it a clear favourite for many.

If that doesn’t work then why not consider London? With royalty, wax celebrities, and wonderful tourist locations including both Trafalgar and Leicester square, our capital city is a wondrous place to spend a few days!


For the beach lover

You don’t have to get on a plane to see a beautiful beach, infact believe it or not the UK is full of them! From Bournemouth to Newquay to St Ives, West Wittering and Portcurno; there are no end to beautiful beaches and stunning coastal lines with serene atmospheres.

With everything from fishing to the best surfing and windsurfing spots, why not discover the beauty of the beaches at home? You’d be surprised just how amazing they are!


For the one in need of peace

The best kind of holiday is one that allows us to sit back, relax and for a short while shut out the real world.  You don’t have to fly to an unknown land far away for that, as serenity can be easily achieved here in the UK.

From the quaint beauty of Hertfordshire that is home to the beautiful Chess, Gade and Colne rivers, to Northumberland that houses Kielder Forest (the quietest spot in Britain) you will be spoilt for choice. If it’s exquisite beauty you’re after, cross over to Ireland to see the literally jaw dropping Killarney.

We may not have the same tropical climate as some sun trap countries, however one thing the UK does have is character. Our country is infiltrated throughout with history and heritage, the beauty of the isle is simply a bonus.

If it’s a majestic break you’re after without a hefty price tag, the UK couldn’t be any more appealing.