Are you filled with dread by the thought of stepping foot on a plane? If so, you are not on your own. A phobia of flying is one of the most common phobias in the world. You may have a fear of crashing, a fear of heights, a fear of claustrophobia or you may fear the lack of control. By adopting this series of simple mind hacks you will be taken from hating air travel to absolutely loving it.


1. Faking it

As the saying goes, fake it until you make it. Imagine yourself as a “normal” person. What would they do during a flight? They would sit there and read a book, watch a film on their iPad, go to sleep. Overall they would be calm. Take headphones with you for the flight to drown out any background noise and focus on what is in front of you i.e. your magazine, your laptop. Pretend that your fear does not exist. Distract your mind from the fear and focus it onto an activity.


2. Go over the facts

Recite the facts about airline safety to reassure yourself. Use your rational mind to realise that there is nothing to be afraid of. The fact that the public make such a big deal out of airplane crashes is because they are so rare.


3. Learn how flying works

To beat your fear effectively, you may need to bone up on how planes are built and how they work. In particular, you need to fill your head with facts about what you fear the most. Your fears are triggered when you think negative thoughts, especially “what if” thoughts. You cannot stop these negative thoughts but you can challenge them with facts.


4. Value your flight

Every flight provides you with the opportunity to make the next one even easier. Your goal is to retain your brain to become less sensitized to the triggers that set your anxiety off.