Being Disabled Shouldn’t Stop You from Enjoying Your Vacations

Who says being disabled should stop you from traveling? Following are ten tips that will help you on your journey:

In the past, people with disabilities were looked upon with pity. However, today, they are discriminated against less, which has opened many doors for them. One way in which this holds true is the example of public buildings that have renovated their entrances to provide ease for people with disabilities.

There are many other improvements that have made it possible for disabled people to go on a business trip or a vacation far away from home. People walking with the assistance of a cane, moving around in a wheelchair, or any other walking equipment still face many challenges when they are traveling to a foreign destination or even when they wish to travel alone in their own city. The below guide will help disabled people travel safely:

Tip #1

Plan Ahead

The key to travelling without a hitch is planning. This is important because with planning, you are less like to get stranded or trapped in any inconvenience. To plan a holiday successfully, your top two priorities are finding cheap flights and booking a hotel room. If you plan to stay at your relative’s or friend’s house, do tell them in advance so that they are prepared and ready to pick you from the airport.

Tip #2

Book a Room in a Disabled-Friendly Hotel

Disabled-friendly hotels have structures that allow disabled people to move easily with minimal effort. These hotels have strict emergency protocols, which ensure that disabled people are not left stranded in an emergency. In standard hotels, these protocols are overlooked.

Tip #3

Find a Travel Agent that offers Holiday Travel Packages for Disabled People

Booking hotel rooms and flights from travel agents who offer packages for disabled people has many advantages. The flights, as well as the accommodation, are disabled-friendly. They make sure that the services offered allow disabled people to travel and tour comfortably.

Tip #4

Know Your Rights at the Airport

It can be very hectic for disabled people when they are travelling alone. They face challenges when it comes to getting proper directions and information at the airport. Furthermore, they have to stand in long queues like other people. One thing you should keep in mind is that disabled travelers are not treated in a different manner at the airport. They cannot cut the line, get past security measures, or receive special treatment.

However, there are attendants who are supposed to assist travelers with disabilities. These attendants ensure that disabled travelers are protected from discrimination of any kind. They should be aware of their rights to prevent discrimination and report it if something untoward happens.

Tip #5

Bring Extra Medication

Medication gets lost easily in luggage when you are travelling so carry extra doses with you. This backup will allow you to stay in good health and save you from the hassle of looking for a pharmacy. Make sure to store your medicine properly so that it doesn’t get wet or spoiled due to spills.

Tip #6

Keep Your Doctor’s Contact Information and Prescription with You

Your doctor’s note contains information about your condition, which will help other doctors to treat you with haste in an emergency without wasting time on tests. The contact information will allow the emergency doctor to contact your personal doctor and get any other information if you are in dangers. This small but important information will save your life in time.

Tip #7

Avoid Taking Connecting Flights

Connecting flights can be very tiresome for disabled travelers. This exposes them to the risk of losing their luggage or getting injured while getting off and boarding flights. On a direct flight, these risks are much lower and you are able to reserve your energy. This also ensures that you won’t be left stranded at an airport because you couldn’t make it to the gate on time.

Tip #8

Research Everything about the Place You Are Travelling To

It can be quite difficult to navigate your way around in a foreign country. This is harder for people who are disabled, which is why it is advised that you research everything about your destination. This will give you an upper hand during your tour and allow you to make quick decisions on which tourist site is worth exploring. The information you gather will be of great help when you will find yourself in an emergency situation.

Tip #9

Carry Light Luggage

Disabled travelers should carry luggage, which they can manage easily. Unless you are traveling with family, lugging a heavy suitcase behind you will get tiresome very quickly. Travelling light allows you to be more flexible in situations where you simply want to relax and enjoy your vacation instead of worrying about your luggage. Lastly, the more bags or suitcases you carry with you, the higher the chances of them getting lost.

Tip #10

Enjoy Travelling and Your Vacation

Your limitations should not discourage you from travelling! Today, modern technology allows people with or without disabilities to travel safely. Your focus should be on enjoying the journey and your destination because this experience will give you the chance to explore new things, completely different than what you are used to.


Before you book a holiday, find out if the place you are visiting will stop you from enjoying your vacation due to your disability. Depending on the type of your disability, avoid places that will put stress on you. The goal of your vacation is to travel comfortably and on your own so plan accordingly. For more information, check out our Travel Guide.



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