Top 10 Romantic Destinations to Choose from for Your Next Holiday

Looking for a perfect romantic getaway for two? We present to you the top 10 romantic holiday destinations that will put a spell on you.

No matter what people say, romance is still very much alive. To spend some quality time together and develop a healthy relationship, couples are taking romantic vacations to places that are known for their mesmerizing beauty. Who can blame them when commitments and long working hours keep them apart from their significant other? There are plenty of romantic locations in the world but only a few offer the complete package:

Following are our pick of ten romantic locations where you will have a lovely time with your partner.

1.        Sorrento

Located on the Gulf of Naples, you will find Sorrento as the ultimate haven for couples who are looking to put the spark back into their relationship. This location is quite popular among couples who are planning to get married. There are guided tours, several architectural gems, and quaint restaurants to visit. For unbridled luxury, top quality facilities, and special amenities for couples, book a room in the Bellevue Syrene Hotel.

2.        Hawaii

Hawaii offers romantic couples plenty of tourist sites to see and things to do. The state’s lifestyle is pretty relaxing, the culture is different, and the reason why tourists are drawn to this place is because of the laid back atmosphere Hawaii offers. The eateries here combine modern delights with traditional Hawaiian food which serves as the perfect dinner for a romantic couple. Book a holiday at the Maui Seaside Hotel as it is one of the greatest hotels that offer special delights for couples.

3.        Monaco

Monaco is a romantic location that is concentrated on money and glamour. Its air of opulence is what inspires romance with all the activities it offers such as boat trips, sunbathing on beaches, and shopping at exclusive boutiques. What’s unique about the hotels here that they mirror the country’s wealth! If you are looking for top quality facilities then visit Columbus Hotel Monaco and you will know how it feels like to live in the lap of luxury.

4.        Venice

When you hear the name “Venice”, the first image that your mind probably conjures up is of sitting on the gondola with your partner and floating on the beautiful canals of Venice. The sights and shopping facilities of Venice are one of a kind. The streets are littered with restaurants and cafes that provide delicious food and the opportunity to have romantic candlelit meals. This is one of the reasons why this destination is loved by couples. The San Clemente Palace offers special romantic weekend packages with luxurious suites and great hospitality for couples.

5.        Paris

Paris is the “Love Capital” that every couple dreams about visiting. This is largely due to its romantic language — French. If you are planning a romantic weekend, then book a holiday through the Four Seasons Hotel George V. This hotel offers special luxury suites that are specifically designed for romantic couples. It also books restaurants and tours on your behalf so that you have the perfect weekend. The romantic air of Paris makes it a popular destination with couples. There are plenty of things to do such as eat alfresco style, take a boat on the Seine, stroll through the city, visit museums, and more. All these activities will seem more worthwhile if you do them with your loved one.

6.        Madrid

This is the city, which is marked by the Renaissance period. What makes Madrid extremely romantic is the breathtaking architecture of its gorgeous old buildings. Your will run out of vacation time but not the places to explore. Madrid is known as the centre for arts, especially poetry and the opera, which will truly ignite your passion. If you want to splurge here then look for cheap flights and book a stay at the Vincci Soho Hotel. This hotel respects its customers’ privacy and offers high-class service.

7.        Malta

The original architecture of Malta is still intact and that’s what makes this old country so charming. It offers a hose of parades, eating places, and markets for you to explore and sample their culture. The country’s natural beauty combined with its friendly nature gives you a chance to rekindle your love without any distractions. At the St George’s Bay, you will find the Corinthia Marina Hotel, which offers a spectacular view of the sea.

8.        Killarney

Killarney may not sound that romantic but it offers the perfect romantic setting. It is known as one of Ireland’s most beautiful regions because of the spectacular natural scenery it offers. This quaint area is nothing like Dublin with its hustle and bustle! Killarney’s mesmerizing views allow you to pay attention to your loved one. If you want the best of both worlds, then the Victoria House Hotel is the best choice as it offers the city on one side and nature on the other.

9.        Marseille

In southern France, you will find Marseille, which is the country’s 3rd biggest city. It effectively combines the new with the old generation societies. You will come across numerous beaches, excellent little cafes, and tourist sites that are quite beautiful. The relaxing atmosphere and unhurried lifestyle of Marseille makes it a peaceful romantic destination where you can bask in the love of your partner. Instead of 5-star hotel rooms, consider staying at an apartment, likes the ones offered by the Citadines Prado Castelanne Apart Hotel. This accommodation will not only give you privacy but a break from the world.

10.  Florence

When it comes to culture, no one can beat Florence. The opera, art and architecture heighten your passion during your stay. There are small, intimate cafes everywhere and specialist shops that lend the city an exclusive air. A place that leaves a lasting impression is the President Hotel. One word that best describes it is “luxury”, which you definitely need on your romantic vacation.

No matter what place you choose from the list, you will spend the best romantic weekend with your partner! This is something we can guarantee because these destinations do not just offer you a relaxing atmosphere but also the chance to rediscover your love. So, do you really want to miss the perfect romantic vacation for two, which these cities can offer? For more information about hotels and attractions in these places, visit Where2Holiday.



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