Winter is that time of year where we all become in urgent need of a break. Summer feels like a distant memory and the dismal winter weather makes life even more treacherous.

The only thing that keeps us all going is the light at the end of the December tunnel – Christmas.

The excitement of the Christmas period is what drives many holiday makers to flee to a mind -cleansing get-away. Many opt for sun because the bitter chill of winter weather can be too much, whereas others just search for that breath of fresh air and change of scenery/culture.

Let us now take you through a diverse list of the top five countries we believe to be specifically good at blowing your mind in winter:



Not surprising we know, but this destination is definitely worth a visit with its white landscapes enshrouded by darkness. While the temperature may be teeth-chatteringly cold, it’s no excuse to stay indoors. As long as you’re geared up correctly you’ll be able to make the most of the fresh white season. Snow sports may be therapeutic enough for you, but believe it or not swimming in a hole in the ice can do you the world of good in terms of refreshing your mind.


Many people in urgent need of winter sun exposure flock to Tenerife due to its all year round sun and warm climate. The island is labelled the “island of eternal spring” and its golden, sandy beaches and breath-taking landscapes couldn’t take you further away from the winter chill.



Paris is a winter destination where winter layering is essential. In spring the sun bathes the city in a golden glow, while in winter the days are shorter and fade all-too quickly into the night fall. Shopping, museums, romantic restaurants and cosy bars will keep you warm while you’ll be singing “Baby it’s cold outside!”



The height of freezing temperatures in Canada is at a high in winter. However this only adds to the destination’s festive feel. Canadians know the only thing they can do is embrace their icy climate by making it fun. This makes it a great attraction for activity seekers. Canada is notorious for skiing and being home to the world’s biggest winter carnival- the Quebec Winter Carnival.



The winter season in the Maldives is sunny with a cool ambience. You’ll be able to invest your time in beach volleyball, sunbathing and snorkelling and you’ll completely forget its Christmas time. Swap Christmas trees for palm trees and let the water clarity and warm winds of the Maldives soothe your soul.