First Class Luxuries – Travelling in Style

Holding a first class flight ticket is like having a dream come true. It’s a luxurious experience that promises great pleasure… one that you will never forget! So, if you do get the chance to fly first class, do not miss it.

Travelling first class is not cheap. No matter how many cheap flights you browse, you won’t see the words “First Class” written anywhere. The high price is due to the environment of the first class, which offers numerous facilities.

Let’s start with the seat — to say it is comfortable would be an understatement. This seat is called a “Bed in the Sky” because for all intents and purposes, it is one! You recline the seat at all angles and go to sleep comfortably. If you like to simply rest your head, then you change the position of the heat rest to suit your posture. There’s plenty of leg room and space to stand and stretch your legs without feeling cramped or accidentally nudging someone. Lastly, a partition is provided to give you privacy during your travel.

On the side of your seat, you will find a couple of sockets to plug in your telephones and laptop. There’s also satellite connection so you can make calls and talk to anyone. There are video players and monitors with multiple channels to keep you occupied and entertained. All international flights provide these facilities in their first class.

When it comes to food, passengers are given choices between meals. Some even provide a menu and serve gourmet food, which is made by reputable chefs. Unlike economy class, where food arrives at certain time, you can pre-dine in the first class right after boarding. This option allows first class passengers to dine early and have a long nap. This facility is only available in night flights.

There are airlines that cut down a first class passenger’s wait time if they want to board early. You can check in anytime and get on the flight before the economy class passengers do. This saves you from the annoyance of standing in queue for check in.

First class passengers have a high luggage weight limit. They also have a separate lounge, which is more luxurious than the local lounge. Passengers can wait out here for their flight. These lounges offer many facilities such as a luxurious bath, delicious cuisines, and even libraries. If you want to have a drink before the flight, then you can have one at the private bar. Only the first class lounge offers wireless internet access, so you can check your emails too. A few, select airports also offer massage parlors.

Before you book a holiday, find out more about what type of facilities first class offers. Browse the airline’s website and choose a flight that suits you best. Try this luxurious experience at least once to find out how it feels to travel in style and comfort.



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