Do you dread taking your children on planes? Or are you the person cringing at the sight of a crying baby boarding a 10 hour flight? Flying with children can be stressful, but there are steps you can take in order to be prepared.

Whether you’re taking a baby, infant or an older child on a flight, there are many things to consider such as keeping them entertained, their individual hand luggage allowance, and what you can take on the plane.

Don’t allow your family holiday to be dominated by the stress of flying with children!

What can you take on the plane?

Each airline will have different allowances but as a general guide for infants up to 2 years old, you’re allowed to carry a bag with supplies and you can also carry on:

  • One fully collapsible pushchair,
  • One car seat,
  • Or a small, fully collapsible pushchair can be wheeled to the aircraft door and then stowed in the hold.

Children over 2 years old can have the same amount of luggage as you can. It’s best to check with your airline what the allowance is before flying.

Hand luggage essentials

In order to make your journey as stress-free as possible, it’s important to pack some hand luggage essentials to ensure your child is as comfortable as possible.

A few hand-luggage essentials include:

  • Nappies – One for each hour you will be travelling, plus extras – just in case of delays or accidents.
  • Disposable changing mat, wet wipes and nappy sacks.
  • Expressed milk or formula – Bring the boiled water in baby bottle or baby food for the journey – this may be over 100ml. Airport security may ask you to open or taste the drink before boarding as a security measure.
  • Blankets – Your young child may feel uncomfortable on the plane, or the plane itself may become cold, so it is best to be prepared to comfort your baby with familiar materials.
  • Spare clothes – Plane food isn’t the tidiest so be prepared for accidents and spills.
  • Favourite toy – Sometimes the only thing that can cheer someone up is their toy!

There is more helpful advice in this guide to flying with children which has been recently developed by Sainsbury’s Bank.