Whatever you do and whatever your lifestyle, I am sure we can all agree that nothing quite beats the feeling of knowing that you will be able to escape normality for a little while, head to a beach and put your feet up. We all deserve a holiday and even the best of us look forward to nothing more than a well earned break.

Are you ready for the luxury that only Dubai can offer or are you after some shopping in New York, we all love a good holiday but why is it that we only ever venture away once a year?

Understandably many of us are tied to work and family commitments that will ensure we can’t quite always live life in the fast lane, jetting off to wherever is tickling our fancy. But is one holiday a year really enough compensation for the year-long graft at work?

We know that saving for a holiday can be difficult, but there are ways and means to go about it. Become savvier with your spending and saving and before you know it the pennies will begin to add up. A restriction here and there at the time might feel upsetting, but in the long term an additional holiday will make you feel its worth!

Believe it or not taking multiple breaks a year doesn’t require an eye-watering bank balance, it just takes a little know-how…

Number of days

For many people the length of a good vacation should be at least a week but why not consider shortening it a little?

5 days or even two weeks sounds like heaven but not only will that be a costly break for those who work, but you will have likely used up all of your holiday allowance on just this one trip. Two weeks or sometimes even a full week can be considered a long time to spend in one place, particularly if you plan on just seeing the local tourist sites.

Why not opt for a trip that lasts between 3 to 5 days? Make the most of a shorter space of time as opposed to dragging it out and what you’ll get is a memorable break that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Plan ahead

Nothing is more annoying than knowing that you could have saved thousands of pounds booking your dream holiday if you had just started planning a little earlier. School holidays are a particularly difficult obstacle when it comes to family holidays but there is no reason why you and your children cannot have more than one vacation that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Planning ahead and booking a trip months in advance is generally the best way to ensure the cheapest deal. Be sure to also shop around and visit comparison sites too in order to ensure that you really are getting the best for your money.

Last minute trips are always exciting but by planning ahead you can really make good use of that budget!

Jetting off on your annual summer holiday is always the best feeling but with a bit of careful planning, some research and the right know-how, multiple breaks can easy become a possibility.