Why Stay at a Hotel When There Are So Many Other Unique Options Available?

No one can argue that staying at a luxury hotel after a long flight is all a passenger thinks about as soon as they land. Aren’t you tired of staying at the same old hotels on your every trip? Why not spice things up a bit and book a stay at someplace unique that will make the trip more memorable.

When you are searching for cheap flights online, bookmark any interesting hotels that you come across. When running an errand or travelling anywhere, collect any brochures of accommodations. You will find that hotel lobbies have such brochures arranged on a display rack.

Today, a Bed & Breakfast is more popular than hotels. B&B’s offer a unique experience compared to a hotel. It’s a home away from home with cheaper rates, charming rooms, great homemade food, and if you are lucky, a small garden with seating to watch the sunrise.

If you are planning to travel out of country and are seeking a special place that offers a serene environment, then you should consider staying at a monastery or a convent. In many countries, accommodations in such places are offered at a token offering compared to the exorbitant prices of a hotel. Fair warning —you won’t find any traditional amenities here like TV and internet.

If your travel plans involve having an adventurous side trip to one of the parks in the US, then look for a nearby cabin or lodge. Many parks also offer on-site accommodations. If you want to have a true wild and adventurous experience, we suggest pitching a tent and saving most of your money for hitting more tourist sites.

Traveling with family is not cheap. When you will book a holiday hotel according to the number of your family members, you will realize that half of your budget went into accommodation. A smart way to stay well under your budget is to rent a home or a condo. Not only do you save a lot of money on the accommodations but you can save on food by cooking meals yourself too.

If you don’t want to spend money at all on accommodations, then we suggest doing a house swap. However, this can be a little difficult if you live in a place that is not popular with travelers.

If you are backpacking through Europe, then a hostel is your best choice. These hostels even have dormitories with shared kitchens and bath. This inexpensive accommodation option presents you with a great opportunity to mingle with some interesting people. Make sure to keep an eye on your belongings when you are staying with a big group.

These are just some of the accommodation options available for travelers looking for adventure on their vacation. Keep your mind and eyes open to new experiences and you will make plenty of rich memories to take back home with you and cherish them for years.



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