In our opinion, nothing can beat a good old fashioned road trip.

No matter where it is you go, road trips seem to have an element of spontaneity and excitement about them. This may be because there isn’t that same unsettling feeling of haste and rushing that comes hand in hand with the commotion of flying and airports. Or simply, our (in some cases subconscious) desire to live life on the edge can get the better of us.

Cruising down the motorway with the sun gleaming, windows open and the radio blasting with that feeling of “I have no idea where the hell we’re going” all adds to the fun and adventure of it. However in some cases not knowing where you’re going and what there is to do there can backfire for the less experienced traveller, making the trip feel less worthwhile.

So, to ensure your road trip can still be driven by fun and games a little planning may come in handy. Check out our Top Road Trip Tips so you and your party can have the optimum experience whilst making the most unforgettable of memories.


Have a plan

Road trips in our opinion shouldn’t be controlled by the precise and predictable navigation of a Sat Nav. It’s always fun to explore and discover those quirky under-the-radar destinations. However one tip we would advise on this topic is to anticipate the trouble areas in advance of the journey to determine the safest route, and if nothing else, ensure your petrol tank is kept heavily replenished!



Depending on the length of the journey, the driving aspect of the trip can become slightly tedious. Especially, if you’ve got squabbling and disgruntled kids in the back as a backlash of the dreaded “who’s having the middle seat” row.  Therefore to avoid a nightmare situation involving fidgeting and crying to the point you want to pull your hair out, prepare some entertainment.

Pack a bag for each of the kids, including their favourite toys, magazine and maybe even some DVD’s if you have in-car entertainment- but for the life of you, don’t forget the headphones!

Car games are always the best way to pass the time and get the family spirited holiday joy in full spring! Regular service breaks will also be a top tip for long journeys, not only to see to lavatory needs but to also give the driver plenty of breaks.


Get checked and covered

Nothing has the ability to ruin a road trip in a more frustrating manner then breaking down. Whether you’re mid traffic or on a very quiet country road, if your car breaks down you could face a potential nightmare!

Make sure your car is in tip-top condition. A service prior to setting off on your adventure will indicate any issues wrong with your vehicle and don’t forget to keep a spare tyre in your boot with the necessary tools. But above all else, make sure you have breakdown cover as not every issue can be prevented.